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The Woman Next Door Part 1

The Woman Next Door

By fuckherharder - Jun 14, 2008 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 13141 Shaun was a electrical engineer by trade but also built computers from scratch as a hobby, He was 41 years old and liked to work out at the gym which he had built in his double garage at the end of the garden.
He had often seen the woman next door coming home from work and could not but notice that she was a nurse as the first time he had seen her she was unloading the groceries from the back of her car, she was bending over to get some of the groceries that had rolled to the back of the trunk and in doing so the hem of her uniform rose up at the back revealing the part of flesh between the stocking tops and the panties she was wearing Shaun could not stop himself from pretending to do up his shoelace whilst having a good long look up the gaping uniform, she was standing with her legs slightly apart as to give herself more balance not realising the view she was giving, he could clearly see the gusset of the red panties encasing the outer lips of her woman hood, but with her legs parted the strip of material was not wide enough to com completely cover the area and he could see one of the lips poking around the panties.
As she turned to put the bag of food onto the ground she saw Shaun looking at her “hello my name is Natasha and I have just moved in, do you live around here?” Shaun wondered whether she had seen him looking up her uniform,
“Yes I live next door to you” she smiled and said “I hate this part of shopping” “what’s that then” Shaun said “the carrying of the bags up to the house” “would you like a hand?” secretly hopeing she would say yes.
“Well if you don’t mind you could bring in the heavy bag for me”
Shaun stood up and walked over to the back of the car and picked up the bags, “Ok lead the way” she turned and started to walk down the path to the back door whilst Shaun followed behind., Shaun thought to himself “God you have a lovely ass with long legs “.
Once inside Shaun said “ so where do you want the bags put” Natasha replied “ just put them on the ground in the corner” on putting them on the ground the bag fell over and some of the contents spilled out including a pink suspender/ bra & panty set, Shaun picked them up and said “ Natasha I think you need to put these in a safe place” Natasha smiled and became embarrassed her cheeks becoming flushed red “ thank you do you like them?” not knowing what to say Shaun blurted out “ they would look better on you” “Sorry did I say that out loud? “ Natasha gave a little nervous giggle and said “I will take them upstairs” then turned and walked away leaving him stood with a stiffing cock trying to escape from within his underpants.
“Shall I put the kettle on then” “yes please make mine a coffee” so he put the kettle on and got the cups ready for when she came back down and continued to unpack her shopping, with his back to the door he did not see her return wearing the new outfit “well then I ask you again do you like them” Shaun turned around to see her standing in the doorway the light shining around her, She was wearing the pink bra which was half cup her nipples poking their heads out over the top taking a slow look down her beautiful body towards the suspender belt with a lacy frill on the front and a little pink bow in the middle. The suspender belt was partly covered with a small pair of shear panties then joined up to a pair of pink fish net stockings.
“ very nice, very nice indeed” “that’s not all “ she said putting one of her legs up on a stool next to her “they are crochless” Her lips were in full view and she was clearly sexually excited as her outer lips were swollen and moist with glistening fanny juice, “would you like to taste me” Shaun shuffled over taking her hips in both hands and like a man who had not eaten before started licking her lips up and down including her clitoris which was by now swollen with anticipation of the liking it was about to receive.
“Don’t think I never saw you watching me at the back of my car I knew you were looking up my dress” Shaun pulled away for a moment “but you do have a wonderful pussy” “yes I do don’t I now make me come” thrusting his head back between her legs. Shaun then inserted two fingers into her cunt and slowly began to push them in and out getting a controlled stroking movement, this went on for a few minutes until he could feel the walls of her cunt clutching his fingers then with a massive scream she said “Fucking hell Im fucking gumming” she then with her legs giving way collapsed to the ground with the juice dribbling out onto the floor. Shaun looked up to see her sound asleep so he picked her up and carried her to the couch covering her up with a blanket. Saying to him self “well I won’t get to fuck you today”
Then giving her a kiss on the forehead turned and walked out the door closing it behind him.
It was not until a few days later that he saw her again giving the car a clean with the Hoover, Not hearing him behind her Shaun pulled his by now erect cock out and in one quick movement pulled down her panties and pushed it into her moist cunt, turning to him she said “ oh hello sorry I fell asleep as we never got around to having a good fuck” with his cock slamming in and out of her very tight cunt he quickly swapped from her cunt and taking her by surprise pushed it into her anus this took her breath away but also had the effect of making her come the juice dribbling down her inner thigh whilst he emptied his ball sack into ass, he stood up and said “Im off over the shops do you want anything “ leaving Natasha to pull up her panties from around her ankles “I see that in future I will need to buy some more crochless panties to wear especially if you are going to fuck me with out notice” giving him a wink and a smile “See you later lover” then carried on to clean the car.

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