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Three Some Guide

Guide to Threesomes

By Sextails - Nov 19, 2008 - From sexuality. Sexuality Articles - Views - 8957 For most people, the world of threesomes is an appealing fantasy. However, when it comes to bringing the fantasy to life, most people end up finding out that they get more than what they bargained for.
What happens during a threesome?
A threesome is a sexual relationship or event that occurs within a set of 3 people. Theres no concrete set of rules for doing a threesome the right way. The important thing is that there are 3 participants. Usually its you, your current partner, and another person (of either gender). The participants of a threesome could be friends, acquaintances, or even strangers. Sometimes, people even put up personal ads when theyre looking for a third participant. Threesomes can be composed of two males and one female, or two females and one male. Homosexual threesomes are composed of three people of the same gender.
Where do you get a third participant?
Some people get acquaintances and friends into their threesome, but for those who dont want to risk ruining friendships, there are other options. Online personal ads are a good way to attract likely candidates, although you may want to screen them first. Swingers clubs are also a good way to find people who would be interested to join you. Bars and parties are more straightforward ways of inviting a third person, but unless you can approach someone with unthreatening confidence, its not such a good idea.
Pros of having a threesome
* For those looking for a little variety in their sex life, having threesomes can be a wonderful experience. You can learn a lot about your sexuality, as well as your partners likes/dislikes in bed.
* Its a thrilling way to fulfill your sexual fantasies. This is especially true for those who are in their collegiate sexperimental stages, as well as for those who feel as if theyve missed out on these stages when they were younger.
* Bisexual people may thoroughly enjoy threesomes with partners from both genders.
* If youre the guest in the threesome, you may get a kick out of being the center of attention. After all, youre fulfilling a couples sexual fantasies!
Cons of having a threesome
* Feelings of jealousy and betrayal. The people who often have problems after a threesome are often the ones who are very deeply involved with their partner emotionally. Jealousy often arises after threesomes whether its because your partner is being intimate with someone else, or youve suddenly grown attached to the third person.
* Uncovering homosexual tendencies. Sometimes, your partner also discovers that he/she has homosexual tendencies, and this might put a damper on your relationship (clearly an understatement). If your the one who uncovers your own tendencies, thats a whole other issue, which is more than what we can discuss in this article.
* If the third person involved is a friend rather than a stranger, the friendship could be effectively ruined.
* Some people permanently lose respect for their partners after a threesome. This is because some people refuse to think of their potential partners as sexually experimental. For example. you may see your girlfriend as someone you can introduce to your mom, but after the threesome, you may see them as slightly slutty.
Minimizing the cons
* If youre the type that gets too emotionally involved with your sexual partners, then threesomes are not for you. Unless, of course, you want to get your heart broken.
* Like with most sexual activities, its best to practice safe sex. Odds are, youre not too sure about the sexual activities of all the participants. While the act itself is a thrilling risk, neglecting to take care of your health is something that can have terrible consequences.
* It is a really bad idea to get into a threesome with people in your workplace. Office romances are difficult enough as they are, and expect threesomes to be even more awkward and difficult.
* If you and your partner are thinking of participating in a threesome, make sure that both of you are truly com comfortable with it. There will be negative emotional repercussions if one partner is doing it merely to please the other. Communicate your expectations and fears with each other before you decide to have a threesome. Try not to sound too enthusiastic or excited about it, because your partner will have a harder time to let you down if he/shes not really up to it, or he/she might feel that youre being disrespectful.
* Make sure that no one feels left out. Everyone should be given sexual attention, and everyone should experience being both on the giving and the receiving end. Its not really a threesome if not everybody participates.
* Its ideal to pick a third participant that both you and your partner like. Nothing ruins a threesome like your partners disinterest or boredom.
* If you dont have bisexual tendencies, you should try to get used to being touched by a member of the same sex, especially if your partner is going to get off on it. Dont expect to have your partner fulfill your threesome fantasies while you ignore theirs.
A threesome can be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, if done right.
Its very important to keep yourself informed of your partners feelings about threesomes, as well as the risks involved. Doing this will help you bring your fantasies to life, without the negative repercussions.

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