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Success - Finally!!

By Anon - Sep 25, 2004 - From swinger- stories. Swinger stories - Views - 47503 Swinger sex tale - After about eight years of marriage Darla and my love life had very typically become status quo. We continued to have sex, but less frequently and with less intensity. I started to become interested in the idea of "Swinging" with another couple and would mention the idea in passing from time to time. For several months whenever I mentioned the idea, Darla would just chuckle or in some way not take it seriously.
Finally, she said she "might" entertain something like maybe watching another couple or letting them watch us. I went to our local adult bookstore and placed a personals ad for a MWC in early forty's etc. in search of more or less the same with similar interests. I also found out that there was a Swingers club in our area. We did not get an immediate response to the ad, so I convinced Darla to go to one of the club parties.
The Saturday night of the party came and we were both very excited. Darla wore a very sexy "Busteea" halter top, a tight dress and "no panties". She appeared more interested than I had expected. We arrived at the party and quickly felt out of place. We entered the house to see a really old, out of shape, woman in the process of being serviced by three old, poorly kept, stinking men. It was interesting though, as I had never seen a woman take a dick up her ass, her pussy, and in her mouth at the same time, This foursome also ended wildly in that all three of the guys came at the same time and pulled their dicks out to squirt their come on this woman. She was practically covered from head to toe in wet sticky jism.
Both of us were a little disillusioned by the crudeness of the ones when we walked in, but we found another part of the house where it was a little calmer and we talked to some nice people about the lifestyle. Several guys wanted to fuck Darla, but we had made a pact before we went that it was both of us or neither one. Finally, a large number of woman started hitting on Darla who were not really BI as they stated, since they had no interest in the men. She was not interested in a female-female relationship, so finally we left.Several months past, while we both lost interest in the idea of Swinging, when one day my pager when off to number I did not recognize. I returned the call and found that it was from a guy named Phillip. He said he had read our ad in the bookstore and he and his wife Shannon had the same interests.
We agreed to meet at an area restaurant. On entering the bar area, it was obvious from their looking, etc. that one particular couple were them.
Shannon was beautiful, about 5' 10", large breasts, and perfectly proportioned. I was afraid she looked too good and would make Darla jealous. We are in our early fortys, but they were probably only 30 or so. Phillip was rather short, but well built and I thought possibly not all the interesting to Darla. But I was wrong. I quickly asked Darla what she thought before we got near and she said it was looking good. We sat down at the bar with them, with Darla closest to Phillip.At one point when Phillip was out of earshot, I asked Darla why she seemed so attracted to Phillip since he appeared short. Darla chuckled and said "look!!; not everything about him is short!!. I tried to not be noticed while checking out his dick. It was not difficult to see what she meant, but I thought well he's just quickly excited. Then without warning and protected from view by the bar from other customers, Darla reached out and boldly rubbed Phillip's dick. That's when I was amazed to see that Phillip had not been excited before. His DICK grew, quickly to twice its already large size. I asked Darla what she thought and trying to be cool, she said it would probably be OK.
We asked Phillip and Shannon back to our house to soak in the hot tub, which they promptly accepted.On arriving at our house and after mixing drinks and some little small talk, everyone was trying to act un-interested. In order to break the ice, I mentioned that Darla had really caused Phillip to get excited back at the restaurant. I also remarked to Shannon that she must really enjoy the size of Phillip's tool. Shannon quickly remarked that it was OK, but that it frequently hurt her, that she stayed sore from it, and that she had not had him in days in order to not be stretched for out meeting tonight.
I was shocked that she would be so candid (since this was only their second swinging adventure) and that she didn't seem to like the large size; but Darla heard her comments and almost fainted with anticipation. I remarked that I did not know that people got that which Shannon looked at Darla and said "just wait and see".At this I just looked at Phillip and said well just how big is it? Phillip just said you will have to judge that for yourself and started un-zipping his pants. After removing his slacks...he pulled down his underwear to have the largest, thickest DICK I have ever seen spring out. His dick was at that point at least "A FOOT" in length and as large around as a baseball. Phillip looked at Darla and asked what she thought...she was hypnotized!! She started rubbing it and sunk to her knees and rubbed and kissed Phillips dick. With this attention his DICK got even larger, well over a foot long and as big around as many men's arms. It was larger than a quart liquor bottle...since one was on the counter next to him and obviously smaller.
Darla, finally between licks, said she had to have that huge dick in her. She started pulling off her clothes left and right and in a matter of seconds was "totally nude on our kitchen floor" and was again sucking what little she could get in her mouth. I reached down and felt of Darla'a pussy to find her dripping love juice down her leg and to the floor. She was hotter than I had ever seen her.I finally convinced her to go in to the living room, where the floor was carpeted. She promptly laid com completely "spread eagle" in our livingroom in front of Phillip and Shannon. Phillip removed the rest of his clothes and approached my wife. After rubbing his dick up and down her pussy lips for some time, he started to enter her. She begin to scream so much that I thought it might alert the neighbors, but to my amazement, Phillip was only maybe a half inch in her.
Shannon who had somewhere along the way removed her clothes and was sucking on my dick while I was fingering her pussy. It was remarkably, very, small and tight for what I knew it had been thru. Shannon said that I should help them so I asked how. She said to massage Darla with lubricant and to help re-insert Phillips huge dick. I rubbed here with Love Gel...then grabbed Phillip' s dick (which I had never done before) and kept massaging her pussy with it. It finally went back in to even louder and wilder screams. At this point he pumped a few times, somewhat shallow for lubrication, then "Drove it Home" all the way in Darla.
She screamed and moaned and immediately Climaxed way more than ever before. Shannon looked up from sucking me and said to feel between Darla's legs while Phillip was fucking her. I could not believe what I felt. With each stroke in then out of her, Darla was gushing floods of pussy juice right out in the air. You could just open your mouth and be sprayed and taste her juice.After a few more strokes, Phillip started to come and pumped her even harder...At this point she was in pain. He squirted part of his load in her, then pulled his huge dick out and squirted huge, thick, globbs of semen all over her face and body. She was like in a trance and licked and ate what she could.
All this time, I had been watching Darla & Phillip and had not been paying that close of attention to Shannon. After they were thru, Shannon set on top of my dick with the tightest, virgin like, pussy I have ever entered begin to grip and massage my dick. At this time, Darla crawled under and started licking my dick as it came out of Shannon making me promptly shoot my load.We all fucked several more times that evening, all at once in the hot tub and then split up, Darla with Phillip and me with Shannon in separate bedrooms. As Shannon was fucking me for the third time, I shot my load to the excitement of hearing Darla moan to the shear magnitude of his monster dick.Needless to say, we have gotten back together several times since.

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