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The Manwich

The Manwich

By Numbsain - Mar 3, 2009 14488 Sheila is a twenty-four year old half Mexican, half Spanish babe with a voluptuous figure featuring a big round ass and a sultry, sexy, smoldering smile. I’m 42 and yet Sheila and I, sexually, seem to be a perfect match. We both like sex often and we both like to be adventurous, even kinky at times. So when she said she had a surprise for me this weekend I was stoked. I drove to her place and walked up the back stairs to her apartment. The door was wide open and when I walked in the first thing I saw was Sheila from the back standing at her stove wearing nothing but an apron. One of my favorite looks. I noticed as I entered that the shower was running and Sheila lives alone so this was very promising. We had talked about a threesome but didn’t have anybody in mind so I wasn’t really expecting anything like that. We made out in the kitchen for a little while and at one point the shower stopped. I heard the bathroom door open and someone walked into the living room. “Do I hear my surprise in the other room?” I asked.Sheila grinned at me like she was very proud of herself. I was a little worried because I’m very particular about the type of woman I can just be attracted to without getting to know her first. If she’s not my perfect type I can’t really get into it. But I trusted Sheila’s instincts and we strolled into the living room. I was a little flummoxed and did a double take when I saw my surprise.“Um, hey baby, did you notice that there’s a drop-dead gorgeous naked chick sitting on your couch?” I said. Sheila had done well! VERY well!“Honey, this is Amber. I met her at school and we got to talking. I told her about you and showed her your picture and she wants to be our sex toy for the weekend. Do you mind?”I looked over at Amber sitting with a pillow in front of her, barely covering her resplendent bosoms and long muscular legs. Her head was down but she was looking up at me with sultry brown eyes and a shy, slightly embarrassed pout. I said, “Not very well but the choke chain usually keeps me in line.”Amber knew to giggle politely at my dumb jokes so apparently Sheila had debriefed her. There was an awkward moment when we were just standing there staring at each other and it became apparent that Amber was doing something vigorous with her hand between her legs behind the pillow. Sheila suddenly announced that she was going to the corner store for some beverages and that it would give Amber and me a chance to become better acquainted. Indeed.She walked out and I sat down on the couch next to Amber who was clearly playing with herself right there in front of me. She was embarrassed but couldn’t seem to control herself. I was so fucking turned on by this situation that I almost jumped up and shouted YIPPEEEE! But thought better of it.“So tell me Amber, how old are you?” I asked.“Nineteen, ” she said nervously or maybe her voice was quavering because she was fingering herself so frantically. Gawd, she was making me hot doing that!“Have you ever been with an older man before?”“Yes, I like them.”“Well I’m sorry to disappoint you but we don’t know any.” “Hee-hee, ” she giggled.“You have a very nice courtesy laugh, Amber. By the way, are you gonna eat that?” I said pointing to her crotch.“Huh?” she said.“Do you mind if I do?” I asked politely. Amber slowly moved the pillow aside revealing the most perfect little bald camel toe a man could want, and again, I refrained from hollering “YAHOOOOO!”I went down on her like a fat man on a plate of profiteroles and I was immediately struck by the heavenly flavor of her labia which I gently parted with my finger, reaching up and behind her pelvic bone to stroke her g-spot while I made clockwise circles with my tongue around her bulging cranberry and after a few minutes she politely came in my mouth. I stood up to take off some of my clothes when Sheila walked in. “Didn’t I tell you he was good at that?” Sheila said to Amber who nodded politely.Sheila walked into the kitchen to put down her bags and said, “Honey, could you do me a favor?”“Anything my dear, ” I replied.“Could you be a dear and fuck Amber on the floor for me?” said Sheila.“It would be my pleasure darling, missionary okay?” I asked.“Uh- huh.”Amber got on the floor and I got on top of her and started sliding my penis in and out of her vagina while staring straight into her amazing eyes. But not kissing her yet, just lightly touching my lips to hers. Sheila sat on the floor and groped us both helping to guide my entry and what not. Amber tried to suck my lips closer and push her tongue into my mouth but I told her she was no allowed to kiss me and she must remain perfectly still.This seemed to be having an unnerving effect on Amber as she struggled desperately to refrain from reacting to my lips lightly brushing against hers.[half an hour later...]“Harder-er-er, ” moaned Amber on all fours as Sheila repeatedly slammed the 8” dildo into her sopping wet koochie. My hang-low was getting wet on the tip with pre-cum so I started slapping Amber’s face with it. She stuck her tongue out and tried to get some in her mouth. I didn’t stick it in her mouth though. I just met this girl a few hours ago and she looked like a wild animal with her face glazed with jizz and her straightened black hair sticking to it. In the state she was in it seemed like she could bite it off and not even know.“Ha-a-ar-d-er! Fa-a-ster-er-er!” she begged and I could see Sheila’s bicep was pumped up from working that toy. We’d been taking turns reaming her with it for a good twenty minutes now and 6 times I thought she’d come but each time it just shot her up to a higher level of frenzy.“Jeezus how much more can this chick take?” I said. Sheila just looked at me with eyes widened in disbelief and shook her head. Amber was getting really close to something. Something beyond any orgasm Sheila or I had ever experienced. I saw her legs were starting to tremble uncontrollably and it was making her big brown ass jiggle wildly. I suddenly had an uncontrollable urge to...wait I don’t even know this person I can’t just do that...Fuck it, I wanted to so bad, I climbed over top of her back, grasped her two buns in my hands and spread open her cheeks exposing her pink, pulsating, wet asshole. I couldn’t help myself, I buried my face in her buns and shoved my tongue as far up that ass as I could and started licking it like a demi-tasse full of ambrosia. Amber let out a scream that sounded like a cougar or something, and her asshole started clenching spasmodically as her hole body heaved in paroxysms of orgasm. Each time she clenched harder until by the fourth squeeze she clamped down so tightly she forced my tongue out and started spraying Sheila’s face with more pussy juice than I’ve ever seen in my life. It was unbelievable.Sheila had a look on her face I’ll never forget as she gasped for air com completely drenched from head to toe. Amber flopped down on the floor still trembling, the spasms slowly subsiding and coming less frequently. Sheila got up and ran into the bathroom presumably to dry off. I was still straddling Amber’s back with my tongue in her ass crack and my dick pressed tightly between her neck and shoulder. I started to get up to go check on Sheila. She was my girlfriend after all and it was so kind of her to find this Amazonian sexpot and set this thing up, I felt a little guilty because we were both paying so much attention to Amber that all Sheila got was a blast in the face for all her hard work. But as I started to leave, I could hear Amber whispering, “Fuck me-e-e-e. Fuck me now god damn it!”It was like she had me under a spell. I got back on top of her. My dick found her butt hole first, and I hesitated momentarily, thinking I’d better go for the pussy, but before I could lift myself up to reposition, Amber thrust her ass up into me so hard that my dick plunged all the way up her ass and she just started pumping it. It was crazy, I was just lying on top of her and she was doing all the work! Her ass cheeks would rise up and envelope my rod, grab it and yank it into her asshole deeper each time. I wasn’t doing a damn thing except lying on top of her! I started to get that tingly feeling all over like any second I would be past the point of no return. I didn’t want to come inside this girls ass, I just met her and Sheila was being neglected.I’ve always had this connection with Sheila where I could tell what she was feeling and I could feel her thinking it was her turn now. I could just feel her so strongl– OW!! Damn, I really felt her that time! She just snuck up behind me and smacked the hell out of my ass! I abruptly got up and yanked my dick out of Amber’s butt so fast it went ‘POP.’ I stood up and faced Sheila looking a little guilty. She was giving me a look like, “Do me now damn it!” then she slapped me in the face really hard which got me so fucking turned on I was ready to explode. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into the bathroom, turned on the cold water and grabbed my ass shoving me toward the running water. Then she grabbed the Dr. Bronners peppermint soap, poured it all over my dick and started stroking it into a rich lather until my rock hard shaft was freezing and minty fresh. She rinsed it real well and then pulled me into the bedroom. She ripped the bedclothes off the bed; plopped down on her back; spread her legs; pointed to her twat and said, “Bitch, eat this shit now! And I mean NOW!” My face was already buried in her sopping wet snatch. She had me by the hair with one hand while she slapped me repeatedly on the head as I began doing what I was put on earth to do. Let me just tell you about that for a moment:I have a gift. I’ve even been told by some that I should teach a clinic on the “cunnilary” arts and, not to blow my own horn (no pun intended) but, every single woman I’ve had the pleasure of servicing has called me, hands-down, the best. (I know they’re lying but let me have my little fantasy.) I have in my repertoire over 40 distinctly different techniques for stimulating the vagina with my tongue, lips, and even my whole face at times. “The deluxe, ” which was what Sheila was about to receive, was a kind of showcase medley of all my best “licks” as it were, randomly executed in an unpredictable pattern with varying intensity levels so as to keep the recipient in a constant state of surprise, confusion, and excitement. Kind of like a three ring pleasure circus that is constantly being adjusted and revised as per the sensory feedback I receive from my subject allowing me to virtually playing her like a violin. A violin in the hands of a virtuoso, as I’m able to control exactly when her orgasm commences, how long it lasts and when it’s over. And I love to push the limits of my patients pleasure tolerance a little farther each time which is why Sheila slaps the shit out of me while I’m doing it. It makes her feel in control, which she is not, because she doesn’t know that I fucking love being slapped mercilessly while giving head. So back to the action.Sheila was in the middle of her sixth or seventh climax when out of the corner of my eye (which was stinging from poontang) I saw Amber walk into the room and go behind me out of my sight. Now I really didn’t know anything about this girl, other than what her asshole tastes like and that she could be in the Guinness book of sexual world records. So I was half expecting to have that 8 inch dildo shoved up my ass any minute but instead I felt her hair, which had reverted to its naturally nappy state, tickling my scrotum and shaft which was only in a half-hard state due to the intense concentration it took to keep “the Deluxe” going. And next thing I knew Amber had her big juicy DSL wrapped around my whole dick and some of my left ball. Now I’m not one of those insensitive pigs that takes pleasure in gagging a girl who’s nice enough to go down on me, but for some odd reason, I felt like Amber, being the animal she is, could take anything I could dish out. So I just started slamming my meat into her face with reckless abandon. It felt so fucking good to just fuck the bujeezers out of that pretty face of hers. And a face I’d just met a few hours ago--there was something so erotically kinky about the idea of that that it was worth risking her biting my whole package right off.And sure enough the next thing I felt was (no she didn’t bite it off) her fingernails digging into my ass, I presumed to pull me out of her face. But instead this freak shoved my dick even harder into her face! She fucking loved it and gave a clinic of her own only hers involved the use of the adenoids as well. Meanwhile Sheila realized what was going on and she wasn’t gonna let me nut in Ambers pie hole after she went to all the trouble of getting on the pill. She yanked my head up out of her crotch nearly ripping out a clump of hair and said in a Linda Blair growl, “Give that shit to me now!” And for some stupid reason—I guess I didn’t quite want to yank my dick out of Amber’s mouth just yet— I hesitated for a split second. Bad idea. SMACKO! Sheila wallops me right across the face so hard I almost creamed in Amber’s mouth right then and there. But I refrained (for fear of losing my life) and pounced up onto Sheila and began boinking her mercilessly within an inch of her life with my massive ram-rod of love.“Is that all you got, bitch!” shouted Sheila. “Fuck me like a man you pussy.”“(Gulp) I’m trying!” I wimpered, my legs starting to burn (I never remember to pace myself for these things.) “You call that fucking?! Do I have to get Amber to strap one on and show you how its done?!” Sheila barked, her face turning red.“Um maybe, ” I sniveled and just then I got the strangest sensation. Amber had some how gotten hold of the bottle of ID Glide under the bed and was pouring it down my butt crack! I’m thinking I’m dog meat, This is it for me folks. It’s all ov-ERRRRRRR!!!Wow! that was exhilarating. Amber just grabbed me by the crotch, shoved her thumb up my ass and was jamming my pelvis into Sheila! What the hell is going on here? I’m being totally dominated and manhandled by these two girls whose ages combined barely equal mine! This is an outrage! How dare they! After about 3 minutes of that I think I came at some point but I’m not sure when or where and my dick went com completely limp and felt like it was gonna fall off. That’s when the girls shoved me off the bed and I hit the floor with a thud. They didn’t even notice my look of indignation or my fake limp as I skulked away feeling like a piece of yesterdays belly button lint. They seemed to be having a better time without me than with and as I exited the room the door slammed behind me and I heard the dead bolt lock. Shit! I’d left my clothes in there. Now I was trapped in Sheila’s house without a stitch of clothing on and it was 3:00 am. I didn’t even have my car keys. Not that I could even get to my car much less drive home naked.So I curled up on the couch and fell asleep. I was having a dream that I was being buried alive and It was really scary because I had the sensation of suffocating when suddenly I woke up. I could hear by the birds and sounds outside that it was morning, but I still couldn’t breathe! I opened my eyes and realized Amber was sitting on my face! I mustered all my strength to push her off of me and inhaled for my life. Then I smeared the blear from my eye to my ear and whipped my head around about to express my indignation at the very idea of it all...But there, sitting on the couch all naked and beautiful and voluptuous were two of the hottest looking chick-a-doodle-doos I’d ever seen in my life staring at me grinning from ear to ear. And I said, “Can I buy you ladies breakfast?”
How did you like this story? Numbsain would like to hear your feedback. Suggestions. Comments. Requests. Also to be included on my mailing list please email me at: dodecaray yahoo dodecaray yahoo

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