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Super Hero

Super Hero

By StoneyPoint - Jan 26, 2011 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 25965 He sat there, exhausted, and all he could think about was that…woman. She wore that odd looking outfit. Form-fitted to her body, he remembered almost all of it. A birds-eye view of half of her breasts even. And her...biceps... Although not huge, they were clearly well defined… That was for sure. Those eyes of hers... They said it all. Even though she didn’t smile at him, her eyes seemed to say something to him. As he thought about her muscular definitions, all the while appearing sexier then ever to him, as well, he breathed in deeply and wondered who the hell the woman was. He breathed in again, thinking about her. He shook his head as he thought about the tightly leathered physique, wondering…who she was…who in the hell she was?
“Damn…that…body” he said from a slumped position as he sat in the chair. “Never seen anything like her before in my life…never” he went on to say. He thought some more. “What was she…a superhero?” he asked himself aloud.
Then the phone rang. He was going to let it go to voicemail. That was until he heard some woman’s voice...her voice. He didn’t know it at that moment. Never heard her voice before in his life. At the very last minute, after listening to most her message, and it didn’t hurt that she had a sultry voice at that, his hormones began melting as if he was made of chocolaty syrup and she was his ice cream...something like that so he jumped from the chair and picked up the phone.
“Hello…who is this…who are you?” he said.
“This is the woman you saw tonight. Yes. The one all dressed in black. No. You do not know me personally and I don’t know you either, but I followed you home. I found your address. Please do not be worried about this call. I just wanted to make sure you’re okay. You looked very surprised to see me, sort of. Now how do I put this… You saw me...flying through the air, right?” She waited a moment and listened closely. “No, I do not fly as it appeared I do…it only looks as if I do. I am simply a woman... Only a woman…that is all...albeit a very well toned woman indeed, but nonetheless I am a woman just like anyone else you see on the streets, Jeremy.”
”You…you know my name?” he said. He was more then surprised. That she even knew who he was, was surprising as hell…and even a little arousing for that matter. She knows my name… She…knows…my…name!
“Yes I do. You are the very first one to have seen me doing any of this” she went on to add. “Nobody ever sees me. I do not let them-”
“Why do you wear a getup like that?” he said interrupting her.
“A getup like what, Jeremy?” she asked.
“Like the one you had on tonight…the one which shows your...chest that...much and also shows some of your…breasts? That’s not to say I don’t like it of course, but…but is it something that is needed?” he said sarcastically as he pictured her in his house and although wearing her mask and costume, he also pictured her to be practically naked for him and each of them smiling at the other. Almost all of her would be black due to the costume she wore but she was not visibly muscular although she was stronger then most men, and women for that matter. “I mean personally I loved watching you work and all while in it and-”
“Jeremy, excuse me” she said cutting him off. “I can be there, at your place, in two minutes if you want me.” She waited to hear him answer her. She waited more.
His mouth was wide open. Dumbfounded was one description. Flabbergasted was another. His eyes were wide open too. All of a sudden he felt tingling rumbling through his crotch. Oh…my freaking…
“Jeremy?” she said again. “No…you don’t care…alright but I’d-”
She smiled and told him she’d be over in two minutes and when she said it, she meant it too. He looked around. The place was a mess. What first, he thought and he went through his place cleaning and cleansing it as fast as he could. He did not want any woman, including this one to see how messy it was. And yes, it was a mess.
Still in her costume, she got in the security gates and security door, without any help. How she did it, nobody knows. She “climbed” the stairs, composed herself, and her costume before even knocking. Then she did. He stood upright and froze. This…woman arrived and knocked on his door. He gulped and swallowed a few times. He found a mirror and wondered how he looked. Well, she called him so he must look nice enough. Slowly, he walked to the door. He peaked through the eyelet and saw the masked face.
“Oh my freaking god” he said softly and opened the door.
Beneath the mask was a one friendly looking smile. “Good evening, Jeremy” the calm distinct voice said. He tried also to smile as his eyes saw hers but then reviewed the woman’s physique. That…chest and those boobs…those fleshy looking boobs too and all the while she watched him look at her and she smiled as he “evaluated” her figure. “Do you approve of it?” she said, quietly.
Those hips and waist of hers did it all as well. Curving and curving some more…inward and then outwardly around her hips, he noticed the size and shapeliness of her lower body and his mind was approving of it all. He looked back up at her. “Who are you? What do you call yourself?” he said. He looked at her. He didn’t notice her face due to it was covered but she was not all that pretty facially but her body…her figure… He breathed as thoughts ran through his mind- Uh…ohhhhhh…wow…damn… that is one hot and sexy body and…and whoa…whoa, he thought as it aroused him more and more.
“Is… there a…problem…honey?” she said gently.
He remained silent for a minute. No, there was no problem. He was simply stunned. Why is she there? That was all. Why did this…this Superwoman, so to speak…come to him or even call him of all people. He was not, in any way, supreme or majestic, or anything like that.
He was simply a man who got up each and every morning, did his sit-ups and pushups too, and took his shower and went on to work at the office. Okay, just like any red-blooded American man, he looked, he checked out women all around him, and yes he “graded” them all…but this…her and…and…whoooaaa, he thought as his eyes closed. That is when it happened. She stepped closer to him.
His heart raced and he swallowed hard once he saw her step closer to him. Wha-what’s going on, he asked himself. Wha-what should I do, he wondered? He shook his head as she smiled, mildly, and then asked her if she would like something to drink. She said a glass of water would be perfect and with that he went and grabbed two glasses of ice water. Finally, he invited her to sit. They did. He did not know where to begin.
“You’re confused…a little bewildered I bet” she said nonchalantly. Looking at her he finally nodded. “Let me explain… why I am…here, okay?” He said sure. “I don’t know you and you don’t know me, right?” He said she was right. “Regardless, I am here because I need something. I need something big…really, really big.” He listened and nodded as she spoke. “As you can see…I am a woman.” She paused. “I am not necessarily a very pretty woman, ” which he easily would have denied “but I look like one in almost every way.” She paused again and didn’t move. “Jeremy…I am nonetheless in need of a man…a real man…a man who can…who can perish my needs…tonight.”
Ohhhh my…god, he thought. He gulped. She saw him swallow. “Please…please do not be scared. This is only about me, as a woman, and you as a man. All I want is to…to make love with you…that is if you will. However, I will not remove my face mask. You may kiss my lips and we can, I hope, make…joyous love together, but I can not and will not remove this…mask.”
”Why not?” he said.
“Because I have my identity to protect, alright” she told him and with that, she reached across and surprisingly undid one, and then another of his buttons until they were all undone. “You do have a nice figure you know and I thought, when I first laid eyes on you, I thought that you are a handsome, handsome man. I hope you don’t mind me saying that…do you?”
He swallowed hard, again as he shook his head. Being near what he thought was a great looking woman, albeit dressed up in a costume, was one arousing and enlightening experience.
“May I?” she asked referring to feeling his defined chest.
He nodded and all of a sudden, her tight fitted gloves came off. Her fingers, defined by well manicured fingernails announced their arrival on his pectorals as they stretched across all sides of his chest and inched their way upwards and into the sleeves.
He eventually closed his eyes to let her feel her way around his chest and also his arms.
The deftness and dexterity and also the softness of her fingers aroused and cleansed his mind and thoughts. It soon began to become more and more riveting to him as he watched or felt her fingers a little more. She kept at it as if truly enjoying herself all the while all of her outfit or costume remained fitted to her body.
“Do you like doing this?” he asked.
Quietly she answered “Oh yes…you have a very nice body” and smiled.
“I uh try” he told her.
“I know” she added. “It can be very hard to stay in shape. You have to know” as her fingers kept feeling the curving lines of his pectorals or his arms and soon eased the shirt off his body and arms, dropping it to the couch they were on “work hard at staying in shape. Don’t you?”
He nodded. Now seeing as his upper body was undressed, he felt vulnerable, but excited too seeing as she wanted him, and in a big, big way. She leaned in and kissed his chest, although he thought it was a little weird seeing as had on her mask and outfit, but he enjoyed the kisses nonetheless. She not only kissed his chest but eased her way upwards. She first looked him in the eyes before doing it and out of nowhere she kissed him on the lips…not once, not twice, but several times. He never let on, yet, that he was ambushed by desire to throw her back and lay on her and kiss her madly.
“Ohhh…wow” he finally said once he felt her barrage of kisses on his lips.
“You liked those did you?” she asked. “So did I. I wish I could remove this but as you know…I can not.” She kissed his lips, lovingly some more, and he willingly let her. She took a hand, his hand, and she placed it up against her bosoms and in between her imposing looking boobs. Oh that impressive looking chest…those inspiring looking tits of hers, he thought. “You do like my breasts, don’t you?” she asked nicely. “So do I” she told him as his hand moved up and around the exposed areas of her bosoms. Quietly she went on and added “Soooo…do I…mmmmm….that does feel good, Jeremy.”
She slowly eased backward to lie down and as she did, she slowly removed the upper portion of the tightly fitted black costume she wore. They…were…amazing! Her breasts, as if form-fitted to her body remained intact. She quietly told him to kiss her breasts, even lick and suck them too, which he rarely if ever had in his past. He did as she asked. She loved how he kissed and held and sucked and licked all of her nicely shaped boobs. He went after them and as he did, he wondered if he was going at them way too much. She hadn’t said a word. She moved about as he sucked on her nipples and he felt her hands, and arms, pulling at him as he kissed her tits, but she never once complained. She laid there, on his couch, and let him do what she wanted…to make love to her body.
He was quickly falling in love with doing all of it too. He wanted all of her…all of her body, including her waist and hips, and her ass as well, but in addition to all of those beautiful parts and her stunning boobs…he wanted her juicy tender pussy too.
Suddenly, he stopped, and knelt upright looking at her face even though it was covered with that silly looking mask, and she asked if something was wrong. He only looked at her. She asked again. “Aren’t you enjoying all this?” she said.
“You…have no idea” he answered.
“I am too” she said quietly but blissfully. “I yearn for so much more…so much more but” and she stopped and looked at him “I have to go. Thank you…thank you for making me feel like a woman again.”
He was dumbfounded. What…after all we just did together? That’s it…that is the end of it? Nothing else. But she could read his thoughts. “I know” and her eyes closed as she nodded her head “You want a lot more. I do too…a lot, lot more” and she took a deep breath of air as she said it. “I guarantee you…there will be…once I finish what I set out to do out there” and she pointed outside as she dressed.
“Finish what?” he asked. He was curious and perplexed as anyone would be. “I don’t get it…who are you? What is your name? What do you go by? I mean…don’t you even have a nickname for that matter?”
“Yes, I do, but at this moment, even though I am dressed up in this…costume, it does not matter at all. What we did, you and I, tonight…it was truly… special. I loved what you did with me tonight. I will always remember it…always Jeremy” she told him.
She hopped up, off the couch, but when she did something fell…something important and she didn’t see it, or feel it either. Out of nowhere, she kissed his lips, hard, and then said “You’ll be hearing from me… real soon, okay?” and he nodded and wanted to stand and hug her, closely, but she smiled and turned and walked out. He stared at the door. As he did, he felt her body and her boobs inside his mouth. His imagination tore away at him as he thought about the unexpected, and what he felt was a beautiful visitor, and then he saw it. He reached down and picked it up. Her cell phone? It had to be. He looked at it but did not play around with it. She’ll know, he thought, and when she does she’ll come looking for it right away. He stored it in the one hiding place nobody knew of. No one could ever find it there. Then he locked it up and covered it up too. Now she’ll come looking and asking for it and soon.
Three days later, he was still thinking about her. No word. Nothing at all but he was thinking about her and their shared experience. He went to get the phone for some reason. “What…where’d…huh…what the hell?” he shouted. “Where is it?” The phone disappeared. It had vanished. He had no idea how that could have happened and closed the hiding place up and covered it up. He knew she came and got it back. She had to be the only one. He sat down and eventually pulled out his cell phone.
Two messages. He listened to them. First from work and then from her. “Hi Jeremy. I had one of the greatest and most fun times of my entire life the other night. I did. I hope you did too. Thank you for hiding my phone. It was easy, for me that is, to find it, but I am very grateful you hid it. I am calling for another reason. I want to meet with you again. I want this time to be a little more… special, a little more intimate, and I’m sure you’ll agree…a little more exciting too. In fact…I can feel and…and taste your lips elsewhere on my body…if you get my drift, sweetheart. I will call you, soon, and we will make arrangements, okay? Again, I loved our…get together the other night…absolutely loved it” she told him.
He went to his bedroom, carrying his laptop with him, and before he knew it he was jacking off and he came into his hands. He loved this woman and he didn’t even know her yet. He didn’t even know her name for that matter.

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