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The First Girl

The First Girl

By horny girl 666 - Oct 29, 2008 - From first-time. First time sex story - Views - 43822 I was 19 she was 18...may people thought we shouldn't even be hanging out...yet there we were in my bedroom. Manda was sitting on my bed. She looks up at me with her big blue eyes.
" bicurious..." she says like ill pounce her.
she doesnt know how happy this makes me to hear this...i have known i was bi since i was 7. I take her face in my hands and kiss her tender lips"it's ok baby...i'll help you explore that side of you"
she looks at me with those eye again"REALLY!" she kisses me again this time harder more passionate and we fall back on my bed. I moan as she slips her sensous tonguen in my mouth" God baby for someone jsut admiting this u sure are willing!"
She laughs and pulls on my shirt "get it off! its in my way!" i pull it off and take off my bra letting my already d cup breasts hang out for her. "mmmm" she goes in and massages my breasts, making me gasps before she even decides to suck on them...i arch my back in the pleasure of it! "god baby dont stop, if you kep this up i mgiht jsut cum before i take off my pants!"
She smiles at me"thats ok, ill just make u cum again" i laugh as she undoes my pants and takes them off revealing my tiny blue thong*mmm sexy bad they r gonna be gone" She tears them off and proceeds to part the full throbbing lips off my pussy...his time i scream as she touches my clit with her tongue"god baby yes yes keep doing that!"
She does and i cum fast and hard in her mouth" god that was amazing baby, " i sigh out after my muscles are done spasming..." your turn"
I flip over so im on top and kiss her neck sucking on it and nipping it so it makes her cry out in pleasure/pain.
I move her skirt to her waist so i can tongue fuck her while my fingers move my own clit"Oh my god" she cries out and i hit that spot over and over...until her sweet juice fills my mouth...then i continue...fucking her as hard as i can until i cum a second a third time and she cums 4-5 times we end up ina giant writhering mass on ym bed...when we are done fucking...i kiss her so hard my tongue goes down her is only then i realize she has no gag reflex...

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