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By Tailspinner - Oct 14, 2008 - From gay-erotic-stories. Gay erotic stories - Views - 23972 I had known Steve for fifteen years, we first met when I took the train every day to go to college, he was always on the train, and over a few weeks we chatted as we travelled into Glasgow, he worked as a trainee Insurance Assessor, while I studied Travel & Tourism Course. Steve was three years older than I was, we quickly became great friends, and I am Godfather to his youngest son. We both are married he has four children ages range from 3 years to 11, while I’m married with two girls 6 & 9 years.
My wife and had stopped martial relations after my second daughter was born, she knew I was having affairs but choose to ignore them, as she would not need to accommodate my needs.
I had to attend a week long conference, I planned on taking my latest girlfriend, Hazel but fate dealt that a crushing blow her mother had a stroke and she said she would need to stay with her. It fell on stony ground when I suggested she could call everyday. So I headed out with hope in my heart and a large wad of cash, these conferences always attracts a certain type of women and can be expensive.
I arrived and checked in when I heard a familiar voice, ‘Steve, ’ I called, ‘what are you doing here’?
Steve was also attending the conference, for his company. I was both delighted to see him but once again, my extra marital relations were nose-diving into the ground. We met up in the bar before dinner I was set on getting incredibly drunk and knocked back a few before dinner and several glasses of wine with dinner, then we sat in the lounge as the lady’s worked the room, there was a hot redhead, she looked extremely sophisticated, the ultimate professional. My cock stirred just looking at her, she passed and worked the next table where a fat bald fifty-something man hooked her up. My misery was now com complete.
I knocked back a few more before Steve told me I had had enough, he helped me to my feet and escorted me to my room I flopped on the bed, I was vaguely aware of Steve removing my shoes; socks; jacket and trousers, then I lay still he hoisted me up and pulled my shirt off, he lightly slapped me but I just moaned and never opened my eyes, he shook me hard I gave nothing, felt him removing my underwear, I expected my best mate to throw a cover over me.
Moments later I felt him climb on the bed, he cuddled close he was naked, his body felt warm against me. He nuzzled my neck and slowly moved round to my lips, where he ran his tongue along my lips, his tongue dipped between my lips as he massaged my nipples, I could feel his hard cock pressing on my thigh. Steve moved down licking my nipples then stomach causing me to draw in a huge breath he licked my flaccid cock which woke it, it sprang into life as Steve took it into his hot mouth, it felt like the best blowjob I had ever had. It never really occurred to me that it was another man sucking on my cock. He stopped blowing me before I climaxed, he rolled me face down on the bed and pushed a pillow under my hips, he knelt between my legs and I felt him rubbing something between my ass , he stuck his finger into my anus pressing it in and out easing my butt open, it was not the most pleasant of thing I had done but it was not the worst either. He played with my butt for some time easing another finger inside my butt, it took all my will power not to show I was awake.
He withdrew his fingers, I waited and felt Steve moving on the bed, he spread my legs and moved between them, he loomed over me and rubbed his cock over my anal opening, his cock found my opening and he pressed forward guiding his cock past my outer sphincter I could not stifle a groan as he succeeded in entering my butt hole, Steve whispered in my ear, telling me how long he had wanted to do this, I turned my head to his and we kissed a light kiss of lovers as he began to move his hips pressing his hard cock in and out of my tight ass. Soon he pulled my up to my knees and his cock still inside me ass, he took my hips and thrust faster pulling me on to his thick member as he thrust forward. My cock poked out from my groin stiff and leaking from the oval eye, I wrapped a hand round it and began stroking it. After a minute of so, Steve pulled his throbbing cock from my ass and lay on the bed he guided my to straddle his hips and he took his cock in his hand and rubbed it along my ass until he located my open hole then I lowered myself onto his cock easing it into my red throbbing hole. Steve lifted his hips and began to jack himself in and out of my greasy ass, rapidly then slowing making his pleasure last. I leant forward along his torso and our mouths met and tongues flittered as he continued to fuck me. He slowed and sank his hips back to the bed and that is when I began to ride his cock lifting and lowering myself on his impaling cock. Suddenly Steve, jerked and his cock erupted shooting a copious amount of white man juice into my distended ass. I took my stiff cock in my hand and pumped it rapidly, feeling the cum building in my balls till I could not hold back any longer and jetted my thick creamy cum over Steve, the first blast missing him flying over his head, the second I choked back and the squirt hit him on the chest and belly. Steve rubbed the cum with his finger then lifted his finger and offered it to my mouth which I accepted sucking on it deeply as Steve rubbed his other finger in the cum and sucked on it. Steve’s cock plopped form my loose ass and I lay over him and we shared a long passionate kiss.
That was the first I knew Steve was bisexual, in the fifteen years I had known him, I had never considered myself to be anything other than straight, over the next months we had sex as often as we could get away from our families.
We have arranged to go away fishing for a week, away from wives children and everyone we know, where we can do whatever we want, wherever we want to, as long as we want too, I’m excited thinking about it and can hardly wait. At 32, I have the perfect life a wife, great children, wonderful lover who is also my best friend.

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