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Stranger In Apartment 4B

Stranger in Apartment 4B

By jeremy price - Jan 19, 2010 - From gay-erotic- stories. Gay erotic stories - Views - 19593 Standing at the window sill , he could see the new neighbor from across the hall sitting in the pool .. not wanting to be seen but too see he slide his curtain over a little more .. now he could stand in the shadows and caress his hard body and growing cock without delay .
glancing back out the window he see the new neighbor has company a tall dark and brooding man slipping in the water behind him .
watching them rub wet bodies together and make out just about sprung him over the edge ... it wasnft until a few minutes later after coming back from the unplanned phone call that he really got stroking looking out it looked like at first that the tall dark stranger was caressing the new neighbors neck but upon further glance he could see a silk white scarf tied around his neck .
between the curiosity of what was happening and the two naked stranger , his hard cock in his hand and watching the tall stranger fuck the new guy from across the hall it didnft even dawn on him that anything sinister could be happening ..
watching the taught muscles and big bubble ass of the new guy get slammed by the stranger brought him over the edge and in the few moments of closing his eyes with his orgasm , the stranger was gone and the new guy was floating around the pool relaxing after a hot fuck
closing the window and going to clean up the voyeur goes to bed for the night dreaming of loud bangs and doors slamming all through the night .. , even the possibility of someone pounding and slamming on his door .the voyeur plans on introducing him self to the new neighbor and getting him some of that taught tight ass , walking out his front door he notices some scruffs and dirt leading down the back stairs from his door following the marks he winds his way past the dumpster and down to the pool area , evening with the blinding sunlight he can still see the images flashing back too his mind from last night .
finishing his way around the path he comes out to the other side of the pool .. much too his ego , there on the steps to the pool is the white scarf .. leaning in to pull it out of the pull he nearly falls in but there in the shadows something catches his eye .. diving in he see that its a mans body diving deeper he wraps his arms around the man and starts to pull him out .. reaching the side of the pull and dragging them both up he notices that its the taught nude body of the tall dark stranger .
there now in the sunlight .. he gets a good look at the tan naked body .. eyes following the treasure trail down the stomach too the massively large uncut cock and balls he cant help but reach out and touch the .. wait .. ice cold body .. reeling away from it he realizes that this hot nude hung man had been murdered . but wait he had been the one choking the neighbor and hehad seen the stranger leave who could have done this .. ??
running back to his room he picks up the phone too call the police but wait what will he tell them , that he was watching this stranger having sex , thatwill make him look guilty , would anyone seriously notice if he kept the body for a while until he thought of a good sounding story and call the police .. he had a big bath tub and a lot of ice and air conditioner .. and he would like to look for evidence .. and stuff like on CSI.
running back down to the pool he lifts the body up by the shoulders , and carries it back to his apartment laying the body on the bed he realizes he has the biggest hard on that hehas ever had .. in his life ..closing the drapes , and locking the door , he strips naked and lays beside the stranger , slowly running his hands over his body , feeling , his heavy balls, and flaccidly large cock .he lowers his lips to taste the salty skin and then rearing back , asking himself if this I wrong he notices that the strangers wrist has a faint heart beat , he must be in coma ..
looking around ... he notices that the apartment complex has come alive .. does he take him to the hospital or does he take care of him , himself ..? remembering that he himself is nude he reaches down and spreads the strangers legs .. sliding a hand down to below his balls he fingers this soft furry hole up to his n=knuckles ...
his tight furry manhole was moist and warm , the voyeur instantly thought of a juicy kiwi ... crawling down he buried his face in-between rock hard thighs and chewed and licked until he realized that just within the folds of this juicy ass he was eating .. there laid a huge quantity of the hot new neighbors cooled to room temp. cum
breathing in the deep fragrance of this mans loins ... he felt something thick and heavy slide over the back of his head and down his face to settle by his cheek ..turning slightly to the right he comes face too face with the grittiest uncut long cock slowly glistening with a pooling string of pre-cum opening his mouth he runs his tongue over has lips and enclosing the first 6 inches in his mouth he just lays there and vacuums pumps a ton of pre-cum onto his tongue and tonsils , swallowing it like its gods hidden nectar ..
realizing that he could very well suck this cock several times in the next few hours he goes between tonguing and sucking that furry ass and this stiff cock ..realizing that the strangers pulse seems to be getting stronger with every few hours of play he decides too up the ante and flips the stranger over .. having already loosened up this tight furry ass so that itwill take two thick manly fingers and having sucked out the tasty neighbors load he slips into this tasty ass and propping the stranger up for better and deep signage he spreads the ass check and starts to really fuck this ass roughly and wildly .. possibly tearing the ass rings loose one by one ..
passing the 30 minutes mark .. of fucking this ass and still not close he opens his nightstand drawer and swallows one or two little blue pills for endurance and continues to fuck this now semi bloodied ass pumping it until finally to his surprise its gaping open , getting creative and wanting some friction for his cock he decides to try something has seen online before ..
angling the ass up straight and arching the strangers back he sets his cock and balls in this gaping ass and starts to slowing plunge all the way in and pull all the way out ..
wiping the sweat off his forehead he notices that the strangers breathing has increased .. believe it or not has fucking this hot stranger that was near death back to full health .. pulling out cause he wants to pull this hot body over to the edge of the bed he holds the head back off the bed and angles the moth open with the edges of his fingers he starts to do some serious skull fucking to this beautiful stranger.
holding the back of his head he fucks it rough and hard closing his eyes he doesn'ft even notice that the beautiful strangers mouth has closed and is sucking without assistance ...opening his eyes only when he has finally cummed, he is startled to feel soft silk wrapping around his neck and a sexy voice whispering leave your eyes closed.
being led to lay down on the bed hes pulled to the edge and told to hang his hear doff the edge .. the stranger already hard and dripping steps over him and opens hi smouth this time and sinks that gorgeous log scarf tighter and puling up so that simultaneously he is being strangled and choked at the same time of a cock all the way past his tonsils .. all the while pulling the getting pulled further into sexual desire .. the voyeur wasnft even aware that he essence was dissolving.
the tall dark stranger pulling the scarf tighter and feeling his heavy tanned manly balls tightening he looks at his watch and notices that he only has a few minutes left to pull his plan off .. dropping his load and cranking the scarf he waits for the voyeur to totally swallow this large load of jizz he pulls of the scarf , as the last few minutes of the voyeurs life finishes off the only thing he hears ibis a fast whirling sound and then he closes his eyes.
hurrying to finish the chopping and sawing the stranger gathers the black garbage bags up and clears out the apartment .. rushing to catch the garbage trucks .turning to go back upstairs he notices a for rent sign across the way from the voyeurs apartment . and realizes that someonefs going to be moving in across from him soon ... , walking past the pool he slowly smiles to himself and runs right into a new neighbor ; introducing himself he says im the new tenant in 4b.

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