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Features of Strapon Dildos and Its Use in Porn Movies

Features of Strapon Dildos and Its Use in Porn Movies

Strapon dildos have been around forever. Traditionally, the strap on dildo was used mostly by lesbian lovers who wished to increase the versatility of their sexual encounters. However as people have become more open about their sexual encounters, it has become that the strapon dildo is being used for a variety of sexual experiences. A quick trip through an adult sex store reveals that the uses of strapon dildos are wide and varied. While the most common use is for women having sex with other women, they some are designed to be attached to furniture to assist with masturbation, for double penetration, to make it possible for women to penetrate men, and the list goes on and on. With adults finding more uses for the strapon dildo, there has always become an increased need for different type of strapons. Whereas in the past the only real variation involved the size of the dildo portion of the strapon, today there are different types of dildos, a mind boggling assortment of harnesses, and even an endless selection of colors. Not only does the increased selection of strapon dildos means more opportunities for various sexual encounters, but it also means more options in sex videos. In some ways the wide assortment of strapon dildos makes putting together a good sex movie more difficult than it was before the boom in the dildo market. Before the director of a porn video that will be making use of a strap on dildo they need to determine what kind of image they want to portray. If they are making a sex video that portrays a female character who has a dominate personality, the director will want to outfit her in a strapon dildo with heavy black straps. If the director is looking for a more girly type look, they may want to consider strapons with a more delicate harness; often these come in an array of colors, and can be sparkly. The construction of the strapon harness is very important. It is important to make sure the harness is set up so that it has an o-ring in the front. The purpose of the o-ring is to hold the dildo in place. The sturdier the o-ring is the less chances of the coming disconnected during the shooting of the sex movie. Before filming commences, it is important to make sure the device fits the actress properly. The harness should fit snuggly enough that the dildo isn't going to slip or fall off during the middle of the sex, nor should the harness fit so tightly that the straps cut into the actress's skin, which in addition to being uncom comfortable, is also unsightly. When a strapon dildo is being used during the production of a porn movie, it is important to make sure that the strapon is properly cleaned and sanitized after every single use. The last thing anyone needs is to contract an STD because no one could be bothered to properly care for the dildo. Explore your sexuality further with porn from the straponcollection Strapon Porn and celebritynudez Celebrity Nudes.

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