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The Visit

The Visit

By - Oct 7, 2007 - From longstories. Longer erotic stories - Views - 7724 Janet Abruzzi had been divorced for 10 years. Her marriage had been stormy at best, but when her husband George, had gotten wind of an affair Janet was having with his business partner's wife he became livid with jealousy and anger and set about to gather proof with an aim to dumping her and getting custody of the children. Janet had always been a little too wild for his tastes anyway, and now seemed like a good time to make the split he felt was in his and the children's best interests. George's religious fervor led him to believe that Janet was evil and a bad influence on the children. At one point George got the opportunity through subterfuge and actually walked in on his wife and her girlfriend while they were sexually engaged and at that point demanded an immediate divorce. Following a bloody court battle during which George won custody of the children, but which allowed his wife visitation rights, Janet moved from Chicago to a small suburb of Los Angeles and got a good job selling real estate. There she started a new life and became active in a number of civic activities in addition to her successful business ventures. Although she never again married she did continue a number of relationships with both men and women. During this period the three children, two girls and two boys, all finished school and left home. Karen Lubanski, Janet's younger daughter was now married and living with her husband, Harold, in Chicago. It had been more than 3 years since Janet and Karen had seen one another although she talked on the phone almost every week with Karen as she did with the other three children. Karen's husband was in the service and had just been shipped overseas for his third six-month tour of duty. That wouldn't have been a problem except that Karen had just had her first baby 3 months previously. Sensing this could cause some problems, Karen's husband suggested they invite her mother to come stay with her while he was away. That's how this all began. Karen was 12 years old when her parents divorced and she continued to live with her father who was granted custody. Her father was a strict catholic and continued Karen's upbringing in this manner sending her to parochial schools. It wasn't until she was 16 and almost graduated from high school that Karen was even allowed out on a date. As such, sex with boys was not a major activity in her life. On the other hand, however, she had discovered the solitary vice at the age of 14 and engaged in that practice on a regular basis. It was a sort of skeleton in her closet which she looked upon as evil but necessary. She first learned about masturbating through reading about it in the pornography her brothers used to hide in their closet and which she would sometimes sneak into when no one was around. She also read about it in the teenage sex manual her father had given her. Being shy, she decided against asking her father about the subject and turned instead to her sister, Catherine, who was 3 years older than she. Catherine, the bold one in the family, went beyond mere words in explaining the subject to Karen and proceeded to demonstrate what for her it was all about and how to do it. That's all it took. Karen tried it and was hooked from the first time. She found it exciting and relaxing. The downside, however, was that it left her with a sense of guilt which the nuns at school had instilled in her about sex - especially masturbation, a mortal sin. No matter, she thought, every once in a while I just have to do it or go crazy. In addition to this, her mother had taken the opportunity on a number of occasions during summer visits to discuss sex with her and finally managed to dispel the idea that Karen's masturbating was sinful and immoral. Having been assured that she wasn't crazy and that it was a healthy, normal practice, Karen pursued masturbating regularly. It was the one thing in her life that was wholly her own and she enjoyed the secretiveness of it. She would often revel in the idea that she, known as a quiet, retiring and shy young woman, could be so wanton and abandoned as to engage in jacking herself off. Who would imagine such a thing! On the whole, Karen considered herself just ordinary with the usual likes and dislikes of a normal teenager as she perceived a normal teen to be. One instance, however, left an indelible mark on her memory and was to make her question her so-called normality and ultimately change her life. As a new wife a whole new world of joy was opened up for her. Her husband was a gentle and ardent lover and led her into a new area in her life that she found wholly pleasurable and fulfilling and although she continued to masturbate regularly her main sexual activity was centered around her husband - in person and in fantasy. Still, there was one dark corner in the sexual part of her life that she kept buried and wouldn't dream of discussing with anyone. When she was 18, Karen had spent her last regular summer vacation under court order with her mother in California. It was during this visit that Karen got a glimpse of a very disturbing and puzzling side of her nature. Late one evening during that visit, Karen returned home from down the street where she had been visiting with the neighbors. She entered the house quietly thinking her mother was asleep and not wanting to disturb her. When she got upstairs and was tip-toeing past her mother's bedroom she happened to notice through the half opened door that the bed stand lamp was on and the room was bathed in a soft subdued light. She thought that maybe her mother was just reading before going to sleep, but a soft, low moaning sound gave her the impression that her mother might be ill. Growing concerned she decided to see if there was anything she could do in case her mother needed help. As she silently stuck her head around the side of the door and peeked into the room she was greeted with a most unexpected sight which shook her greatly. There, in plain view, was her mother sitting astride the thighs of another woman approximately her mother's own age that she had never seen before. Karen was so dumbfounded by the spectacle that she was unable to move. Both women were com completely naked and obviously under the spell of great sexual arousal. As she stood there staring she became aware of the almost overpowering aroma of perfume mixed with sex odor. She also noticed with surprise that she was getting very sexually excited - it was the first time in her life that she had ever witnessed other people having sex live. As Karen remained rooted to the spot watching intently, her mother used the thumbs and fingers of both hands to roughly pull and twist her turgid nipples while the woman she was straddling reached up and cupped her breasts in her hands from underneath and squeezed them. Suddenly and without warning her mother turned her head and looked directly at Karen. Her expression was one of such animal lust that Karen would never forget it. She was mortified and wanted to run, but as if in a nightmare she was totally powerless to move. As mother and daughter continued to stare at each other Janet began to cum and her body went absolutely rigid as the orgasm hit its zenith. She did not avert her eyes, however, and this had the effect of keeping Karen's gaze locked to hers. As the powerful waves of climax began to surge through her Janet once again began to manipulate her nipples as her body started to spasm over its entire length. The orgasm finally began to subside and her mother flopped forward on the other woman and began to fiercely kiss her thus breaking the visual spell with Karen who then gathered all her strength and turning, stole off down the hall to her own room on rubbery, shaky legs. Her movements slow and deliberate, as if in a trance, Karen removed her clothes and crawled under the sheets naked without bothering to put on her the nightgown she usually wore. She then became consciously aware of how sexually aroused she was. She was astounded to discover that her cunt was flooded with a massive effusion of juice. Without giving it another thought, she lowered one hand to her sopping pussy and furiously masturbated herself to a thunderous orgasm as she used her other hand to yank and pull on one of her swollen nipples. The vision of her mother's lovely face twisted gruesomely in sexual rut swam before her tightly clenched eyelids as her orgasm ripped through not only her body but her very soul as well. Immediately, her entire being literally dove into an exhaustive sleep. *** The next morning it was as if nothing had ever happened the night before. From that day on it was never referred to; not a word was ever been mentioned of the affair. It got to a point where Karen even began doubting that the incident had ever taken place. From then on, however, the vision of her mother leering at her in her totally abandoned sexual hunger haunted Karen. When awake, she could usually force the vision of her mother's face away. Asleep, it was a different matter. She dreamed now and then of the incident and always woke up from the dream in an aroused state and unless she relieved herself by jerking off right then and there the dream would leave her listless and bothered for hours to come. Try as she might, Karen could not get the occasional picture of her mother in the throes of sexual frenzy from coming back unbidden. Since being married there were occasions when her husband would be away and she would be alone. When the sexual tension would reach a high point and there was no relief she would succumb to masturbating herself as she had before she was married. On many occasions the source of her sexual tension was just natural and while masturbating herself she would fantasize mainly about her husband. Often, however, as she neared the point of orgasm her fantasy would change and she would find herself fantasizing against her will about her mother. At these times, the point of orgasm was always accompanied by the sight of her mother's face twisted in sexual rut from that one occasion. Afterward she would feel relieved that it was over, but was also overcome with the usual strong sense of shame and guilt. Sometimes she would try to just stop frigging herself by getting up and doing something else to take her mind off of it, but found that she couldn't concentrate until she had finished the job. So she would return resignedly to playing with herself until it was over. On a couple of occasions Karen became concerned with her preoccupation with her mother and considered seeking professional help if for no other reason than to assure herself that she wasn't crazy. The sense of shame and embarrassment attendant with sharing this with another person, even a professional, prevented this, however. At those rare times when she would allow herself to consciously consider the situation, Karen could admit to herself that it was indeed unusual for a daughter to be somehow consciously attached to her mother sexually. She decided that she was not in love with her mother either sexually or romantically, but that there was some sort of attraction that was acting on her. She also concluded that she was not a lesbian because the thought of having sex with another woman didn't seem to effect her one way or the other; she wasn't excited about the idea, but neither was she repulsed by it. That her mother might be a lesbian bothered her at first until she realized that people needn't be just one way or the other, but could enjoy both hetero- and homosexual activity. The acceptance on her part of bisexuality was a blessing to her for it allowed her to justify her mother's life style. As to the nature of her attraction for her mother, Karen continued to be mystified. That Janet was a beautiful woman there was no doubt; everyone said so, even her father. She was beautiful to look at even at the age of 42. Karen had always wanted to have the beautiful long wavy blond hair and sleek build that her mother possessed. It gave her an air of confidence and poise that most women didn't have. Instead, Karen had inherited her physical characteristics from her father. She was overly tall at just a fraction of an inch under six feet. She was also just slightly on the "big" side as other members of the family used to chide her about. At one time she thought about pursuing a career as a model because of her height, but was told by people in the know that she was not thin enough although she was not overweight. They said she had big bones. She also had the dark Italian looks of her father. She had olive hued skin which tanned very nicely and beautiful, shiny black hair with haunting dark eyes. Nature had also been kind to her in the bosom department where it had skimped on in her mother's case. Karen had a very full bust which measured a 38C. It was not just that she had large breasts, but rather that they were spread out and covered her entire chest and were firm almost to the point of hardness. For one so full-breasted it was unusual that she didn't need to wear a bra, but did so nonetheless out of an innate sense of modesty. The one thing that she did share with her mother, though, were two of the largest nipples she had ever seen. Her mother, although not nearly as bosomy as Karen, also had enormous nipples and areole and passed these on to her daughter. Unlike Janet's pinkish brown teats, Karen's were a dark purple hue, almost black in color and curved slightly upward. Her husband Harold said it was her most sexy feature and would devote hours to fondling, kissing and sucking them. Karen was not adverse to this attention because her breasts, and especially the nipples, also like her mothers, were extremely erogenous. Although she never told anyone this because she considered the practice to be somewhat perverse, when masturbating she would use her free hand to play with her nipples sometimes to the point where she would quit frigging her pussy and use both hands on her breasts. On rare occasions she could even make herself cum by pulling and twisting her nipples. When she got married and discovered the almost overwhelming sensations created by having someone suck her tits she tried it once when alone and discovered that she could easily get her big nipples and areole into her own mouth. From then on this became a regular part of her masturbatory technique and she almost always would orgasm while sucking on her own breast. At this point, Karen, of course, was not totally aware of the similarities both women possessed with respect to their physical sensitivities. She was aware that she was her mother's daughter in a number of respects, but that in others she no way resembled her. Where Janet's personality was often effervescent and outgoing, Karen was shy and somewhat introverted. This was inherent in her character and was often taken wrongly for weakness. Karen had a strong sense of self and an inward confidence that was not immediately apparent. Her husband discovered this to his dismay shortly after they were married. Janet arrived as planned and things were fine between mother and daughter the first three days of her mother's stay. On the fourth day as the evening wore on while they watched television, Karen became nervous and cranky. Sensing trouble, Janet was unusually solicitous and asked her daughter gently what the problem was. Karen just bitched back that she had a problem with constipation and the baby not feeding enough leaving her breasts swollen and tender. Although the doctor said it wasn't serious it was nonetheless bothersome and put her in a bad mood. Trying to be helpful Janet gently offered, "Well, dear, there is a sure cure for that little constipation problem." "I've tried everything, mother, and nothing seems to work. Apple juice, prune juice, MetMucil, laxatives... you name it - I've tried it and nothing seems to work!" "How about an enema? Have you tried that, Karen?" her mother quizzed. "Oh, god, mother, nobody does that anymore, do they?" "I still do on occasion and it works for me every time." "Well, even so, I wouldn't have the faintest idea of how to go about it." "Well, I'd be glad to help you with it, if you'd like, dear, " Janet said. "Do you really think it would work?" "Sure. Why not give it a try. You'll feel much better afterward, I guarantee." "Well, if you think so, maybe I will. Anything would be better than feeling like this all the time." "Fine, dear. Now... if you want me to help you I'll need to have a syringe and water bottle?" Karen looked puzzled, but then said, "I know. I have the bottle and a douche attachment. Will that work?" "Don't you have all the stuff that came with the bottle?" "Maybe, but I'll have to look, " Karen said as she got up from the dinner table and handing the baby to her mother went upstairs to look. Five minutes later she returned with the original box with the water bottle, hose and the douche nozzle." "This is all I could find, mother. Will this do?" "It's not the right tip, but it should work. Just a tad larger than the regular enema syringe. We can try it anyway." All of a sudden there seemed to be a strained silence until Karen asked, "Well, what should I do?" "Why don't we go upstairs and put the baby in the crib and then I'll help you out, OK." Janet rose with the baby as did Karen and they traipsed upstairs. When the baby was put down Janet said, "Why don't you just lie down on the bed, dear, and I'll go fill the bottle. We'll try just water at first and if that doesn't seem to work, we'll mix a little oil with it." Karen, who was dressed in shorts and blouse, lay down on her back on the bed waiting for her mother. Janet filled the bottle with warm water from the tub, attached the hose and nozzle and returned to the bedroom. "Now dear, do you have any jelly or Vaseline?" Without thinking, Karen rolled on her side and opened the night stand drawer and withdrew a tube of K-Y jelly and handed it to her mother. Not until she had done so had she thought about it and then she became suddenly embarrassed. She was beginning to have second thoughts about what was going to happen and she seriously considered just putting a stop to it immediately, but the excitement and arousal she was beginning to feel overrode her shame and embarrassment and she remained silent. "OK dear, roll over on your stomach and undo your shorts." When she had done this and pushed her shorts and panties down around her knees leaving her buttocks exposed she suddenly felt once again that strong sense of shame and the vision of her mother that fateful night again returned leaving her flushed and uneasy. "I think it would be a good idea, Karen, if you would just remove your shorts and panties altogether. It'll be easier that way, " Janet said as she looked at her daughter's prone figure. When Karen didn't immediately respond to her mother's suggestion, Janet just shrugged and said, "Here, I'll help you with them, " and reached down and pulled Karen's clothes down over her feet and off, throwing them on the chair against the wall. As she looked down at her daughter's large, pert ass sticking up she thought that her daughter really was beautiful for such a tall full woman. "Now, dear, if you'll just spread your legs slightly we'll get this over with." Karen did as asked and opened her legs a little bit. It seemed like the longest time until she finally felt the strange sensation of her mother gently probing a lubricated finger between her ass cheeks, searching for her anus. She was not quite on the mark and Karen felt her mother use her other hand to spread her cheeks and then the tip of her finger slowly moving over her puckered hole spreading the jelly. Shame bound as she was, it occurred to Karen that the sensation of her mother's manipulating her ass was not unpleasant. It recalled to mind of her husband's liking of that area during sex. Finally having lubed Karen's rectum to her satisfaction, Janet put more jelly on her finger and centered it directly on her daughter's asshole. She then slowly pushed and rotated, probing with her finger, and it began to enter Karen's rectum. During all of this Karen didn't make a sound but remained rigid on the bed to the extent that her mother said, "Relax, dear, this will be over shortly and you'll feel much better." Karen was having trouble remaining relaxed, however, because she was becoming painfully aware of the stirrings in her groin. It was all she could do to control herself and keep from starting to rotate her hips in order to force the probing finger more deeply into her asshole. When Janet had almost her entire finger buried in Karen's ass she slowly started to remove it. When it was free, she retrieved the nozzle from the water bottle and inserted it. She then raised the water bottle and looped the end string around the top end of the high bedpost while releasing the valve on the hose with her other hand. Water then began flowing into Karen's insides, filling her and also creating a sensation of pleasure she hadn't expected. The pressure from the increasing amount of water inside her was also jangling the nerves in that part of her body. When the water bottle was finally empty Janet said, "Now just lie there for a minute or two, Karen, and let the enema work. And just so you don't dribble I'll just put my finger back in and stop you up." Janet then gently inserted her already lubricated finger back into Karen's anus as she sat down on the edge of the bed. The sensation of being so full and having her mother's finger up her ass was working on Karen and the arousal she was feeling was increasing gradually. At first she thought she was imagining it, but she was sure now that her mother was actually moving her finger in and out of her asshole. Her mother was really finger-fucking her asshole - she couldn't believe it. Suddenly, Karen was overcome with the desire to give herself an orgasm and she couldn't wait for her mother to leave. "Mom, I really need to go. Please, let me get up, " she said, impatiently. Janet removed her finger and Karen could feel the bed move as her mother stood up. "Come on, dear, I'll help you to the bathroom." "Oh, mother, I can find it by myself. I'm OK, honest." Karen slowly got to her feet, sensing that she shouldn't move too fast, and headed toward the master bedroom bathroom with Janet trailing her. As she raised the toilet seat she glanced over her shoulder to see her mother standing in the doorway. Impatient from the need to expel the enema and satisfy the desire inside her she said shortly, "OK, mother, I'm OK. Now, please just leave." Janet said, "If you're sure, dear, " and reluctantly turned. Then she added, "If you need anything, just shout. I'll hear you." "Yes, mother - now go." As her mother closed the door Karen sat heavily down on the toilet seat and thought she would explode right away but nothing happened. She tried to force it, but still nothing happened so she finally just sat there frustrated and stewing in her desire. Then she gave in to her arousal and put her right hand between her legs and began to rapidly fondle herself in a shame ridden frenzy. She was surprised at how wet she was. At first she thought that some of the enema had leaked down into her pussy but the consistency was wrong; it wasn't water - it was cunt juice. Using her fingers she spread her juices over her entire pussy then began to concentrate moving two fingers over her clitoris jacking it back and forth forcefully. It didn't take long. Before she could imagine it she was up on the final plateau and still climbing. As she approached orgasm she reached her other hand in back of her and down between her cheeks and began to finger her asshole trying to simulate the same sensation her mother had created. It wasn't the same, but it felt good nonetheless. The orgasm finally hit her and it was powerful. As the first wave peaked and then dropped off, she lost control of her rectal muscles, her asshole suddenly opened up and the enema came spewing out in jets with each succeeding orgasmic spasm. It went on for what seemed like forever until Karen was finally spent. She stopped frigging herself and just sat hunched over in total exhaustion after having flushed the toilet. She was wakened from this trance-like state by a knock on the door from her mother, wondering if she were OK. She answered yes, then slowly got up and cleaned herself up at the sink. She then went into the bedroom and flopped onto the bed and promptly fell into a deep sleep. CHAPTER 2
It was early morning when Karen finally woke up. At first she didn't even remember going to bed, but as she slowly sat up her memory began to come back. As she looked down at herself her foggy memory recalled her mother having given her the enema followed by her masturbating in the bathroom and then flopping into bed. What she could not figure out was how she had gotten her clothes off and her nightgown on. As she looked around the room she spotted the clothes she had on yesterday neatly folded on a chair. She then guessed correctly that her mother had come in at some time during the night and put her to bed properly. Karen lazily rose from the bed and went over to the dresser where she dug out a new nursing bra and pair of panties. Putting on the bra she became aware of how swollen and painful her breasts were. She then rummaged around in the closet for something to wear. Finding a clean sleeveless blouse and pair of shorts she put them on along with bobbysox and her new tennis shoes and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth and comb her hair. While doing so she marveled at how good she felt in spite of the previous evening's activities. Feeling she had better urinate she lowered her shorts and panties and sat on the commode. This brought back more memories of the previous night and how she had sat in exactly this same spot and brazenly masturbated herself while openly fantasizing about her mother. As she began to ruminate once more about the strangeness of her attraction for her mother she admitted to herself that she had indeed enjoyed the feel of her mother's hands on her. She did enjoy having her mother's finger up her ass - especially the second time when it felt like Janet was finger fucking her. It still seemed to Karen as if her mother had been purposely trying to stimulate her. This made her wonder if somehow the attraction might be mutual. Was there even the slightest possibility that Janet was sexually attracted to her, she wondered. The whole thing started to seem to her to border on the ridiculous when she tried to imagine herself engaged in some sort of sex act with her mother. For the life of her, she just couldn't picture herself going down on her mother or vice versa. It was too outrageous. Did she want to do it? Absolutely not! What then, she wondered, would she do if given the opportunity to be sexual with her? Then it occurred to her that if, instead of lying on her back in solitary masturbation while fantasizing about her, her mother were there watching her and she could look at her when she came, maybe that would solve this whole business and remove the years-long fascination she had about it. Karen then blushed at the thought of having her mother watch her jack off or even the thought of ever asking her mother to do such a thing. But it would be exciting she admitted to herself; awful-filthy-dirty-rotten-perverted - but so exciting! Mixed among all of these confusing and troublesome thoughts was the dreadfully arousing sense that something was on the brink of changing. Karen couldn't, however, bring any of these lines of thinking to a sensible, logical conclusion and decided to just let it go and let things take their own course. *** "Did you sleep well, Karen. You've been knocked out for hours?" her mother asked as Karen entered the living room where Janet was rocking the baby while watching a game show on television. "Wow. I don't know what happened. I feel like I slept for centuries! How's Sally?" Karen asked, looking down at her child. "You were really knocked out. When I came upstairs you were already zonked out. I got you into bed and that was some chore, believe me! Sally's just fine - probably pretty hungry since you haven't fed her all night long. Are you sure you're OK?" "Fine, except my tits ache, " Karen said, absentmindedly cupping her breasts in her palms and squeezing gently. Why don't you give me Sally and we'll see if she's all that hungry. I sure could use the relief." Janet handed the baby up to Karen who then seated herself at the other end of the couch and undid her blouse. Pushing the blouse off her shoulder, she pulled down the flap on the bra cup exposing a swollen breast with a huge angry dark nipple. She then brought the baby up to her breast where it began to suckle. "That's better, huh, " her mother commented as she stood up. "Let me get you a cup of coffee." "Let's just hope it lasts, " Karen said resignedly. After five minutes, however, the baby was fast asleep so Karen took it over to the crib in the corner of the room and put it down to nap. Returning to the couch hitching up her bra and buttoning her blouse it was obvious she was uncom comfortable. "Dear, if you'll let me, I'd like to make a suggestion." "What's that mother, " Karen asked, wearily. "Well, you'd probably feel a lot better if you'd milk your breasts when you get this way." "Mother - really! You come up with the most old fashioned ideas. Does anybody really do that anymore?" "Does it really matter, Karen, " Janet exclaimed, exasperated with her daughter's attitude, "it works - or at least it did years ago. I don't see that it wouldn't today, do you?" "Yeah, maybe, I never thought about that. But I don't have one of those breast pump things and they're expensive as hell." "You don't need one of those, silly. I just used to use my hands and it worked just fine. Besides, you can save the milk and we can use it to feed Sally when you're not around or are asleep or whatever." "That sounds practical, but isn't there some sort of special technique you have to learn, or something?" "If you want, I'll show you how to do it. There's really nothing to it, you know." "OK, why don't you show me how it's done." Janet seemed to consider this for a few moments and then said, "OK, why don't you take off your blouse and bra. It'll be easier if those things aren't in the way." Karen then started to unbutton her blouse, but as she did so she began to feel a little squeamish at the idea of being totally bare- breasted in front of her mother. 'That's silly, ' she thought, 'she's my mother, for god's sake.' Nonetheless, the feeling persisted as she divested herself of the garments. Karen then looked over at her mother who she caught staring in a transfixed manner at her breasts with their huge, turgid inch long nipples jutting slightly upwards from their angry puckered areole. At just this moment Karen recognized the look on her mother's face as much the same one she had seen so many years ago and had been seeing regularly in her fantasies; the realization made her insides tighten involuntarily. "Mother, are you OK?" Karen asked hesitantly. "Oh, yes, dear, - fine, " Janet seemed to jerk out of her pre-occupation, "I was just admiring what you inherited from me that I never had - sorry if I embarrassed you." Karen was taken aback at her mother's forthrightness causing her to remain silent without comment. Janet then suggested, "It would probably be easiest if you would sit upright in a straight-backed chair. That way I can lean over your shoulder and show you how it's done." Karen felt another jolt of apprehension mixed with arousal at the realization that her mother probably intended to touch her breasts in demonstrating the milking technique. She had just assumed that Janet would demonstrate on herself. "Are you sure this is such a good idea, mother?" Karen queried. "Come on, silly, let's go to the kitchen, " Janet said rising from the couch and heading toward the back end of the house. Still absentmindedly absorbed in her thoughts, Karen also stood and followed her mother. When they got into the kitchen Janet pulled a chair out from the table and motioned for Karen to seat herself which she did, rigidly and ramrod straight. When Karen was seated, her mother went around behind her and bent over her. "Now, I'm going to show you what to do by demonstrating on your right tit and as I'm doing it I want you to use your left hand on the other one and imitate what I'm showing you, OK?" "Sure, I guess, " Karen muttered anxiously, "but won't we need something to catch the milk in?" "Well, just for right now let's not worry about catching the milk. Besides, until you get the hang of it, the milk's going to go all over the place anyway. We'll just mop up when we're done." Karen was really feeling funny now as her mother reached down with her hand and cupped it under her right breast. "Go on, use your left hand and put it under your tit like I'm doing." When Karen did it, her mother said, "Now put your thumb on top and your index finger underneath - maybe you'll want to use two fingers since your nipple is so big - yeah, like that - and put them behind the nipple and press downward. Then, while you press downward, pull out at the same time. See, " Janet said as she did what she described and a spray of milk shot out from her daughter's nipple landing on the floor in front of them. "Simple, huh. Now you try it, " Janet said. Karen's first few of attempts were clumsy but as she kept on she began to express a little milk from her left breast. Her mother instructed her to adjust the position of her fingers and on her next attempt she was surprised to see a number of long streams of milk jettison from the tip of her nipple. "The important thing is to get a rhythm going, " Janet coaxed, "now see if you can do it along with me, " and she began to slowly milk her daughter's right breast with Karen doing her left about at the same pace. Pretty soon both breasts were shooting milk simultaneously creating a wet mess on the floor, but neither woman seemed to be concerned with this. After about ten pulls on her breasts, Karen realized that she was becoming extremely aroused by this mammary manipulation and she could feel her cunt begin to moisten. Even more confusing to her was the realization that she was so aroused that if they didn't stop this pretty soon she might have on orgasm. But she couldn't stop and her mother wasn't stopping either so she just remained rigid in the chair, powerless to help herself, feeling the climax slowly building in both her groin and her breasts. She was entranced now and as she felt the orgasm near she began to shake all over. Suddenly her mother stopped and that made her pause quickly as well. "My god, Karen, are you OK? You're shaking like a leaf." Janet came around from behind the chair and knelt down in front of her daughter. Looking up, she could see that Karen's upper chest was blotched with large red spots and her face was likewise flushed and swollen. Karen, breathing in gulps, averted her eyes as her mother placed a hand on each of her knees to support herself. "You're not sick, are you?" Janet queried as she looked up into Karen's glazed eyes. Then it hit her. "Oh, no, you're not sick at all. You were just about to cum, weren't you, Karen." Karen lowered her head and tears of frustration and confusion began to form in the bottom of her eyes. Seeing this, Janet raised a hand and cupping her daughter's chin, lifted her face gently upwards. "It's OK, darling, really it is. Some women react that way. I mean, after all, tits are erogenously sensitive aren't they. And sometimes it doesn't matter who is doing it, does it?" Janet added solicitously. "Oh, mother, I'm so embarrassed, " Karen almost wailed. "Well, it's nothing to be embarrassed about, dear. Actually, you should consider yourself lucky to have such sensitive tits. You must have inherited those from me too." When Karen only moaned in response Janet asked, "You didn't come though, did you, dear?" After a silent moment Janet continued, "It's Ok if you..." and seeing Karen slightly shake her head 'no, ' she went on, "well, uh, if you still want to, you can - it's alright - I don't mind." "Oh, god, mother, " Karen sobbed, "I'm so embarrassed. I can't believe this is happening." Janet, who was still down on her knees in front of her daughter, began to slowly and gently stroke her thighs. Gathering all the courage she could, Karen turned her head and looked down at her mother. Her eyes were diverted instantly from Janet's face to the open V in her mother's white blouse, the first three buttons of which were undone. The garment was loose and Janet wasn't wearing a bra. As she leaned forward it gave Karen a full view of her mother's breasts with their enormous nipples which were obviously in a state of erection. Karen was fascinated with the sight; she hadn't remembered her mother's breasts as having such large nipples. Fleetingly she wondered what it would be like to suck on another woman's breasts and the thought thrilled her and added more fuel to her already firedup state. She was painfully aware of her predicament when her mother's speaking brought her back to reality. "Really, Karen, I understand and it's OK. I know you've gotten very aroused and must be right on the brink of cumming. If you want to, I don't mind." Karen looked at her mother dumbfounded and remained silent. Her left hand was still at her breast and she unconsciously squeezed it sending another squirt of milk, surprising both women and landing on her mother's face, blouse and hair. Without flinching, Janet removed a hand from Karen's thigh and reached up to cup Karen's free breast, the one she had been demonstrating on previously and began to squeeze it again. This caused the younger woman to continue fondling her other tit and in a couple of moments Karen had forgotten her embarrassment as her sexual excitement returned and her breathing quickened. She was soon overtaken with sexual abandon and the overpowering desire to have her nipple sucked. Arousal overcame fear and embarrassment as she looked into her mother's eyes and said, "Mother, this is crazy, I know, but would you... suck my nipple... please? I just want... I need, to have my tit sucked right now!" Just looking at her daughter in the throes of passion had finally gotten to Janet and she was now felt herself becoming sexually aroused. Glancing for a short moment into her daughter's eyes without saying a word, she then bent her head forward and lifted the breast she was fondling to her open mouth and stuck out her tongue. Squeezing the tit again she sent a jet of milk into her mouth which she swallowed. She then pulled Karen's breast forward and clamped her full lips over the nipple and began to forcefully suck. After a moment she stopped and raised her head and said to her daughter, "If you'd like to use your hand to masturbate yourself, that's OK too, dear." "Mom... I don't need to... please don't stop!" was Karen's quick response as she continued to milk her other breast furiously. As Janet hurriedly resumed sucking her daughter's nipple, Karen abandoned the milking motion she was using and grabbed her nipple between her thumb and fingers and began to viciously pull and twist on it. "Oh, mother, I'm going to cum. Suck harder, please... suck harder... faster... oh god, yessssssss... here it cums... now... oh, my god, mother... I'm cumming... chew my nipple off... oh, fuck!" As Karen's body went rigid and then began to quake to the spasms of her orgasm she grabbed her whole breast once more and squeezed with all her might sending a long, forceful stream of milk high into the air. Karen's orgasm seemed to her to go on forever, but finally the spasms subsided and she slumped down in the chair. Janet then quit sucking her and leaned back on her heels and looked up at her daughter lovingly. "That was some climax, young lady! I wish all mine were like that." Both women then looked at each other and began to laugh. Seeing that her daughter was really exhausted Janet said, "Come on, dear, let's get you into the living room and then I'll clean up this mess. CHAPTER 3
When Karen was seated on the sofa with her blouse draped loosely over her shoulders her mother returned to the kitchen to mop up the mess they had made. Janet was glad to have these few moments to herself to think about what had just happened. Janet had been taken com completely by surprise by the turn of events. At the moment she was feeling a mixture of guilt and arousal at the thought that she had inadvertently managed to not only turn her daughter on sexually, but had also aided her in bringing her to orgasm. The fact that she was equally at home sexually with both men and women had no bearing on the situation. Karen was her daughter! And that made it incest, what they had just done. None the less, Janet was still aroused by the incident. As she bent down with a rag in one hand to soak up the mess on the floor, the feel of her daughter's turgid, squirting nipple in her mouth and her heavy breast in her hand continued to excite her in spite of the fact that she knew it was taboo. Swiping purposefully with the cloth at the wet floor she reached up with her free hand and grasped her own erect nipple through the fabric of her blouse and gave it a hard twist. This send an electric bolt directly to her already swollen clitoris. God, I'd just love for her to return the favor right now, Janet wished, against her will. If there were only some way I could continue this without feeling guilty I would. But Janet was at a loss as to how to approach the subject with her daughter without possibly risking the loss of their mutual sense of trust, respect and emotional well-being. On the other hand, she also didn't understand what had gotten into her daughter; it was so uncharacteristic of her. She had always thought Karen was a real straight arrow when it came to matters as personal as these. She had never once considered Karen from a sexual point of view. It was clear to her, however, that she was going to have to do something for herself; she was so turned on that she couldn't even think straight and needed relief. Common sense prevailing, it occurred to Janet that probably the best thing to do right now would be to make sure her daughter was OK and reassure her in case she had any misgivings about their recent contact. Then they could agree to put the incident behind them and get on with it. She would then simply excuse herself and go upstairs and masturbate and hope that would relieve the tremendous arousal she was feeling. Feeling a sense of ease at finally having arrived at what she considered the right course of action to take, Janet finished the cleanup and got herself in mental and physical order. She then went back to the living room fully intending to make the situation com comfortable for both of them. After all, they would both be seeing a lot of each other for the next few months until Karen's husband returned. At least that was the plan. Karen was still seated on the couch leaning back with her eyes closed. Sensing her mother's presence, she opened them and said, "Mother, I want to apologize. I really don't know what got into me. I'm really so embarrassed, really I am." Janet's heart went out to her daughter and as she sat down on the love seat opposite Karen she said, "Dear, it's perfectly alright. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. You're a healthy young woman whose husband has been away for some time and your body probably just responded to the lack of normal activity. I don't want you to give it another thought." It was then that Janet's eyes settled on Karen's carelessly open blouse, which was simply draped over her shoulders. The blouse was open enough so that parts of both her large areole were visible. For some reason Janet found herself fascinated with her daughter's breasts and just sat staring at them wondering what the attraction was. Noticing her mother's distraction Karen inquired, "I hope you're OK, mother. You're not mad at me are you?" Returning her attention to Karen, Janet answered, "Of course, I'm not mad at you. How could I be?!" And then, without thinking Janet just blurted out, "OK? Am I OK! No, goddamnit, I'm not OK! I'm horny as hell. It's been ages since I had any sex and I'm ready to burst. I'm afraid that what happened in the kitchen just now has really got me going." "Oh, mother, I'm so sorry - really I am. I'd do anything if I could just take that back. I didn't mean to hurt you or upset you. Honest." Seeing Karen's sincere concern for her softened Janet and she replied, "It's OK dear, it's not your fault and you don't really have anything much to do with it. It's my problem - not yours." "I know, but I feel somehow responsible." "Well, you aren't dear. It's just that I'm human, too, and not immune to getting aroused by sexual situations - even someone else's." At this point Karen, wanting to help but not knowing how, said, "Mother, don't you ever masturbate?" "Masturbate? Of course I do, darling. In fact, I prefer that these days to screwing, what with all the diseases going around." "Well, wouldn't it help right now? I mean, if you masturbated?" "Oh, Karen, I'm sick of doing it by myself. It'd be nice to have someone else around, even if just to watch, but I'm afraid that being away from home has temporarily removed that possibility." Karen couldn't believe her ears. She sensed that here might be an opportunity to become involved sexually with her mother, at least in an indirect way. Actually, a safer way than she had thought of. With her heart pounding in her ears she looked over at her mother and said softly, "I'm here, mother." When Janet looked quizzically at her daughter without speaking, Karen repeated, "I said, I'm here - if that would help." Janet just looked at her daughter and said, "I'm sorry dear, I don't quite understand exactly what you mean." "Just what I said, mother. I'm here." Karen was starting to get nervous about having to repeat herself over and over again and was afraid that her mother would make her have to spell out exactly what she was getting at. She would really prefer it if her mother would get the hint and make some kind of overture. "I know you're here, Karen, and I appreciate it very much, " was all Janet said. Becoming a little exasperated and trying not to sound impatient, Karen tried once more. "Well, that's not exactly what I was getting at mother." "What then, dear?" "What I mean then is, that I'm here. If you just want to be with someone while you masturbate and you think it would help, well, then I'm here. OK?" Janet couldn't have hoped for anything more. But now the battle began anew. Should she continue by taking advantage of her daughter's offer or do what she felt was morally right and refuse the offer. Not being able to overcome her libido she finally replied noncommittally, "That's very kind of you, Karen." "I mean it, mother. I wouldn't mind if you wanted to masturbate in front of me." "Really?" Janet queried. "Really. In fact, to be honest, I'd love to watch you do it to yourself. It'd probably relieve me of feeling bad about having gotten you in this state in the first place." "Oh, Karen, I'd hate to impose on you in this way..." and she let it trail off there, hoping beyond hope, and not knowing Karen felt the same way, that her daughter wouldn't get frightened and change her mind. "You wouldn't be imposing, mother. Honestly, it's alright." And now Karen was afraid her mother would get cold feet and back out of the direction this was heading. While this was occurring to her she became aware of just how badly she wanted to have sex with her mother and made the instant decision that she would do whatever it took to make sure it would happen. She was now beyond caring about morals or anything else, for that matter. She just wanted it to happen. Being at a loss for anything to say which she felt could grease the skids of the situation she came up with an idea and said to her mother, "In fact, if it would help, I have a vibrating dildo upstairs that Richard gave me a while back for when he was gone and I'd be glad to get it for you if you want to use it." When her mother looked at her and started to smile, the humor of the situation struck both of them simultaneously and they both started to chuckle. "That's kind of a real personal thing, dear. Are you sure you wouldn't mind me using it?" "Are you kidding, " Karen retorted, "my tits are kind of my personal things, too, and you just got done sucking on THEM!" Suddenly, Janet got smolderingly serious and looking piercingly at her daughter said, "Did it feel good, Karen. Did you like the way I sucked your nipple, huh?" The statement shot right down to Karen's cunt and she could feel herself starting to secrete again at the thought of her mother sucking on her breast. Still, the slight sarcasm came out in her next statement, "You didn't happen to notice, by chance, that sucking on my nipple made me come, did you?" And then Karen instantly regretted the remark, but saw that her mother had taken it lightly. For lack of anything better at the moment and to hide her mounting anxiety over her renewed arousal and embarrassment Karen told her mother that she would get the dildo and proceeded to rise and go upstairs. When she came back down a few moments later with the black object in her hand, it appeared that Janet was still in the same position in the love seat until she saw that her mother had one hand inserted in the waistband of her shorts. Confident now that things would continue, she felt she could risk another jocular remark so she said, "What's the matter, mother. Are you so horny you just couldn't wait for me to return?" Janet didn't answer, but just smiled. Rather than go over to her mother with the dildo, Karen decided to just sit and watch so she lowered herself once again to her previous position on the couch across from her mother and laid the instrument on the cushion beside her. The silence grew quickly heavy as Karen watched her mother remove her hand and start to unbutton her shorts. Using both hands she pushed them and her panties down around her ankles and kicked them aside. Then she scooted herself forward to the edge of the loveseat and sat upright while spreading her legs. Karen now had a perfect view of her mother's pussy and was amazed at the mass of thick, long hair that covered her triangle. She wondered briefly why she herself didn't have nearly that much hair. When she was in position, Janet looked over at Karen and asked, "Are you sure this is OK, dear. I mean... oh, hell..." and she lowered her left hand to her groin and slowly started to explore herself with her index finger, probing into the mass of beautiful hair. Karen was entranced watching her mother, whose head was bent down as she gently caressed herself. Karen was becoming increasingly aroused herself, but she didn't move or say anything for fear of terminally interrupting the situation. Without looking up Janet moaned, "Oh, god, this feels good. So good. "Do you ever do it like this, dear - sitting up? This is my favorite position. I cum better this way than any other." It was already evident to Karen that her mother's breathing was getting more rapid. Ever so softly Karen answered, "Yes - lots of times. I like to do it sitting on the toilet seat, just like that. Especially after I've douched. I seem to cum better that way, too." Janet then slowly raised her head and looking at her daughter asked, "Dear, I know this may shock you, but would you do me a favor and open your blouse so I can look at your breasts again?" "I'm not shocked at all, mother, " Karen responded as she pulled the sides of her blouse open and shrugged out of it leaving herself bare to the waist and com completely open to her mother's view. "Oh, Karen, you have such beautiful big breasts. I'd kill to have those, I would." "Do you like them, mother? Do they turn you on?" Karen asked coyly being aware that she was now being somewhat of a tease. "Yes, they turn me on. How do you think I got this way this morning?" "You mean you actually enjoyed it when I asked you to suck them?" "Of course I enjoyed it, silly. I wouldn't have done it otherwise, would I? And judging by your violent reaction you enjoyed it too. You really like to have your breasts sucked, don't you?" "Yes, I do, " sighed Karen, her own breathing starting to get more rapid. Janet's hand was now moving in a regular manner as she manipulated her first two fingers between her thick cunt lips, moving them in a circular way around her clitoris which was bathed in juice from her excitement. As her arousal mounted she felt her usual tendency toward earthy language and asked her daughter, "Has another woman ever sucked your breasts, darling?" Without hesitation Karen answered, "No, mother, you're the first woman to have ever sucked on my breasts - I'm not gay." Then thinking about it she added, "Wait, that's if you don't count me myself." "Huh? You mean to tell me that you can suck your own breasts?" Janet asked, incredulously. "My turn to shock you, right. Of course. I do it all the time when I jerk off. I've been doing it for years, mother. Actually, that's one reason I think my nipples are so abnormally big." And then it occurred to her that her mother was small breasted enough that it wouldn't be possible for her to do it and she felt a little bit ashamed at having been so brazen in her attitude. "Oh, god, that's really sexy. Would you mind showing me, dear, how you do it, would you? I'd just love to see you do it to yourself." "No, I don't mind." Karen moved her hand up and cupped her right breast in her palm. Lowering her head and chin she pushed up with her hand, stuck out her tongue and began laving the upper curve of her swollen tit, making it slick with her saliva. "Can you get your nipple in your mouth, Karen, " Janet queried in a low voice that came out almost as a croak. "Uh, huh, " Karen mumbled as she placed her thumb on top of her breast and started to angle the distended nipple toward her mouth. This motion had the startling effect of causing a stream of milk to eject from the pressured nipple before she could get it to her mouth squirting over her entire face and right into her eye. "Oh, shit, " she exclaimed loudly, and using her free hand grabbed the blouse behind her and swabbed at her wet face. "Hmmm, that tastes good. Let's try that again." Once more she turned her nipple to her mouth, but at an angle and managed to clamp her mouth over it before milk got all over. "Oh, jeez, Karen - that's so sexy - watching you do that." Janet had now paused in her ministrations and just sat looking as her daughter fed herself her breast, sucking hungrily at the nipple. She was still awed by the fact that Karen was going along with this and consumed by the intense eroticism brought forth for her by the pervertedness of being sexual with her own child. Libido had finally conquered her shame, she mused. Although her head was bent, Karen moved her eyes to look at her mother and seeing that had stopped playing with herself raised her head and asked, "Did you cum already, mother?" "Not quite, dear. And I don't want to, yet. That's why I stopped. I'm so sensitive now just watching you that if I touch myself again I'll shoot off immediately and I don't want this to end." "I don't either, mom." Karen said, but before Karen could resume nursing herself her mother said, "Dear, could I ask you to come over here and suck on my nipple? Would you mind?" "Oh, mother, really. Would you let me do that?" "I want you to do it, darling." And Karen let go of her own breast and slid to the floor and waddled on her knees to where her mother sat on the edge of the love seat. As she approached, Janet began unbuttoning her blouse rapidly. By the time Karen was positioned in front of her the blouse was undone and off. Except for her tennis shoes and sox, Janet now sat naked in front of her daughter who was looking at the marvelous breasts and nipples she had so often fantasized about. Karen was also now aware of the strong, musky scent of her mother's cunt and found the aroma exciting even though it seemed to her to differ from her own scent of arousal. Concentrating now on the swollen nipple not inches from her mouth, Karen put her hands on the edge of the cushions on either side of her mother's naked thighs and, leaning forward, stuck out her tongue. Janet reached up with a hand and cupped her breast and squeezing, pushed it out toward her daughter's waiting mouth. She softly moved her other hand to the back of Karen's head and gently pulled it towards her. Karen's wet tongue finally came into contact with the erect nipple and she resisted any further movement as she lazily ran her tongue over and around the turgid flesh and then in wider circles, wetting the areola with her saliva. When her mother's breast tip was literally dripping Karen then closed her pouty lips over the nipple and began to rapidly move her tongue sideways over the hard, thick appendage sticking halfway to her throat. When she heard her mother moan, Karen then opened her mouth as wide as possible and took as much of the breast in as she could. When she looked down she was amazed to see that she hadn't been able to get the entire areola into her mouth. "Oh, Christ, Karen - you're a natural tit sucker. That feels so delicious, don't ever stop." Karen's head was swimming. She couldn't believe she was now sucking on her own mother's nipple and feeling her shake in the throes of passion. She realized now that this is something she had always wanted to do - from the very night she had seen her mother with that other woman. The air was thick with sex and it made her giddy. She considered whether at the moment she would be capable of touching her mother's pussy or even sucking on her mother's cunt, but decided she wasn't sure she wanted to go that far or even if her mother would be prepared for that. Instead, she moved both hands from the seat cushions and put them on the back of her mother's legs and began to lightly fondle them. As she did so, she could feel the tension straining her mother's whole body; it was like a tightly wound rubber band. Suddenly Janet pushed her back and away from her, not roughly but firmly, saying, "Stop, dear... please, just stop. I can't take it any more. Just sit there and watch me while I jack off. It won't take long, I promise." She lowered her hand to her pussy and stuck two fingers into her vagina getting them good and lubricated. Once wet she brought them out and forward and began to rapidly move them up and down along each side of her engorged clit. Karen, obeying her mother's wishes, just leaned back on her hands and looked at her mother flailing herself to orgasm. Wanting to spur her on, Karen said excitedly, "Come on, mother, do it. Make yourself cum. It's right there isn't it? You really want it bad, don't you. That's it, frig yourself, frig your wet pussy!" Sensing Janet was close she continued on, "Mother, look at my breasts. Look at them! Look how swollen the nipples are. You made them that way, you got my tits so horny sucking on them. Just think about sucking these big nipples. Come on, do it - cum for me. Oh, mother, it's heaven watching you masturbate yourself. You look so hot!" Janet was right there and said hoarsely, "I'm gonna cum, Karen. I'm right there. Just watch me, OK, just look at me. Now. Here it is... oh, shit... here it cums... ahhhhhh..." As Janet hit the high point of her orgasm she suddenly reached up with her free hand and began twisting one of her large nipples while looking straight into Karen's eyes. The shock was like having ice cold water thrown on her as Karen realized that this was an almost exact repeat of that night years ago. She froze to the spot and stopped breathing as she watch her mother frig herself through the orgasm while still maintaining eye contact with her. Janet had that same abandoned, rutted stare from the past and it made Karen's cunt throb involuntarily. When her mother's body began to spasm in time with the orgasm wracking her, Karen slowly moved forward and put her arms around her only to get another surprise as Janet glued her mouth to her daughter's and drove her tongue almost into Karen's throat. As the spasms slowly started to subside, Karen disengaged her mouth from her mother's but continued to hold her closely, aware of their bodies pressed together, feeling her mother's sweaty breasts crushed against her own. Eventually, Janet fell back into the depths of the love seat, pulling Karen with her and they both just lay there with their legs entwined. As Janet's breathing began to quieten Karen gently caressed her mother's damp face while murmuring to her softly. CHAPTER 4
As Janet and Karen lay entwined together on the couch recovering from Janet's massive orgasm the phone rang. Karen lethargically removed herself from her mother's embrace and, on unsteady legs, went to the table in the foyer to answer it. In a couple of seconds she called to Janet, "It's for you, mother!" "Who is it?" Janet called back, the sound of irritation mixed with fatigue clearly audible in her voice. After about ten seconds Karen appeared in the living room again and said, "It's for you, mom. They said it's extremely important - long distance." Janet rolled off the couch while grabbing at her clothing and went to take the call. In about three minutes she returned, now shabbily clad in her blouse and shorts, and stood in front of her topless daughter and stated angrily, "Well, there's trouble. It's with my best account. Something about a foul up in the title search as well as the financing. This deal could make me a bundle and I've got to go back and straighten it out. Please don't be mad, dear, I'll be back as soon as I can." Karen looked up at her mother with sadness written all over her face, but didn't say anything. Then she stood up and took a step toward Janet and flung her arms around her. Janet hugged Karen closely to her and they stood like this for some moments until Janet pulled away saying, "I've got to catch the first flight out of O'Hare. Would you be so good as to call me a cab while I try to get myself in some sort of order." Karen moved listlessly, putting on her crumpled, milk stained blouse and then went into the kitchen to get the phone book. She called the cab company and ordered her mother's cab and then just went back to the couch and lay down. She must have dozed off for in a little while she was startled to hear her mother open the front door and hand out a suitcase to a strange man. Janet gave the man some instructions and told him she would be out in a moment. Then she went over to her daughter who had just sat up and bent down to give her a hug. Instead, Karen took her mother's face between both of her hands and, parting her lips slightly, planted her full mouth directly on her startled mother's newly lip-sticked lips. Karen then forced her tongue between her mother's lips and teeth until she couldn't get it any further into her mouth. Janet didn't resist her daughter's insistent kiss, but she didn't get active herself, pulling away after a few moments. "I really have to go, dear. Don't worry. I'll call as soon as I know what's going on." And with that she was quickly out the door and gone, the sound of the taxi fading in the distance. Karen spent the rest of the day in a daze comprised of a mixture of guilt tinged with an almost vicious edge of sexual arousal. As she fed the baby, who finally decided it was hungry, and washed dishes and cleaned the place up she was constantly aware of her swollen pussy lips. It also seemed to her that her nipples had never before been so sensitive. She had actually gotten excited with the baby nursing at her breast while thoughts of her mother's mouth sucking, tonguing and licking her nipple ran rampant in her consciousness. The day wore on and on and as it turned into evening she began to relax a little although she was still aimlessly distracted to the point that she watched an hour's worth of television, but five minutes later had forgotten what she saw. Bringing the baby with her she went to her bedroom to go to bed. She was exhausted. With the baby in its crib, she crawled under the covers after turning out the lights but sleep just wouldn't come. Karen finally decided that what she needed to get to sleep was a good thorough psyche cleansing orgasm. 'Fuck it, ' she thought to herself, 'I don't care if I am excited about having sex with my own mother! I'm just going to do it!' She then threw off the covers and spread her legs as wide as possible and began to frig her wet pussy. As she continued to masturbate she got hotter and hotter and she was just about there when the thought from that morning about eating her mother came to her. This got her even hotter. She knew now that this is something she really wanted to do. She wanted to give her mother an orgasm with her lips and tongue. It was crazy, but that's what she wanted. The fantasy was driving her wild, but it also had the curious effect of making her not able to cum in spite of her excitement. No matter how she moved her hand or how rapidly or hard or soft, she just couldn't make it cum. She finally stopped for a minute to give herself a rest. 'Maybe what I need is something stuffed up my cunt. Maybe that'll bring me off, ' she thought. Rolling sideways, she opened the nightstand drawer and searched blindly for the vibrating dildo she had put back that morning, never having gotten a chance to use it. Finally grasping it in her hand, she rolled back over again with legs spread and quickly jammed the cold instrument straight into her cunt. She was so well lubricated that there wasn't the slightest pull or friction; it just sailed right on in and up to the hilt. She then twisted the plastic cap and it began its familiar hum sending subtle waves of pleasure through her vaginal walls into the surrounding abdominal area. As it hummed along she again began to masturbate herself with one hand, the other moving the buried dildo slightly in and out of her vagina. Once again she got right to the point of cumming but couldn't bring herself over the edge. This time she didn't stop. Without thinking she quickly removed the dildo from her cunt and placed the tip against her anus. She hesitated only a moment while a fleeting thought of how perverse her next action would make her before she pushed the soaking piece of plastic with all the force she could muster in her tired arm. The tip penetrated the anal ring and stopped about an inch inside her rectum when at the same time Karen's body exploded. The surprise was so great it caused Karen to let go her grip on the dildo as she moved her hand automatically up to her breast to tweak her horny nipple. The resulting first wave orgasmic contraction was of such force that it put enough pressure on the slightly tapered tip of the dildo to force it from her asshole. As it fell out she confusedly reached with her other hand and jammed her middle finger in its place. Lubrication was abundant and when her finger was buried as far up as it would go she began to quickly finger fuck her asshole. The orgasm was marvelous and at last she felt totally worn out but relaxed. In this state she closed her eyes. It wasn't but a few seconds before she was almost asleep when the phone on the bedside began to ring. Reaching out a hand she brought the phone to her ear and hoarsely said, "Lo?" "Dear, is that you Karen?" "Oh, mother, yes, hi - where are you?" "I'm home, now. I went straight to the office from the airport. What a mess. Are you alright, Karen? You sound like you're not well." "I'm OK now mother, " Karen said, and then added teasingly, "I just jerked off the to most amazing cum I've ever had." "Karen!" Janet retorted in a scolding voice, but softened it immediately as she continued, "well - I'm happy for you dear. I'm just sorry I wasn't there with you." "You will be - won't you, mother? - soon?" "Yes, darling. I think I can get this wrapped up sometime tomorrow morning. Do you want me to take the plane back in the afternoon. I could be back by nine tomorrow night!" "Oh, yes, mother. Do it. Do you want me to pick you up?" "No. I'd rather you prepared a nice homecoming for me. We can have a real nice late evening get together when I get back. What do you say?" "Oh, mom. Yes, of course. Are you OK?" and now there was a hint of worry as Karen voiced the question. "Yes, darling, I'm just fine. As a matter of fact, I did it before you did!" she said cheerily. "Huh? You did what, mother?" "Well, uh, I got off before you did. I was so worked up that half way through the flight I just put a blanket over me and put my hand under my skirt and masturbated. The flight wasn't even a third full - midday, you know - and hardly a soul around although I think the stewardess knew what was going on. If I hadn't had so much to do I would have gone for her. I think she would have gone for it, too. Ah, well... another time. I've got to run, dear. It's two hours earlier here than there but I've got to get some sleep. I'll call and let you know what time I'll be in tomorrow. Sweet dreams, dear." "OK, mom. And be good on your way back. And don't bring any stewardesses with you. I want you all to myself!" "Not to worry, my darling. Bye." Click the phone went as Janet hung up. Karen just lay there holding the phone cradled between her large breasts, contented now that she was sure everything was alright between her and her mother. She couldn't wait for tomorrow night... and she was fast asleep. The next day passed quickly for Karen. What with house chores, shopping, lunch with her friend Nancy and various other things the time flew by. She was also surprised by the fact that she wasn't more preoccupied with her mother and yesterday's events. She felt good and was looking forward to her mother's return that evening. At 1:45 that afternoon her mother called from L.A. International and told Karen she would be in on the 8:30 flight, which was just now leaving and again, not to worry about picking her up - she would take a cab. As the time for Janet to be back grew near Karen began to arrange things in a way she thought would create a romantic atmosphere. She got a bottle of champagne cooled down, laid out a couple of glasses, made sure the living room looked pleasant and lowered the lights to very dim. She even put out a couple of candles and lit them, shutting off the lights entirely. Luckily the baby was cooperating as well and was sound asleep. She then went upstairs to change into something that would appeal to her mother's libido. She had just one garter belt, black, which she put on along with a pair of black hose, but no panties. Along with high heels she chose a short black skirt that came up above her knees and a sheer white blouse that was almost a see-thru. The only problem she had was in trying to decide whether to wear a bra or not. She finally decided that since her breasts were firm enough to stand out on their own she wouldn't wear one. She consciously admitted to herself that she wanted her mother to be able to get a really good look at her protruding nipples which showed clearly through the shear material of the blouse. Having put on a small gold necklace and pair of earings she stood looking at herself in the full-length bedroom mirror and was pleasantly surprised at the image which was reflected back to her. She had been afraid of looking too much like a whore and was pleased to see that she didn't appear that way to herself. She did look nice and fetching, though. Especially enticing was the fact that her very dark, large nipples and areole were plainly visible through the blouse, riding high on her milk swollen breasts. Then she began to wonder if maybe her mother really did want her to look like a slut. Maybe that turned her on. With that in mind, the last thing she did was apply a thick layer of blood-red lipstick much more heavily than normal. There, she thought, I'll concede that one little point. If she doesn't like it, it'll easily be fixed. Just as she put the last touch to her lips she heard the front door open and close. It had to be her mother and she was a little early. She was the only one who had the key. Karen took one last nervous look at herself in the mirror and headed downstairs in anticipation of a wonderful evening. She paused at the top of the stairs just long enough to grasp her nipples through the blouse and pull on them, making them jut out even further than their normal size. Seeing her daughter coming down the stairs was somewhat of a shock for Janet. Karen was absolutely stunning, she thought, as she stood glued to the spot with her mouth half open. Halfway down the stairs Karen looked at her and smiled sexily and said, "Hi, mom. Have a good flight?" Janet didn't answer as she walked over to the bottom of the stairway to wait for her daughter without ever taking her eyes off of her. When Karen was on the last step her mother opened her arms and the two women fell into a tight, almost smothering, embrace. After a moment they both moved their heads back and look deeply into each others' eyes before coming together for a deep soul kiss the likes of which neither one had ever experienced before. With their arms around each other and their bodies pressed as together as closely as humanly possible they stayed locked in the embrace as each one's mouth, lips and tongues attempted to devour the other. Both were panting heavily as they came apart and Janet took Karen's hand and led her over to the sofa where they both sat on the edge of the cushions half turned toward one another. Karen took this opportunity to really look at her mother for the first time. Janet was dressed in one of her severe gray business suits which was offset, however, by an elegant off- white silk blouse buttoned to the throat and a very feminine, wide black silk scarf around her neck under the wide blouse collar. She also had on matching high heels and sheer charcoal colored hose. Somehow, this all enhanced Janet's beautiful wavy blond hair and tanned skin and Karen was stirred deeply to know that even though her mother was getting on in years she was still quite beautiful. And sexy! Not knowing where any of this was coming from, Karen continued to look at her mother and finally got up the courage to state, "Mother, I want you. I'm sorry, but I can't help it. I've been sexed up all day long just thinking about your body and what I want to do to it." When Janet started to interrupt, Karen said, "No, wait- -let me finish. I've got to say this even if it sounds weird and perverted, but I've just got to say it. I've never been so horny before in my life for another person. I don't understand it, but I really don't care anymore. It doesn't matter whether it's right or wrong or whether you're my mother or not or whether it's incest or whatever, I just know how I feel and what I want to do. I love you and I want you. And I want you to love and want me, too, please." Karen was actually panting at the end of this speech, both from having uttered it in one breath as well as from being sexually aroused by the woman sitting next to her. Nonetheless, she felt glad that she had come out in the open with it at last. And now she would wait and see what her mother's position was going to be. "Oh, Karen, " Janet sighed dropping her head, "I know, darling. I feel the same way. I do." Now she took one of Karen's hands in her own and continued, "And I don't know how to handle it all. I don't want to hurt you or make your life any more miserable than your father and I have already made it. Please know that, dear." "I do, mother, I do, " Karen voiced fervently and raised her mother's hand to her lips and bussed it lightly with her lips. "Are you sure you really know what you want, Karen?" Janet queried anxiously. Emboldened now Karen said, "Oh, yes, mother, I do. I simply want to fuck you and have you fuck me. Right now I don't care about anything else in the world." With that Karen reached over and inserted her hand inside her mother's suit jacket and cupped her small breast and squeezed. "I so much want to make you happy and feel good. I want to make you cum. Please let me make you cum, " Karen almost pleaded as she continued to fondle her mother's breast, feeling the large nipple becoming erect through the blouse and bra. Janet just sat there with her hands in her lap and her eyes closed and let her daughter feel her up. "Oh hell, I don't believe this is happening, " she said eventually as Karen's fingers continued to roll her erected nipple between her fingers. "I can't tell you how wet I've been all day just thinking about what could happen tonight. And here we are! And it IS happening." "Mother, there's just one thing I need to know." "Yes, darling, what's that?" "Do you remember that incident years ago when I was staying in California my last summer visit after..." "What about it?" "Do you remember me coming into the room when you and another woman were... uh... you know... having sex together." "You remember that, do you?" Janet said. "Mother! How could I forget it? I was never more shocked in my whole life!" "Well, yeah, I guess. I kind of hoped you'd forget about that. I mean, it's not something a mother cares to have her daughter witness." "But I can't forget it. Couldn't. Won't ever." Turning her head to Karen, Janet asked, "I know it was shocking, but it appears now that it had some other effects on you as well, huh?" "Indeed! I hate to admit this, but I've been masturbating to that fantasy ever since. But it wasn't until yesterday morning -- no, actually, when you gave me the enema the night before that I first started to admit that I was sexually attracted to you." When Janet didn't comment on this Karen became immediately concerned and followed with, "Mother, you're not just doing this out of kindness, are you? I mean you're not just doing this to make me feel good?" "You can rest easy on that count, dear. Up until yesterday morning I never had any idea something like this would happen. But when I saw you getting excited by having your nipples manipulated it had a very sudden and tremendous effect on me. For whatever reason, and I don't understand it, I got really horny myself just watching you. But the capper was when you asked me to suck your tits. That did it. I still have the taste of your milk in my mouth whenever I think about us. And watching you cum and then having you watch me cum -- that cemented it." With that confession both women grew silent. After a few moments Janet reached up and removed her daughter's hand from her breast following which she took off her suit jacket and lay it over the back of the sofa. Turning again to Karen she said, "I see you have a bottle of bubbly. How 'bout we have a sip?" "OK, " Karen answered and stood up to fetch the already opened bottle and a couple of glasses. She handed one glass to her mother and resat herself. Then she poured for both of them after which Janet raised her glass and said, "To us, dear loved one. Even if I am your mother." Karen raised her own glass and said simply, "To us." Both women drained their glasses and set them down simultaneously on the coffee table. After an uncom comfortable moment or two when both women were anxious to get something started, but neither knew how, Janet piped up, "Dear, now that you did ask, there is something that you can do for me - eventually - if you wouldn't mind." Karen just tilted her head slightly to one side and looked at her mother lovingly and said, "Of course, mom. What is it?" "Well, " Janet said, inhaling deeply, "and I know this sounds a bit lewd, but I was wondering if you wouldn't mind masturbating in front of me. I mean, all by yourself, just as if you were alone, with me watching. Could you do that?" Karen wasn't in the least taken back. It was just what she wanted to hear and she said, "Absolutely. I'll do anything -- anything -- you want. And you can do anything you want to me. I really want you, mom and if this is something that will please you and turn you on, then I'll do it. I really got turned on watching you jack off and if you could do it in front of me then I can't see why I shouldn't be able to do it for you, too. Do you want me to do it right here and now." "Uh, not necessarily, unless you just want to. It can be anytime; I just had this fantasy about watching you make yourself cum. I love watching other people masturbate themselves and I'd love seeing you doing it to yourself - especially the part where you suck your own nipple!" "Oh, god, mother, just hearing you talk like this is making me sopping wet. Please kiss me, " Karen pleaded. Closing the small gap between them, Janet leaned forward and lightly pressed her lips to those of her daughter. The kiss started chastely enough, but it wasn't a couple of seconds before Karen took her mother's face in both of her hands and began kissing her in earnest. She opened her mouth and drove her tongue forcefully between her mother's lips and teeth and was met by her mother's tongue. Karen was now sexed up to the extent that just kissing was not satisfying her needs. Moving her mouth from Janet's lips but still holding her head she began to kiss her neck. Extending her wet tongue she began to bathe Janet's entire neck area with it and moved up to her ears. Pushing the golden blond hair back she stuck her tongue directly into the ear and began to use an in-and-out fucking motion which made Janet shiver and cause the small hairs on the back of her neck to rise. Finished with one ear, Karen turned her mother's head to the other side and attacked the other ear in the same fashion. When that ear was drenched Karen began to use long lapping motions with both her head and tongue the way a cat licks itself and started licking her mother's entire face. Janet just sat, stunned at the strength of her daughter's obvious arousal but was really astonished when, her whole face now slick with Karen's sweet smelling saliva, her daughter began to lick not only her eyes and then her nose, but inserted her tongue right into her nose and used the same fucking motion that she had used on her ears. Janet couldn't believe how terribly erotic is was to have her daughter running her tongue in and out of her nostrils. It was something she had never felt before, nor even considered. Sensing at this point that Karen was totally losing control of herself Janet decided to try and slow things down. She firmly grasped her by the shoulders and pushed her back away from herself gently, looking at her. "Oh, darling, you look absolutely smashing in that outfit. I guess I forgot to tell you. It's very, uh... stimulating, I guess, for want of a better word." Casting her eyes downward she continued, "I especially like the way I can see your nipples through that tight blouse." Although she was now panting openly, Karen sensed the change of pace and went along with it saying, "I noticed you've had a problem looking me in the eye this evening." "Well, you can't blame me, can you. It makes my own nipples hard just looking at yours. I was glad to hear you say that no other woman has ever sucked them -- I would be very, very jealous if they had." "You're the first and only one, mother." "Are you going to let me do it to you again, dear?" "All you want, mother, all you want." Karen slumped back into the sofa cushions and began to unbutton her blouse. When she had it down to the last three buttons she stopped and pulled it apart without pulling it out of the skirt waist. Reaching in with her hands she then brought both of her milk laden breasts out, their dark hued skin tone contrasting sharply with the white blouse now framing them." Looking over at her mother's still spit-slick face she said, "They're all yours, mother." CHAPTER 5
As her daughter sat cupping a bare breast in each hand squeezing them out to her, Janet just stared. Droplets of milk began to appear at the end of Karen's long, turgid nipples as a result of the pressure she was applying. The sight was almost overpoweringly erotic. 'This must be what men feel when looking at these kinds of dirty pictures of women in those magazines, ' she thought to herself. 'I can understand why they spend so much time locked up by themselves jacking off.' "Well, mother, " Karen inquired in a soft, sexy voice, "are you just going to sit there all night staring or are you going to suck my nipples like you said you wanted to?" Without saying anything, Janet scootched her buttocks up against those of her daughter's and leaned forward. She wasn't playing around this time and immediately opened her mouth wide and encircled one of Karen's arrogantly swollen nipples with her lips. No sooner had she applied even the lightest amount of suction to the tit than a stream of milk flooded the insides of her mouth forcing her to start swallowing. This action caused her to suck more with the result that milk continued to flow. Soon she had set up a rhythm with the motions of her lips and tongue while Karen just sat there and moaned loudly. After about a minute, Karen let go of her breasts and used her hands to firmly push her mother away. "You've got to stop, mother, " she said breathlessly, "or else I'm going to cum again and I don't want to do it yet - not before I've made you come." "Can't you cum more than once, dear -- can't you have multiple orgasms?" Janet said, looking up at Karen questioningly. "I don't know. I've never tried to. I'm so satisfied with one that I've never felt the need to go on. And I'm usually too worn out to even think about it." "Well, we'll have to see about that, darling. Say -- wouldn't it be more com comfortable if we took the wine and went upstairs, huh?" "Sure, mom -- that's a good idea. Let's do that." Janet grabbed the bottle and glasses while Karen extinguished the candles. Both women were so excited that it was like a mad rush as they mounted the stairs together and headed for Karen's bedroom. Once inside, Janet, who had entered first, turned to her daughter and said, "Darling, can I ask you a another big favor?" "Of course, mom." "Do you have any clothespins in the house?" "Well, yeah. I've got a bunch downstairs in the laundry room. Why?" Ignoring her daughter's inquisitiveness Janet simply said, "Could I ask you to go down and grab a handful for me, please?" "Sure, mother, but whatever for?" Janet just smiled and said, "You'll see -- but for right now, just go get them, OK?" "Well -- OK, " and Karen turned and left the bedroom heading downstairs again. She had been gone about five minutes after having finally found the clothespins in an old drawer by the washing machine. When she reentered the room she was met with an unexpected sight. All the lights had been turned out with the exception of the low-wattage bed stand lamp which cast barely enough light to read by. And there, in the middle of the bed sitting propped up with pillows behind her back and her long full legs spread wide with her knees up, was her mother. Janet was now clad only in a bra and a garter belt to which her nylons were still attached. She also still had on the high heels, but she didn't have on any panties and the bra cups were pulled down and positioned so that the puffy brown areole of both breasts with their long nipples rested in full view on the upper edge of the each cup. As she looked up at Karen's arrival she was furiously working the fingers of her right hand in her glistening pink pussy, the swollen lips of which were being held apart by the fingers on her other hand. The sight was made more clearly visible because of the contrast effected by her wet pussy being framed by the massive amount of long, black, curly pubic hair which ran from her stomach to her ass. After the initial surprise passed, Karen walked with a sexy sway over to the side of the bed never once taking her eyes from those of her mother's. Without breaking eye contact she deposited the clothespins in her hand on the nightstand and remained standing watching her mother play with herself. "You really like to masturbate, don't you, mother?" Karen said. "Yes, darling, I really do, " Janet responded, looking up at Karen. "Tell me, do you also like to read dirty books or look at lewd pictures while you play with yourself?" "Uh, huh. But I'd rather watch a porno movie. What I really like best is to masturbate while I'm watching someone else doing it and they're watching me. How about you?" "When I was in school we would sometimes see these dirty picture books and I'd get secretly turned on. One time I actually got hold of one and brought it home. It had the most fantastic pictures of men and women fucking and doing all sorts of things. I only had it for a day, but I did jerk off looking at the pictures. It felt so dirty doing it that I never did it again." "Well, dear, I like to do dirty things -- the dirtier the better, sometimes, " Janet avowed. "Yeah, me too, now, " Karen said huskily, "And that's why, right now Mother -- I want to eat you." There! It was out. No going back now. This was the ultimate act, frenching her mother's cunt with her mouth, with her lips and tongue. But this is what she wanted and there was no hesitation in her voice. Her mother said in an equally hoarse voice, "I know dear. And I want you to eat me. I want you to make me cum with your mouth. Oh, christ, I'm so fucking sexed up. Come on, darling, do it!" Karen was so focused on the movement of her mother's hand in her cunt she didn't even consider disrobing; she was still fully clothed although her blouse hung open as it had downstairs allowing Janet to ogle her milk-swollen tits. She just moved down a little at the side of the bed and dropped onto her knees with her arms at her side as she looked deeply into her mother's eyes. Moving her gaze to Janet's crotch she took in the sight and was surprised to see how big her mother's clitoris was. Not like hers which was just a little nub right below the juncture of her lips. Janet's was much larger and looked for all the world like a little erect penis as she moved it here and there with the index finger of her left hand, obviously teasing Karen with the sight. Karen dropped to her hands so that she was now on all fours and moved forward between Janet's spread legs until her head was positioned right above her mother's pussy. Wondering all the while why she was doing it, but not caring, she slowly moved her tongue around her mouth behind her closed lips until she had a good mouthful of saliva. Then she slightly parted her full lips and let the spit dribble slowly out in a continuous stream onto her mother's gaping pussy. It took a few seconds for Karen to empty her mouth of the saliva and as it hit her pussy and the fingers frigging it, Janet rubbed it all around making herself that much more wet. Mouth now empty, Karen lowered her head until her lips were just a fraction of an inch from contact with the object of her desires. Janet now quit playing with herself and used both hands to grip her cunt lips and spread them as wide as she could. Karen was mesmerized by the sight of her mother's large clit standing straight out from her pussy. As she watched, it appeared to jerk and pulse all by itself. Balancing herself on her left hand she moved back slightly while she reached into her blouse with her right hand and pulled out her breast. She then gripped the nipple as Janet had taught her and aimed it at her mother's pussy and began to squeeze sending a spray of milk all over the area. When it was thoroughly coated she let her breast drop and leaned forward again with both arms on the outside of Janet's torso. Ever so slowly Karen parted her lips and slid the tip of her tongue out until she could just barely feel contact with the moisture soaked clit. Then she flicked it up and down and then sideways which caused Janet's body to react as if a shock had been applied to it. The contact broken, Karen lowered her head and reached with her tongue so that it lay flat against the bottom of her mother's pussy where it began to open into her vagina. Then she lapped upward with the tongue, very slowly. As it came into contact with the base of Janet's clit she opened her mouth and sucked it in. Once her mouth was closed over the hard flesh Karen immediately began to lash it with her tongue while sucking in hard on the whole area. That's all it took. Suddenly Janet's legs came around Karen and locked on her back below her shoulder blades as the peak of her first orgasmic wave hit. Her hips levitated from the bed and then froze as Janet rode out that wave, following which the powerful orgasm caused her body to jerk with each succeeding spasm. As this happened, Karen struggled to keep her mouth in contact with Janet's clit, but wasn't totally successful and she finally drew back to a kneeling position. Feeling the loss of contact, Janet immediately began to once again frig herself rapidly with one hand as her daughter watched her jack herself com completely through the orgasm. When Janet's body stopped its violent spasming and her hips dropped back onto the mattress Karen again leaned forward. Knowing that her mother's clit was most likely way too sensitive for direct touch, but feeling she was drowning with unfulfilled lust, Karen began to grind her entire face all over Janet's pussy, cheek to cheek and forehead to chin, until it was com completely covered with a mixture of cum, her own breast milk and her own saliva. She then raised up between her mother's splayed thighs and launched herself forward onto Janet's torso with their heads coming to rest just inches apart. This time it was Janet's turn to return what her daughter had done downstairs and she began to lap at her cheeks and forehead with the flat of her tongue cleaning off the gooey mess. With Karen's weight pressing uncomfortably, Janet rolled her body sideways until both women lay side by side. She continued to lap and lick her daughter's face until it was almost devoid of the mixture, while savoring the aroma of their combined juices. Her final act at this moment was a duplication of what Karen had done to her earlier and she began to move the tip of her tongue in and out of her daughter's nostrils, going further in each time until she was virtually fucking Karen's nose with her tongue. For her part, Karen continued to lay passively not being able to do anything but moan at her mother's ministrations. Janet finally ceased tonguing Karen's face and rolled her daughter off of her and over onto her back. Both women remained silent for many minutes until Janet sat up on the edge of the bed to take a drink from her wine glass. Turning backwards to look at her daughter she said, "Are you alright, dear?" "Oh, mother, that was so wonderful. I just love to make you cum-- yes, I'm OK, but I wish I had a cock so I could fuck you, too." *** Janet didn't respond to this right away so Karen continued on, "I never in the world believed sex could be like this -- never in a thousand years." When Janet still didn't respond, she asked in a mock-whining tone, "Are you not talking to me and want to just roll over and go to sleep -- now that you've had yours -- or are you now feeling guilty about having heavy sex with your own little girl? You're feeling guilty, I'll bet." Still not speaking, Janet reached out and picked up Karen's glass and handed it to her. "Here -- down this! You're going to need it." The tone in Janet's voice surprised Karen. It was still husky and had that tense tone to it that Karen came to associate with her mother's sexual arousal. Without hesitating Karen sat up and downed the contents of the glass and set it down. Seeing this, Janet got unsteadily to her feet and reached down to take her daughter's hand. "Come on, darling. It's your turn." Even though she stood up and followed her mother toward the master bath she was puzzled. She asked, "Where are we going, mom?" "The other morning you said your favorite place was the bathroom, didn't you?" "Well, yes, but I..." "Don't worry, dear. We're going to get to that, I promise. That is, if you're going to ask what I think you're going to ask. You want me to eat you, don't you?" "Well, yes, I was hoping that..." "And I'm going to -- believe me, I'm going to. But first I want to do what you promised you would do for me, OK?" By this time they were in the bathroom and both remained standing, Karen facing away from her mother, not quite knowing what to do. "Now, dear, if you don't mind, I'd very much like to watch you masturbate. Would you do that for me, huh?" Karen felt a tinge of disappointment because she had hoped that her mother would reciprocate her own act of cunnilingus, but she also was aware of what she had told her mother about doing anything she desired and had even specifically promised to masturbate in front of her. So she quickly resigned herself to carrying out her mother's wish. In a couple of seconds she had even convinced herself that what she was about to do was going to be actually exciting for at least two reasons. First, it would give her an uninterrupted chance to bring herself to orgasm while she looked at her mother's visually arousing body. And second, there was something terribly lewd about being totally sexually uninhibited by masturbating in front of her. All of these thoughts raced through her mind as she turned and said, "Of course, mother, I'd love to. How do you want me to do it." "Well, I'd like you to kind of pretend I'm not even here. Just do what you normally would do when you're alone and you play with yourself, OK." "Sure, I'll try. But that'll be awfully hard to do because I want to look at you while I'm doing it." "I know. That's OK. Just go ahead and do what you want. I'll just watch." Karen then proceeded to remove her blouse and skirt. Like her mother, she wasn't wearing any panties, but as she started to reach behind her to undo the garter belt Janet quickly said, "Uh, darling. If you don't mind, please leave the rest of your stuff on. You're such a sexy sight in your garter belt and hose and heels. Do you mind?" "Of course not, mom." Standing again facing away from her mother, Karen remained motionless for a few seconds as she thought about what she was going to do. She then walked over to the toilet and raised the lid and turning, sat down. She was about to open her thighs when a sudden wave of embarrassment swept over her and she said, without looking at Janet, "Oh, wow. I don't believe how embarrassed I feel right now. I've never, ever done this before in front of anyone." "You mean nobody has ever watched you masturbate yourself before? Not even your own husband?" "Richard's pretty much a straight arrow, mom. As loving as he is, he just doesn't go in for anything out of the ordinary and I've never pushed him because I've never really done anything weird myself until now." "Yeah, weird is right. But fun, huh?" Janet commented as she moved over to Karen's side and sat herself on the edge of the bathtub a couple of feet away. "OK, " Janet said, "I'm ready as soon as you are." "Gosh, mother, I feel really funny about this -- I mean, jerking off in front of my own mother." "What's there to feel funny about, dear? You just ate my pussy. This can't hold a candle to that!" "I know, I know. But still, this is really embarrassing. I don't know whether I can really do it or not." "Well, I tell you what. If we can get you hot again, you'll do it. I know you will. Would you like me to kiss you first? Maybe while I'm kissing you, you can start fingering yourself. That way you won't see me looking at you and maybe it won't be so embarrassing, OK?" "OK. Let's give it a try, " Karen said. Janet scooted a foot to her left until she was positioned at an angle just oblique to Karen and where all she had to do was lean forward to be able to kiss her. She did this without hesitation and as their lips met, Karen closed her eyes and dropped her left hand between her legs and tentatively inserted her fingers between her still swollen labia. She was surprised to find that her entire cunt area was still engorged and fully wet as she found her clitoris and began to gently fondle it from the side. With the familiar feel of her own fingers on her clit and her mother's lips and tongue working away at her mouth, it was only a matter of moments until she was once again inflamed with the lust that had driven her to do and say the things she just recently had. As her excitement mounted with the continued manipulation of her pussy, she opened her eyes only to discover that her mother's eyes were also half open looking at her and the lust in them was plainly evident. This further aroused her to the point where she drew away from Janet and sat straight upright on the toilet seat. Janet also pulled back and put both hands to her sides on the flat of the tub edge and just looked at Karen lovingly. "God, you're a sexy sight, darling. You ought to see how really sexy you look right now, sitting there playing with yourself." Her mother's reassuring words provided additional incentive so that Karen spread her full thighs even wider apart and lowered her right hand to her groin and used the fingers to spread her pussy lips apart while her left hand continued to diddle her clitoris. "And you smell heavenly. The combination of your cunt and perfume is absolutely heavenly." Karen continued to stare straight ahead as she played with herself, not daring to look over at her mother. She was now fully aroused and didn't want to take the chance of breaking the spell by making even the slightest movement with her head. As she continued on she gradually let her eyes close until they were shut. At that point, however, the old image of her mother from so long ago appeared as if by magic. She quickly open her eyes and turned her head to Janet and came face to face with almost the same image. Janet look straight into her eyes and, it seemed, into her soul. "Karen, you're the most beautiful woman I have ever known. I love you so much, darling. I never knew that sex with another woman could be this lovely. It's awesome -- and with my own daughter. It takes my breath away." Hearing these loving words from her mother filled Karen with an emotion she had only had a hint of in the past few days. Now it was almost overpowering. There seemed to be no way in the world that she could express how she felt at this moment. It was a combination of the utmost deep love coupled with an unparalleled depth of total lust and lewdness. Nothing in her past experience came anywhere close to this feeling. The headiness of her emotions drove Karen to both widen her legs and quicken the motion of her hand and she continued masturbating until it seemed she couldn't breathe. Then she had to stop, both from being breathless and because her arm was starting to tire. As she sat still a few moments but continued to look into her mother's eyes she said, "And I love you, too, mother. There's no way I can tell you how much." She then resumed her hand movements, but let go of her labia with her right hand and raised it to her right breast cupping its heavy weight in her palm. As she lifted it and let it drop a few times she continued to squeeze and soon the tip of her nipple showed evidence of the milk contained inside as a few drops appeared and slowly rolled down the underside of her tit. Then she grasped the very end of her nipple and softly twisted it, rolling it back and forth between thumb and forefinger. Finally, she once again grasped it from beneath and, tilting her head downward, brought the nipple to her lips and began to mouth it. The pressure of the breast being forced upward along with her gentle sucking now created a steady stream of milk. Since she wasn't really sucking the nipple and areola into her mouth, but rather just manipulating it with her lips the milk began to immediately dribble out and down her chin, some of it continuing to her throat while the rest dropped off to fall on the compacted skin of her upper breast. This was almost too much for her, but at the same time wasn't enough and she felt a faint vacancy in her body that she couldn't identify. In an instant she knew exactly what she wanted and moved herself forward on the toilet seat as far as she could while still keeping her hand between her thighs. Taking her mouth from her nipple without releasing her hold on her breast Karen looked over at Janet who was mesmerized at the sight of her daughter's shamelessly abandoned behavior. With flushed face and chest and swollen lips she said breathlessly, "Mother, I know you just want to watch, but I need for you to do something for me." CHAPTER 6
Janet preceded her daughter back into the bedroom, went to the bed and pulled back the covers and sheets. She then went around to the far side of the bed and picked up the champagne bottle and poured her glass to the brim following which she downed the entire glass in one swallow. "Wow, I got thirsty in there. You want some, dear?" "Sure, " Karen said, seating herself on the other side of the bed. She picked up her own glass from the nightstand and held it out to Janet who filled it. Putting the glass the her lips she happened to glance down at the nightstand and noticed the four clothespins she had retrieved earlier at her mother's request. After taking a sip of the wine she turned to Janet and asked, "What did you want those clothespins for, mother?" After a slight pause Janet said, "I'll show you in just a bit dear. I want to take a breather for a minute, OK?" "Can't you just tell me what they're for. You don't have to show me." "Well, sure, I guess. Uh, what I'm about to tell you, you might not like about me, but I want you to promise that you won't be judgmental, alright?" "Mother, " Karen said in somewhat of an exasperated tone, "how could I be judgmental? Huh? After all this?" "I know dear, but there are some things about me that you don't know yet and might find a little strange - things that I like that you might not find quite as appetizing as I do." "Come on, mother, " Karen chided, "I love you. It can't be all that bad." "Yeah, well, I don't think it's so bad, but when I was your age if someone told me what I'm about to tell you I'd have thought they were real perverts." When Karen didn't say anything, but just continued to look at her quizzically, Janet continued, "Anyway, over the years I've come to discover that, uh, I find a certain amount of what most people would call pain to be quite pleasurable, I guess you'd say." Seeing the startled look on her daughter's face Janet hurried on with "But I'm not into the really heavy stuff where people get hurt or injured." "What then?" Karen asked frowning, not sure she liked what she was hearing. "Haven't you ever got so hot sometimes with your husband that he sometimes bites you or slaps your ass - or you do it to him?" "Well, sure, but that's not really painful." "It's pretty much the same thing, dear, except I don't like to be bitten although I do like to have my ass slapped now and then - there's nothing that warms me up like a good spanking. I also enjoy the sensation of having these clothespins on certain parts of my body, especially my nipples." "Your kidding, mom." Karen exclaimed. "No, Karen, I'm not, " Janet said seriously. "I really enjoy the sensation. In me, at least, there seems to be a direct line from my nipples to my cunt and I find the pain from the clothespins a real turn on. But just because I happen to like it doesn't mean I expect you to so don't worry about it, please." "OK. I won't. Do you want to do that now?" "Sure, why not. They're not much and they don't get in the way. If you would, why don't you reach over there and get them for me." As Karen stretched herself across the bed to retrieve the clothespins from the nightstand Janet ran her free hand along her daughter's outstretched body from her raised hip to the side of her breast remarking, "You sure are a beautiful young woman, Karen. I feel so fortunate to have you for a lover, even if you are my own daughter." "I know, mother, I feel the same way. Here, " Karen said softly as she tried to give the pins to her mother. As she took another sip of her wine Janet continued to caress Karen's breast saying, "Would you do me a favor and put them on for me, dear. It's always more exciting when someone else applies them rather than doing it myself." "Sure, I guess. How do I do it? And why do you need four of them?" "I'll tell you how. First take one clothespin in your right hand and grip the tip of my nipple with your left and pull it out." Karen did as instructed and Janet continued, "Go ahead, really pull it out, stretch it - that's it - now place the pin sideways over the back of my nipple as far back as it'll go - yeah, right there next to the areola and gently let it clamp down. Right, go ahead, dear." As Karen released the pressure on the clothespin she looked up into her mother's face and saw her close her eyes in a grimace which, however, quickly turned to an expression of arousal. "Oh, god, that feels good, " Janet breathed. "Now do the other tit the same way, Karen." Her daughter did as told with the same results. When she looked down again at Janet's breasts both nipples had swollen up beyond belief and had turned an almost bright red. "Now the other two, darling. And don't worry so much. You're not going to injure me. Believe me, the feeling is exquisite. "Take another clothespin and this time clamp it on straight from the front so that it's pinned right on the tip of my nipple, OK?" Karen did just as her mother asked which caused Janet to emit a low grumbling moan and hunch her shoulders forward. Karen then took the other clothespin, but instead of applying it immediately she said to her mother, "Does it feel good too if someone pinches and twists your nipples really hard?" "Yeah, that feels good too, but the sensation is different." Karen then reached a hand forward and grasped the exposed swollen nipple still lacking the second clothespin and gently, but steadily, applied increasing pressure to it and began to twist it. At the same time she closely watched her mother's face and was amazed that no matter how hard she seemed to be squeezing and turning the nipple in her fingers her mother only moaned with what appeared to be sensual bliss. "Doesn't that hurt, mom?" Karen asked, amazed. "Oh, yesssss, it hurts. You do that so well, darling. The secret is to start gently and increase the pressure slowly - not just all at once." Then Karen suddenly let go of the nipple, leaned forward and flicked her warm wet tongue rapidly all around it covering it with spit before clamping the clothespin to it, again causing her mother to wince. "Oh, christ, that's almost enough to make me come, " Janet intoned as she appeared to be totally immersed in the sensations coursing through her body. All Karen could do was settle back and take in the scene in wonderment. As Janet sat on the edge of the bed with her daughter next to her she leaned back on one hand and arm and moved the other between her legs and began to run her middle finger up and down her slick pussy slit. "This is too good to pass up, dear, " Janet said, "you don't mind if I jack myself off, do you. It won't take long - and then I'll do you like you want, OK?" "No, mother, I don't mind. You ought to know by now that I love to watch you masturbate. But don't wear yourself out. And if there's anything you want me to do just tell me, will you?" For a few seconds Janet remained silent as she pleasured herself, but then said in a husky voice, "Yes - there is something you can do for me if you would. When I come - right at the height of the first spasm - slap me in the face - really hard, OK?" "Really hard?" Karen asked, surprised. "Yes - really hard, " Janet grunted. Karen rose from the bed and stood directly in front of her mother with her legs spread and her hands on her hips quietly looking down at her mother masturbating and waiting for the moment to arrive. She was aroused enough at this point watching Janet that she would have wrung her neck if that's what she wanted. She also couldn't believe that she wasn't having any qualms about slapping her mother in the face. As Janet approached climax she raised her face to her daughter with an almost pleading expression. 'What an amazing sight, ' Karen thought, 'my own mother, nipples painfully clamped, masturbating in front of me and waiting for me to slap her face when she comes. It's totally bizarre, but a tremendous turn-on!" "Tell me when, " she commanded to which Janet rejoined breathlessly, "yeah, I'll tell you when - soon - very soon..." "Jesus, mother, you make me so hot doing this. Come on! Cum for me. Do it!" "It's almost there, " Janet hissed, her hand a blur between her legs and her breasts jiggling as her body quivered, straining with the climactic effort. "Here it cums, darling. Get ready. It's - yes - oh, shit, oh yesss! It's cumming - just - now. Do it now, oh please. Hit me!" At just the point where Karen saw her mother's body go rigid she reared back and brought the open palm of her right hand resoundingly across Janet's cheek knocking her onto her side on the bed. This didn't deter her in the least as she continued to jerk her cunt while she writhed in the waves of the orgasm. As she came down, Janet flopped backwards on the bed sobbing, causing Karen to quickly mount the bed position herself on her knees next to her mother. "Are you OK mom?" Karen was mortified at the thought that she might have done real damage to her mother. "Oh, darling, my darling little girl, that was so beautiful. Thank you so much, " Janet panted, trying to get her breath back. "Yes - I'm just fine. Here, dear - take these clothespins off, will you. But watch out - do it very slowly and gently. They hurt just as much coming off as they do going on." Karen began to remove the wooden clamps as her mother instructed, but they still caused obvious pain as Janet winced and grimaced as each one came off. When all four where finally off Janet raised her arms and grabbed Karen to her, kissing her deeply on the mouth. As the two of them fell apart Janet said, "Come on, now, dear. It's your turn again. Are you ready for it? For what I know you want?" "I sure am - if you are, " Karen said as she moved herself toward the head of the bed, taking the pillows and mounding them so when she was settled she was almost half sitting up. "Why don't you just lie flat back, Karen. Wouldn't you be more com comfortable that way?" With a sly grin on her face Karen said, "No - I want to watch, too." When Janet still remained in her reclining position Karen finally asked, "Well... I'm waiting. Whenever you're ready, mother." "I'm ready too, dear. I'm just waiting for you to tell me what you want me to do." "You know what I want, " Karen said hoarsely as she looked deeply into her mother's eye. "Of course I know, " Janet rejoined, holding her daughter's eyes with her own, "but I want to hear you say it. And I want you tell me what you want in the most lewd and filthy language you can. You know, the stuff I would have washed your mouth out with soap for if when you were younger." Karen felt her face start to redden and her pulse quicken as she said, "I want you to eat my cunt, mother. I want you to french my cunt with your mouth - with your lips and tongue, until I cum. And while you're doing that with your mouth I also want you to play with my pussy - stick your fingers in me." Hearing herself say these things to her mother sounded like they were coming from another person, but the effect was the same; she felt she was becoming almost viciously aroused, but she couldn't stop herself as she continued, "Oh yeah, and I also want you to finger fuck me in the ass, too. And while you're doing that I'm going to play with my own tits while I watch you do it." As Karen hesitated in listing her desires, Janet began to position herself for the coming task by lowering her head toward Karen's crotch, but was brought up short when her daughter interjected in a commanding voice, "But before you start eating me, first I want you to kiss my legs - both of them - all over. Use your tongue on them. Get them good and wet, from ankle to knee and then work your way up my thighs until you get to my cunt!" Getting to her knees Janet asked, "Don't you want to take off your nylons, darling?" "No, " Karen said harshly, "I want you to lick my legs with them on." When Janet hesitated, Karen put a hand to her shoulder and demanded, "Come on, just do it, for god's sake. Lick my legs - it turns me on." Janet lifted one of Karen's nylon encased legs by the ankles and began to run her tongue about the ankle and then slowly higher, twisting and turning her head as she attempted to cover every inch. As she did this Karen just watched her silently as she lightly caressed both her breasts with the her fingertips. When Janet reached the knee of one leg she was tempted to just dive into her daughter's pussy and get on with it, but as she glanced at Karen something about her expression made her lower that leg and lift the other one, giving it the same treatment. When she had worked her mouth to the point where it reached the stocking top and touched bare skin it caused Karen to jerk and bring her knees together on each side of Janet's head. Gently but forcefully Janet used her hands to part Karen's thighs as she stuck out her tongue and ran it in a series of loops every upwards toward her daughter's swollen open pussy. Janet circled Karen's pussy with her lips and tongue without actually touching the turgid wet inner flesh. Putting her hands under Karen's buttocks and grasping a cheek in each hand she prompted Karen to raise her hips thereby affording a wide open path which Janet followed directly to Karen's rectum. Sticking out her moist tongue and flexing it into a hard point she then began to work around Karen's asshole until she finally penetrated the sphincter causing her to emit a long low animal growl. When she felt she had it wet enough she replaced her tongue with a finger, slowly inserting it bit by bit while twisting and turning it. As she did so she could feel Karen's asshole alternately tighten and relax in gentle spasms. As she did this she allowed Karen's hip to lower until they were back in contact with the bed at which point she took one leg and pushed it into the air, spreading Karen's thighs as wide as she could. She then wasted no time. When she felt she had it wet enough she replaced her tongue with a finger, finger, slowly inserting it bit by bit while twisting and turning it. As she did so she could feel Karen's asshole alternately tighten and relax in gentle spasms. As she did this she allowed Karen's hip to lower until they were back in contact with the bed at which point she took one leg and pushed it into the air, spreading Karen's thighs as wide as she could. could. She wasted no time in finding her daughter's erect clitoris and began to suck on it between her lips while flicking it with the tip of her tongue. As her mother worked on her Karen grew ever more excited until she felt she was almost on the verge of swooning. Her breathing was heavy, ragged and uneven and she felt feverish. As Janet continued to worry her clit Karen ceased the gentle caressing she was giving her breasts and began to squeeze them forcefully finally grasping both engorged nipples and twisting hard creating a myriad of thin jets of milk which seemed to fly off in many different directions. Just then her mother began to force another finger beside the original one into her ass and that with the strong sensation generated by her mouth at her cunt Karen felt herself being lifted off like a rocket into space as her whole being began to shake and quiver with the rapid swell toward the peak of orgasm. It hit her more forcefully than anything she had ever experienced before and seemed to hold there forever until she felt that every muscle in her body was in the jaws of a vice and she was powerless to utter even a faint sound. Then the spasm released and with it her weight dropped only to be followed by another spasm and another and another until they started to weaken. Releasing her breasts and flopping her arms out to her sigh she cried, "Mother - stop, please. I can't take anymore, " and she rolled to one side in an attempt to rid herself of the mouth glued to her cunt. Janet then raised her head and at the same time withdrew her fingers from her daughter's asshole which caused Karen to reflexively jerk once more after which she lay almost frightening still in total exhaustion. Neither woman said a word as Janet moved herself around so that she lay alongside Karen, gently cradling her in her arms with her head resting on her abundant, milkwet breasts. Both women remained in that position and fell asleep. CHAPTER 7
Following that fateful evening where all barriers had been breached between mother and daughter, Janet and Karen continued to lead a life of fulfillment in each other that neither could possibly have ever imagined. Time passed quickly with days turning into weeks. The mundane chores of everyday living now seemed to take on an aura of joy as both women helped and supported one another. Their lovemaking was the basis for their blooming relationship and the sessions were many and spontaneous. At first, shyness limited displays of affection to the home scene, but as time passed the overwhelming need to shower each other with physical reassurances of their fondness for each other expanded their boundaries. In the beginning it was simply holding hands when they took the baby for a stroll in the neighborhood park. The light kisses on the cheek in the car turned into extended french kisses with no heed to the general public passing by. Downtown shopping at Carson's one day while Janet was trying on a new dress in the changing room Karen suddenly barged in and stripped Janet com completely. While fully dressed herself, Karen then proceeded to french off her mother while she masturbated herself with a hand thrust under her own dress. Their sometimes daring exploits only seemed to fuel their desire and each night was filled with long, blissful physical and emotional coupling. From time to time Karen would receive letters from her husband, but her relationship with her mother precluded everything else in her life. When she answered the letters it was no longer with loving thought, but rather just a chore to be accomplished and she lost track of her emotional attachment to her marriage. The pressing need she had felt when Harold had left for him to be present at some of the precious times in their daughter's young life were now all but forgotten. And when they occurred she didn't seem to care whether he would be there for the little one's first word or first step. One letter did arrive which had a temporarily profound affect upon her. Harold had written her that because of the tense Middle East and East African crises he had been asked to volunteer for and had agreed to an additional six months overseas duty. Upon reading this news Karen was startled to realize that she was filled with joy. That meant she would have that much more time with her mother. The horizon seemed limitless then, but she was aware of a subtle sense of guilt about being glad her husband would be away for so long. The reality of the here and now managed to take hold in a very short time and she soon forgot about her husband and returned to being engrossed with her mother. For Janet, the news of Harold's extended absence made her feel uneasy. What had started out as a simple, however complex, affair with her daughter was heading in directions she was not sure would prove emotionally beneficial for either of them. She remained silent, however, because she too had been so strongly drawn to the relationship that she wasn't prepared to risk turning its direction even in the slightest. Near the end of the third month the point finally arrived, however, where Janet's more widely developed hedonistic appetite began to crave some of the more bizarre experiences she had become accustomed to over the years, but which were new and shocking to Karen. They had repeated a number of times the use of the clothespins, but Karen didn't seem to be impressed one way or the other; she didn't protest, but neither did she seem interested in pursuing it for herself as Janet had hoped. During one particularly wild lovemaking session when both women were in an extremely licentious mood Janet managed to talk Karen into clothespinning themselves together by their nipples and then masturbating each other while they kissed. It had proved immensely satisfying for both of them. She thought at that juncture that that might have gotten Karen a little more interested in exploring the area, but when she next tried to bring the subject up Karen had again resumed her nonchalant attitude toward it. One evening while reminiscing before the fireplace Janet had gotten so caught up in her memories that she worked herself into a mental frenzy to such an extent that she practically begged Karen to give her a spanking. It was obvious from her daughter's response that she would do it, but really didn't want to and Janet was smart enough to realize then that forcing the issue might somehow alter what they had together sexually in a negative manner. So she backed out, but Janet's fantasies that night while making love with Karen turned for once away from her and toward a more exciting, forbidden realm. As the relationship entered its fourth idyllic month Janet received a call one day that was to prove fateful for both women. It seemed that a couple she had known in California for many years and with whom she had had an extended sexual relationship, both individually and as a couple, had relocated to Chicago. Janet an the couple had all been members of a popular BDSM club in Los Angeles. In addition to the regular club activities, the three of them met together to try out various BDSM techniques and activities and had remained friends for a number of years until the couple had moved to the Midwest. When the couple, Tom and Shelley Krispin, had tried to reach Janet back in California just recently their mutual contact there had given them Karen's Chicago phone number and they called. It was not time at all before a dinner date had been arranged and the couple was invited to Karen's home. That evening went smoothly enough owing to the fact that Janet had surreptitiously called them back before the dinner to warn them off of any mention of their previous relationship in California. For her part, Karen was delighted that her mother had found friends here in Chicago, but soon developed a slight tinge of jealousy that Janet's involvement with them would take time out of her relationship with her mother. This was to prove true and is what eventually transpired. *** The week following the initial dinner engagement, Tom and Shelley had reciprocated and invited Janet and Karen to come to their house for an evening. Since Karen felt it would be an imposition on everyone to have to drag the baby along and really didn't feel at ease with hiring a sitter, she insisted that her mother go by herself. Janet did and it altered everything in their lives from that point on. It wasn't minutes following Janet's arrival at Tom and Shelley's that drinks had been poured and consumed and the three of them found themselves once more involved in the games which in the past had been so mutually fulfilling. Unbeknownst to Janet, sometime during the evening in the throes of passion, either Tom or Shelley had been just a little too rough with a riding crop and had left some marks on Janet's ass and upper thighs. Luckily for her she had discovered them herself in the mirror the first thing the morning after before Karen had a chance to find them. There certainly would have been no reasonable explanation for a number of crisscrossing red welts on that area of the body. It was all Janet could do for a week to be sure Karen would not be able to find them. For days in a row she either pleaded sickness or insisted that their lovemaking be carried out under mostly darkened conditions where disclosure wouldn't be possible. After about a week the marks were com completely gone and some semblance of their normal physical activity resumed, but it was never to be the same again. For the next couple of months Janet kept up her weekly visits to the Krispin's home and was always careful to not let herself be marked in any way which arouse Karen's suspicions. Eventually, she had to disclose to Tom and Shelley her situation vis a vis Karen and they were most supportive; they even tendered a gentle suggestion that Karen was welcome to join their festivities if she cared to. Janet made the polite apologies as it was obvious that this was definitely not Karen's "thing." Into the seventh month Karen received an invitation from an old school friend to spend an evening on the town. They planned to go downtown and have dinner and then to a show and then maybe even up to Rush Street to see the late night sights. Karen was excited about this and begged Janet to please stay home and watch they baby. Janet readily agreed and suggested that it might be an opportune to have the Krispins over for the evening. And so it was arranged. That evening Karen left the house about 4:30 in order to meet her friend downtown at a Chinese restaurant. The Krispins showed up for their visit with Janet around six and by seven they and Janet had consumed enough alcohol that they had lost most of their inhibitions. Janet had originally considered it too risky to try and do anything at this location. But as the evening progressed and the three reminisced about the good times past and recent they all became libidinous and mutual desire overcame caution. Thus they headed for the bedroom to indulge their lust sure of the fact that Karen was gone until at least midnight. They never heard Karen enter the house at 8:30 or climb the stairs although she took no pains to conceal her presence; she was more than happy to be home early and anticipated seeing the Krispins again followed by another wonderful evening of lovemaking with her mother. She had indeed met her old school chum as planned, but during dinner the woman had become sick to her stomach and felt she should go home rather than spoil the rest of the evening for both of them. It had taken Janet about another hour to make it home. Surprised at finding the lights on downstairs but no one around she hung up her coat, dropped her purse on the table and headed upstairs to check on the baby. As she headed toward the nursery at the end of the hall she passed Janet's bedroom. The door was slightly ajar so she stopped and pushed it all the way open expecting to find Janet in bed. She was dumbstruck at the sight that met her eyes in the dim candlelight. The first thing she was aware of was her mother, com completely naked on her knees with her arms raised and out to her sides tied to each of the end posts of the bed. To her left stood Shelley Krispin dressed in the most whorish outfit Karen had ever laid eyes on. Her auburn hair was piled high on her head and she wore a black leather collar around her neck. The black bra that encased her medium sized breasts had the centers cut out of each cup allowing the nipple of each breast to jut through. She also had on a black garter belt from which were suspended black mesh hose from mid-thigh down ending in what looked like impossibly high heeled black pumps. In her hand she held what appeared to be about a two-foot length of garden hose. Tom, her husband was kneeling on the bed directly in front of Janet and Karen could finally make out that he was clad only in what seemed to be black leather briefs from which protruded a large and very hard penis, most of which was imbedded in her mother's mouth and which she was sucking with obvious relish. Janet had her back to the door so was unaware of Karen's entrance, but Tom and Shelley immediately saw her and froze; the only movement in the room now was Janet's head as she continued to blissfully felate the rigid cock poking into her face. It was the most obscene sight that Karen had ever seen in her life. As she looked down at her mother's buttocks she noticed that they were red from some form of beating but were not bruised nor was the skin broken. Everything was frozen in time until something finally snapped in Karen. It seemed that her whole life just exploded and poured from her wide open mouth as she yelled, "Mother, what in god's name IS this?" at which Janet quickly spit out the cock invading her mouth and yanked her head around seeing Karen for the first time. She seemed to brighten at seeing her daughter and she smiled invitingly as she said in her husky arousal laden voice, "Hello, darling - why don't you come in and join us?" CHAPTER 8
After another few moments of stony silence Karen, full now of hate, guilt, remorse and, most of all an overpowering jealous rage, growled, "Get out - both of you, " pointing an outstretched finger at first Shelley and then Tom. "Go on! Right now - get the hell out of here and don't ever come back!" Janet started to intervene by pleading, "Karen, darling, it's not what you think - " but Karen became even more vehement, her voice now rising in both volume and pitch. "You two! I said get the fuck out of here. Now! Pick up and just leave." Something in Karen's voice left no room for negotiation and Tom looked at his wife and just shrugged. Then he leaned forward and attempted to plant a light parting kiss to Janet's cheek, but she averted her head and avoided it. Finally he climbed down from the bed and retrieved his clothes from a chair against the wall as his wife did the same. Without another word they both hastily moved past Karen and out the door and down the stairs. Karen didn't move at all until she heard the front door open and close. Then she walked over to her mother's side and looked down at her with an expression of unbridled scorn as her eyes began to well with tears born of deep hurt, jealousy, frustration and utter betrayal. For the longest time she couldn't bring herself to move as myriad emotions staged what seemed like a life and death struggle inside her. As she raised her head and surveyed the dimly lit room her eyes came to rest on the various objects strewn about on the bedspread. As she took them in she felt like she was staring at a com complete layout of an adult toy catalog. Mostly there were a number of various types of whips and dildos along with handcuffs, rope and a couple of other shackling devices. There were also the ubiquitous clothespins and smaller objects that looked like long metal clamps with teeth in them. For Karen it was an unbelievable sight and it confounded her. She knew her mother was into pain, but she had no idea that she would go to these lengths. Acting as if driven by some outer force she finally leaned over and grabbed the largest dildo on the bed. It seemed humongous to her. As she gazed at it in her hand she heard her mother say, "Darling, won't you please untie me and let's talk about this - please." Her voice now icy cold and unemotional Karen said, still staring at the dildo, "Why, mother? Why should I untie you? This is what you want, isn't it. This is what you've wanted all along. This is what you've wanted from me and I wouldn't give it to you so you got it elsewhere because you just had to have it. You're sick, mother, do you know that - you're sick. After catching her breath she continued in the same cold manner, "Well, mother, your going to get your wish. I'm going to give you just what you want." Janet was now becoming increasingly frightened by Karen's strange tone of voice, one which she had never heard before and she began begging, "Please, dearest - just untie me and let's talk this through. When we've both cooled down a little you'll begin to see this for what it really is." "You don't think I know what this is, huh? DO YOU THINK I'M STUPID??" she shouted. "Well, it's pretty obvious to me what all this is about, mommy dearest. I've let you down and wouldn't satisfy your desires. Well that's going to change right now. I'm about to give you everything you could possibly ever have dreamed of. You're - going - to - just - love - it, " she ended sarcastically, biting off each word. Turning on her heel and walking to a position in back of her mother, Karen grasped the base end of the dildo firmly in one hand and leaned over. "Spread your legs further open. Now!" "Please, Karen, can't we just talk about this?" her mother pleaded once again. "You won't spread, is that it? OK - then you'll just have to take it this way." With her free hand she inserted a finger between her mother's asscheeks and quickly found the anal opening. She then directed the end of the dildo to the position and without warning jammed it roughly forward. As if her rectum had already been prepared for it, the dildo didn't meet much resistance at first which prompted Karen to keep pushing on it until it was sunk up to its entire length in Janet's asshole. This caused a cry of real pain from her mother, but Karen appeared to be quite unconcerned. "Feel good, does it, mother? I'm glad your enjoying it because this is only the beginning." With tears running down her cheeks and an expression of true distress on her face Janet turned to her daughter and said, "Oh, please, Karen..." "No need to be polite now, is there, mother. You're getting what you want - and deserve. Now - let's see here, " Karen said as she eyed the objects on the bed. "We have a real assortment. These things look really interesting." She picked up a couple of the metal alligator clips and opened and closed the jaws between her fingers. "I wonder what these are used for? Clothespins not enough, eh. Now we're into metal teeth. I bet these really feel good." Her face drawn with bitterness, she knelt down beside her mother and roughly grabbed on of her breasts by the nipple and pulled it out to the side causing Janet to once more cry out in pain as her nipple was stretched to its limit. "Let's see how this feels, " Karen said capriciously as she placed the large metal clip to the nipple and let go. Janet's body now began to struggle against the combined pain of the clip and that of the dildo invading her rectum and she fought vainly to free her wrists from the bedposts. Very slowly and deliberately Karen picked up another alligator clip and walked around behind Janet and affixed it to her other nipple. "Please, darling..." Janet begged, but the only response from her daughter was a resounding slap across the face. "There. That's what you like, right? Well, you're getting it. Now stop whining and enjoy it, you fucking slut - you whorish dyke bitch." After a pause to consider, Karen mused wryly, "Hmmmm, let's see. What should we do next. Maybe we should blindfold you and put a gag in your mouth. But no - I want you to see what's going on and I really want to here you scream." The thought of her mother screaming suddenly reminded Karen that she hadn't yet looked in on the baby. "Wait here, bitch, while I check on your granddaughter - not that you're going anywhere" Checking to make sure Karen was securely bound Karen then departed the room for the nursery leaving Janet on her knees hanging from the bedposts and sobbing hysterically. When she returned five minutes later her footsteps sounded to Janet as if she were even more determined than before. Karen walked over to the side of the bed within Janet's view and looked squarely at her. "Well, I'm new to this and don't have the obvious subtlety of your years of experience so I'm just going to have to do what comes to mind and I can't think of anything else now except a good sound whipping." "Karen..." her mother sobbed. "Don't Karen me, you filthy slut. Quit your sniveling, " Karen retorted viciously, "This is what you wanted and this is what you're going to get so stop acting like a baby." Looking again at the array of whips and paddles on the bed her eyes came to rest on a particularly mean looking instrument. It had a black leather wrapped handle about a foot long from which trailed a number of thin black leather strips, each of which was knotted at the end. "I think this looks appropriate. What do you think, mother, " she said cheerfully as she picked up the whip. As Janet saw what she was referring to a look of real fear crossed her face which caused Karen to remark, "Ahhh, I can see you're at least familiar with this, huh. Good. I think it's appropriate for the situation. It's called a cat-o-nine-tails isn't it. Except that this cat appears to have a few more than nine tails." Suddenly Karen raised her arm with the whip high over her head and brought it down with a resound crack of the bedspread. "Yes indeed. This will do very nicely." Eyes wide with fright, Janet followed her daughter as Karen slowly walked to position herself to one side of her. "Now, " she intoned, "for all your sins mother, you are about to receive the punishment you deserve and have waited so long for. Say your prayers!" And with that, Karen reared back and brought the whip down with all the force she could muster at an angle across her mother's jutting ass cheeks. The whip made a loud "pflattt" sound as it met Janet's flesh. The pain was like nothing Janet had ever before experienced. It seared through her whole body and caused it to jerk as if high voltage had been applied and the howl which left her throat half deafened both of them. Karen left no room for Janet to even begin to recover as she once more brought the whip down on her mother's ass. Again Janet screamed as if to wake the world. Karen hesitated and looked down at her handiwork. The two lashes had left a wealth of angry red trails traversing both of Janet's buttocks from her waist to her upper thighs. Before Karen's eyes the marks from the second lash began to swell and form ugly welts some of which began to bleed, the blood appearing in places and slowly trickling downward, mingling with the residue of the first lash. Suddenly everything collapsed in Karen in a flash; in a moment of crystal clarity and she knew it was all over. She began to sob uncontrollably as she stepped forward and undid the bindings holding her mother's wrists. Janet, surprised at the sudden change, looked up at Karen and managed to say, "Oh, Karen..." before she was cut off with, "Just shut up mother. I want you to leave this house and never, ever come back again. I never want to see or hear from you again, ever." Karen then dropped the whip and fell to her knees, covering her face as she continued to cry. Janet got shakily to her feet, her knees wobbly from having been in the kneeling position for so long and approached her daughter. With one hand she rubbed her now swollen posterior smearing blood all over and with the other reached out and laid it on Karen's shoulders. No sooner had she done so than Karen viciously knocked it away and snarled, "GET OUT - NOW! I hate you. I never want to ever lay eyes on you again. Get your things and leave." Resigned to the moment, Janet proceeded to leave the room at which point Karen collapsed on the floor and curled herself up in a fetal position. How long she remained on the floor she didn't know. She seemed to have a vague recollection of hearing the front door close, but it seemed so far off. Bestirring herself the first thing she noticed was that she was fully dressed and that the room was com completely dark - the candles must have gone out. For a second or two she couldn't figure out why on earth she had fallen asleep on the floor of her mother's room. Her memory then kicked in like a thunder clap and she recalled the whole series of previous events in a fraction of a second. To her credit her next thought was of the baby. Rising as quickly as she could she made her way groggily to the nursery only to discover that her daughter was fast asleep and breathing normally as if nothing had happened at all. If only she knew, thought Karen as she once again began to silently cry. In a couple of minutes she had gathered her wits about her enough to think and hoped beyond hope that maybe her mother hadn't left after all and was just asleep downstairs or in her, Karen's room. Leaving the nursery she peeked into her bedroom which was empty. She then went downstairs turning on the stairwell lights and looked around the living room. No Janet. She then toured the rest of the house only to discover that a number of her mother's things like toilet articles, her purse and her coat were no longer to be found in their usual places. She had, in fact, actually left. At a loss for what to do she headed back to the nursery and slumped into the one stuffed chair there and tried to sort out what had happened. It was all a jumble and she just couldn't seem to grasp and hold onto any single thing that provided her a jumping off point to organize her thoughts and feelings. All she was really aware of was an all pervading hurt and sadness. As she became conscious of this and remarked on it to herself she once again fell into a troubled slumber only to be awakened by her daughter's crying. As she opened her eyes she was almost blinded by the sun coming in the window. Squinting, she rose and went to the crib and picked up the baby and carried it with her downstairs. There she made herself a pot of coffee and when it was finished and she had drunk half a cup she sat down on the sofa with the child in her arms and started to breast feed it. No sooner had the baby began to suckle than that now familiar erotic tension started to tingle through her insides. Up till now Karen had been functioning in a daze brought on by the necessity of her body and mind to shut out the previous night's activities and feelings. The physical stirrings engendered by the child at her breast, however, overrode the blocking mechanism and allowed her memory and emotions to surface. It was just too much for her and she to cry again. Realizing that it the action of the baby's mouth she gently removed the child from her breast and lay it on the sofa. She then went into the kitchen and got out the newly purchased baby bottles and nipples, heated a little milk in a pan and tried for the first time to bottle feed the infant. To her surprise, it went without a hitch and she was overjoyed. As she sat feeding her child she once more entered that fog that allowed her to escape the unpleasantness of her situation - until the phone rang. Still not thinking, she put the child down and got up and answered it. The shock of her mother's voice on the other end saying, "Karen, darling. Please..." was such a jolt that she immediately slammed the receiver back into its cradle and stood stock still as she tried to deal with the mass confusion of her feelings. The rest of the day was much the same as she went mindlessly about the normal routine of her life. About every two hours the phone would ring. The first couple of times she answered it and discovering it was her mother she hung up without saying a word. Then she just didn't bother to answer it at all, but just let it ring. During the next two days the phone rang progressively less and on the third day not one call came in at all. On the fifth day, the phone did ring and she decided to answer it. It wasn't her mother but rather Tom Krispin. He began to plead with her to be reasonable and to tell her what a troubled woman her mother was. By now, Karen had developed a protective shell of ambivalence to what had happened and when she had heard enough simply hung up gently. *** One evening about a week and a half later she sat watching a prime time sitcom in which a mother was joshing her daughter about her love life. Something in the comedic patter triggered Karen and brought about a surge of guilt about how she had treated her mother. It was at this juncture that she began to return to some semblance of her normal healthy self. Realizing, of course, that the situation with her mother had been cataclysmic and that it could never flourish as it had in those few idyllic weeks she nonetheless felt that she needed to repair the damage she had caused. Immediately she went to the phone and found the Krispins number. They were home, but when Karen said she wanted to speak to her mother she was told rather coldly that Janet had returned to California the previous day. She then tried the California number but it didn't answer. She tried without success and a mounting sense of dread to phone her mother for three days running. Finally, on the fourth day her mother picked up the phone. When Karen tried to apologize in her attempt to reconcile matters her mother simply said in what sounded to Karen like an infinitely tired voice that she thought that Karen needed to lead her own life and that things would be much better if they severed forever their relationship. With that the phone went dead in Karen's hand. Karen went into an immediate funk and spend the remainder of the evening crying. After a night of fitfully tossing and turning she tried again the next morning to call her mother. When her mother discovered it was her daughter on the line she hung up. Karen was beside herself with hurt and despair. She didn't know now what to do so she did nothing. And continued doing nothing day in and day out except the bare necessary tasks to keep herself and her baby alive. She only went outdoors to shop. She sat for long hours in one room or another of the house just staring without seeing. This went on until a neighbor couple down the block who she and Harold had been friendly with sensed that something was wrong and decided to investigate. When Karen answered the door they were horrified at her appearance. When they tried to enter they got far enough in to discover that the house was a wreck and a mess before being rudely shoved back out and the door closed in their faces. Harold had also not received a letter from Karen for some time now and became concerned. When he tried to call he got no answer. After three days of trying he in turn received a call from the neighbors apprising him of the situation. He applied for an immediate hardship leave, which was granted, and was on the first flight out. Two days later he entered the house late in the evening. He could not have believed in his wildest imaginations the state of affairs that confronted him. When he found Karen upstairs in bed she was totally incommunicative. Finally he called the family physician who made a rare house call. The doctor called an ambulance and Karen was taken downtown to St. Lukes where she admitted to the psych ward. After two weeks of constant medical care Karen returned home. She was quiet and withdrawn, but otherwise appeared to function somewhat like her old self. In the meantime, Harold had requested an immediate hardship transfer and received it. He now spent the days at home caring for both Karen and the baby. Try as he did, he could not get one word out of Karen about what had happened. She absolutely refused to even acknowledge the subject when it came up. When he called his mother-in-law she likewise just hung up. Querying the physicians about her condition, they would immediately claim client-doctor privilege, but did tell him that she had undergone and emotional shock which had the equivalent force of post traumatic stress syndrome and that time was needed for her to recover - lots of time. He would simply have to wait until Karen decided to tell him herself which may or may not ever happen. The outlook was guarded, they said. Harold and Karen's sex life never again resumed. At a time when it looked like she might be approachable to even take a hint, Karen went stone cold and took to sleeping in the guest bedroom. Soon thereafter she began to go out by herself for an hour or two in the evenings. She never announced she was leaving, but rather just put on her coat and left. When Harold tried gently to find out what was going on Karen told him it was none of her business. These nightly ventures forth began to get longer and longer until one night Karen didn't come home at all. To his credit, Harold didn't panic at first - he had decided to just wait her out. After two days when she didn't appear he called the police and filed a missing persons report. He then undertook a massive one- man hunt for her. She was nowhere to be found. No one had seen her and constant checks with the police and coroner came up empty. It was like she had vanished from the face of the earth. *** Weeks became months. The baby grew. Harold resumed his job with the service and had now been permanently transferred to 5th Army headquarters in Chicago. He hired a full-time live-in nanny, an older woman with excellent references who figuratively became the child's mother. Still Harold did not give up his pursuit of Karen, but nothing bore fruit; Karen was not to be found. After a year, a friend of Harold's in the provost marshal's office suggested he might try a private detective. The friend knew of a highly recommended PI. He was contacted. Three months and many thousands of dollars later a report came back. The news was not good. Through unnamed sources the detective managed to find out that Karen had originally been frequenting lesbian bars on the near north side. At some point it seems she had made the acquaintance of a woman from San Francisco vacationing in Chicago. They paired up and Karen had gone to S.F. with her intending to stay for a few days. Friends there said that she was so much in love that she no longer wanted to go back to Chicago. That had been three months previously. Those same friends related that both Karen and her lover had suddenly pulled up stakes and left for Europe. They gave up their apartment and just took off without a word to anyone as to where or when they would return. No one knew where they were or if they would ever return. A few weeks later, out of the blue, Harold received a phone call from his mother-in-law late one night. Janet apologized to Harold for her former rudeness, but was not forthcoming with any explanation of what had transpired during her visit except to say that Karen had asked her to leave and that she had done so. Harold told Janet in detail what he had found on his return home, what had happened and the steps he had taken to find Karen. Janet then promised to undertake her own inquiries and report to Harold if she found out anything. As it turned out, Janet reported back to Harold that she had taken a week off work and went up to San Francisco. Using her numerous contacts there she managed to discover that Karen and her lover had been heavily into the BDSM scene. They were both well known and well liked. But there the trail ended. The only thing anyone knew now is that they had left for Europe and nothing had been heard of them since then. Harold toyed with the idea of taking another extended leave and going to Europe to search for Karen, but his funds were now so limited that it just wasn't feasible. He also had finally come to the acceptance that if Karen wanted any further contact with him and her daughter she would be the one to initiate it. He was right. Early into the second year of her disappearance, Harold arrived home from work one Friday night to find in the day's mail a foreign looking envelope. It bore foreign stamps and was postmarked from a place in Austria called Graz; it had no return address. With pounding heart he opened the letter and found a short note and a single small photograph inside. The photograph had been taken during warm weather and showed two women, smiling into the camera, dressed in shorts and blouses standing in what looked like a mountain meadow. One woman was definitely Karen - same tall, statuesque physique, same hair, same face. No doubt about it. Nothing was written on the back of the photo. The letter was likewise obviously from Karen having been written in her unique rolling hand script. It was not really a letter, but rather just a short note which read: "Dear Harold. I'm so sorry for all the trouble I know I've caused you. Things are better now. I will write again. Give my love to Emily." And it was signed, "Janet"

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