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Sydney Party

By Ann - Feb 4, 2005 - From group-sex-stories. Group sex stories - Views - 3976 We responded to an ad in the local paper. When we rang the advertised number the person on the other end questioned us and we arranged to meet for a coffee. When we got there we met this nice couple. They explained that they liked to check out people before they arrive to make sure everyone is a participant. They told us that between 10-12 couples attend as well as 6 single men and that the men are very carefully screened. They seemed like a nice couple and we both felt very com comfortable with the nights activities ahead.
On the night of the party we had a nice meal in the hotel where we were staying, drinking a few cocktails and then a bottle of wine. We were both very excited at the idea of the party. Basically we had heard about them from some other friends that had previously attended these types of parties and from hearing their experiences we wanted to try it out. We talked on and off of the things that we were expecting.
We arrived at the house a little late; we knocked on the door and were greeted by a nice blonde in a bathrobe. We introduced ourselves and paid our entrance fee. She took us into the entry hall and explained the rules. Basically we had to take off our clothes in the study and put on a supplied bathrobe. The kitchen and dining room were designated off limits for sex, as they were used as a retreat area, she explained, to gather energy, talk to people and smoke some grass. The main lounge area is where most of the activities take place. She told us that there were clothes racks outside the lounge to hang up our bathrobes. The lounge area was strictly a nude area. We were also told that if we leave the lounge area that we should put our bathrobes back on. It was also against the house rules to turn any lights on and smoke in the lounge room. The lounge room she explained was to be kept in near darkness.
Jane and I went into the study and stripped off our clothes. We put on two bathrobes we found lying across the study table and went out into the dining room. There were a couple of three-seater couches and a table set up with lots of food and alcohol. We sat on one of the couches for a while. We could hear lots of noise coming from a hall leading away from the dining room. We had a couple of glasses of wine. While we were sitting there a guy emerged from the bathroom and came over and introduced himself. He offered us a special smoke, which we accepted. We chatted for a little bit and he said he was returning to the activities.
We both sat on the couch, smoking away, feeling very rosy and relaxed. We were both very excited. My cock was already rock hard, Jane grabbed it through the robe, and she whispered that she was very excited as well. She said that her pussy was dripping and she was on a high. I went to feel her pussy, but she reminded me of the rules of the house, sex is only in the activity room.
We both decided that we were ready to enter. There was a hall off the dining room that led to the lounge room. The hallway was darkened. Just inside the hall were some clothes racks, we hung our robes up with all the others. I held onto Janes hand as we walked down the hall, we stood at the entrance of the room. We could hardly see. From what I could make out the room was very large, it had some old-fashioned wall lights along both walls, they were dimmed down to a very low light. Also the room was com completely void of furniture, the floor was com completely covered in foam mattresses that extended out through the door. I could make out lots of people in the room all over the floor. Since the light was poor it was hard to actually see what was going on, however afterwards, Jane and I talked about the whole experience and from that I am able to write the details in this story.
Jane squeezed my hand as we tried to look into the room. "Here goes, " she said. She held my hand as we walked over the people and found a place on the floor on the other side of the room. I kissed and held Jane, and then guided her to the floor. I lay on top of her and gently kissed her. My cock accidentally slipped in, she laid back and I was between her legs. All around us I could barely see, but people were having sex. The heat and excitement of the room as incredible, Jane whispered to me that she loved me and she was very very horny and switched on.
I could tell how excited she was, she was incredibly wet as my cock slid home. I pumped her until I almost came then I pulled out, otherwise I would have come there and then. She still lay on her back and I then moved down her body gently moving down to her breasts. With my tongue I licked her nipples, and my fingers toyed with them. Jane was now arching her back and breathing very quickly. I then moved down between her legs and she spread her legs as wide as possible. Using my mouth and fingers I started to explore her sopping wet pussy.
At first I licked up and down her pussy, then pushed in one and then two fingers into her pussy. I let my fingers explore her pussy and I used my mouth and tongue on her clit. Jane was now bucking and panting. I looked up and could make out that someone was sucking on Jane's breasts. Jane reached up and felt a smooth chest and moved her hand down to a very erect cock. She started to rub it up and down. I kept busy fingering her pussy with two fingers and sucking and licking her clit. Her legs clamped around my head as she started to come. Her body tensed and she moaned very loudly. Her moans mixed into the moans of the rest of the noises in the room. She tried stopping me from licking her clit further. She was too sensitive, and she pushed my head away and then pulled the cock in her hand down towards her open legs. She still was still lying on her back as the guy started to pump into her very hard. Jane spread her legs really wide. I crawled along the floor so I was sort of lying next to her.
I then felt some one behind me. It was definitely a woman. I could feel her breasts pushing into my back. She reached around me and started to massage my cock, rubbing it up and down on Jane's thigh. I could feel her bumping into me. It was obvious that someone was fucking her as well. The guy fucking Jane was really pumping into her and then he stopped. I later found out that he was spurting deep inside her. I was almost at the point of shooting, with the thought of Jane getting fucked on the floor and the girl tightly with her hands around my cock rubbing it against Jane's leg. She then moved away and then pushed me down onto my back.
The girl mounted my cock. She was very wet and my cock slid in very easily and she started riding up and down. From what I could tell Jane was lying next to me. She had another guy between her legs, fucking away. She was holding on to both her ankles. The girl that was riding me leant down and started sucking on Jane's breasts. This was too much for me. I started shooting deep inside this unknown woman. She kept on riding me until I started going soft. The girl got off me and disappeared in to the room somewhere.
I decided I needed a break, so I got up and left the room, I found a robe and went out into the dining room area. I had a nice cool beer and some finger food. I was just finishing my beer off when Jane emerged from the activity room. She asked me if I was having fun. She had a drink. She gave me a quick cuddle and told me that 4 guys had fucked her and that I should be next. She opened her robe and spread her legs and her pubic hair was covered in sperm. It was running down her legs. She asked if I wanted to go back into the room and give her a good fuck. I replied, "Of course." I wanted to. She wanted to clean up a little first so she went to the bathroom. When she returned she grabbed my hand and led me back into the activity room.
She led me down the hall and we disrobed. She held my hand and we entered the room. We found a clear spot in the middle of the floor again. Jane took command and pushed me down onto the floor. I was lying on my back and she spread her legs and mounted me so that her back was to my face. She started to ride me up and down.
I watched as some figures disentangled themselves from the mass of moving bodies around us. Two men came to stand on each side of Jane and began stroking her body and massaging her breasts. One of them bent down to suck on an erect nipple as the other one ran his fingers through her luxurious long blond hair which cascaded down her back. All the time this was happening she continued to ride my huge cock up and down, swiveling her hips at the same time. I could feel cum of the other men dribbling out of her pussy and cascading over my cock and legs. The two men began to support her as she continued to travel up and down my shaft. I could feel her begin to quiver and I realised that one of the men was also massaging her clit with a wet finger. I watched as she reached down to grab one of their stiff cocks, and she guided it to her moist mouth. She slid her tongue and lips up and down its length and I watched in fascination as she deep throated it. I could hear the man moan as he held her head.
I watched as she got down on all fours between these two guys. She grabbed the one in front by his cock and began to suck and lick it for all it was worth. Meantime the guy behind mounted her and was fucking her fast and furious. I could hear her moaning and gasping, I decided to help her and I reached around and began to finger her clit at the same time. I knew this was just too much for her and she suddenly shouted out " Oh God, Oh God, keep fucking me harder, don't stop." and I watched as she had one of the most amazingly powerful orgasms of her life. As the guy pumping her began to come, she stopped working on the guy before her, who immediately got up and came around behind just in time to take up where the other guy had left off. He fucked her and fucked her until I thought she would faint with ecstasy. He gave a load gasp and a shudder as he ejected his load deep inside her.
Afterwards she laid spread-eagled on the floor com completely spent. I gently stroked her hair. While this was happening I started to get hard again. I got between her legs and fucked her for what seemed like forever. After I came, we lay in each others arms. She was very messy and wet. She sat up after awhile and we decided to go get a drink. I had never felt so close to her as in those moments. She looked stunning and radiant as we walked out of the room.
We had a couple of drinks and spent some time relaxing. We were exhausted and finally decided to call it a night.

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