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The Old Barn

The Old Barn

By Walt McBride inarut juno - Jul 22, 2008 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 11527 There we were on a back road, rain pouring down and not another car in sight. She had asked me to take her to a friends house, as her husband was on a trip out of town and didn’t want to drive in the rain alone. Her friend had asked her to come over because her husband was also out of town and didn’t want to be alone.
I wasn’t doing anything this Friday night so I had agreed. She really looked fine as she piled her suitcase in the back seat of my car and we were off to a little town in Florida about four hour drive. We had been friends for a long time as I lived next door to her and her husband and we visited back and forth a lot.
She was a fine looking lady with nice auburn hair, slim body, spacious soft hips that swayed when she walked, great legs and a smile that drove me crazy. We were com comfortable together and talked about anything and everything, without reserve.
About three hours into the trip, we had exited the freeway and found ourselves on a slippery, muddy road for some reason, as we neared our destination. This road wasn’t on the map and, as I determined, we were on the wrong path, I stopped and backed up a little to return to the main road.
“Must have taken a wrong turn there, young lady.”
She shook with laughter, “Yeah! Looks like it.”
As I backed, I felt the rear of the car sort of slip a little and I hadn’t noticed that there was a slight ditch on the side of the road. In we went with the back wheels.
“Ah! Shit!” I exclaimed.
“Really did it that time, Huh?” She laughed again. I tried to pull out but the back tires started spinning. I didn’t think we had a chance in hell of getting out of that. I got out and looked, we didn’t.
She dialed her friend on her cell phone and asked her to get us a tow truck and tried to explain where we were, then hung up. For a few minutes, we just talked and tried to figure out what we were going to do. We knew there would be help coming, so why worry about it. Then in the rain and gloomy darkness, I spotted an old barn across the road.
“Hey, how about that?” She looked and said, “We could wait there.”
“Sounds good to me. Better than sitting in this car, anyway.” I grabbed a flashlight and we ran toward it and flung the door open. It seemed warm and cozy. I found an old kerosene lantern on a shelf and lit it, which projected a warm glow through the barn. Her cell phone rang as we got settled and she said,
“Well, I guess we’ll have to wait then.” then hung up.
“What’s happening?”, I asked.
“She said the tow truck will be a little later because he has three other calls before us. He has our number and will call us when he gets to us on his list.”
“Well, we can make the most of it then, Huh? ”
“That sounds like a winner to me!” She smiled at me.
“I could think of a lot of things we could do.” I smiled ardently at her, my eyes twinkling.
“You Dirty old man!” She laughed.
“Yeah, you got that right!”
She thought for a few seconds and bashfully said, “Well, I’m a dirty old lady. Didn’t know that, did you?”
“Really? I was hoping you’d be!” I moved toward her standing in the semi darkness.
“Oh, yeah!” She smiled at me, “Not good having two dirty old people in the same room, Huh!???”
I circled her waist with my arms,
“How dirty are you?” I turned my head to kiss her.
“Want to find out?” She asked.
“Oh! Yeah!” I kissed her firmly on the mouth. I could feel the heat rising under my hands.
She whispered,
“ You know, I’ve thought about this for almost a year now. Didn’t know we would ever be in a situation where I could tell you.”
She kissed me back, “Didn’t know how you would take it.” Whispering very softly now.
“I can take it just fine. How about you?” I whispered back to her, my lips only inches away from hers.
“Oh Yeah!” She gasped.
“Think the old man would miss it?” I asked very quietly.
“Hell NO! He rarely uses it anyway. How’d you like to use it??” She laughed and backed away a little looking behind her.
“I’ll try my best.” I gasped.
She made some little uncertain movements toward a stack of hay. And I could feel her heat again, see it dancing under her skin, and her pupils were kind of dancing in the subdues light, in the same way as she looked at me.
I went toward her again and I took her head in both of my hands, and I just kissed her, the same open-mouthed, wet kind of slow kiss we’d been doing over and over, and she went limp against me. Moaning out loud
I started pulling at her clothing. When she went to unbuckle the belt holding her slacks up, her hair fell down over her naked breasts, and something about the movement, the bent head, her hands loosening the tightness around her waist, went right to my brain. I pulled the pants down and lifted her out of them, crushing her naked bottom in my fingers. The barn was warm, the rain rolling against the roof making our little refuge seem very secure.
I went down on my knees in front of her, burrowing my head into her sex, and then my face covered her crotch and started licking her and kissing her slit.
“OH! GOD! I can’t, I can’t stand it, ” She whimpered. She was clawing at my head, pressing me against her, and then pushing me back. My prick was pounding inside my pants yearning to come out.
“It’s too intense, stop it. Don’t do that! Come into me.” She said, “It’s too ---- It’s too--- God!”
“Like that, huh?” I whispered.
She laid back, spread open in front of me, “My God, baby.” She cried, “That drives me absolutely wild.”
I had my own clothes off in a second. And I pushed her up onto the stack of hay so that she was laying at the very edge of it and then I pushed her legs apart and looked at her naked sex and the way that it was breathing, moving, the hair glistening, lips pink and secret and quivering under the patch of pubic hair.
“I want you inside of me, ” She gasped, and I looked at her face and it seemed for a second too exquisite to be human, just as the sex seemed too savage, too animalistic, too secretly different from all the rest of her humanness. We moved back on the hay together, kind of rolling over, kissing and just rubbing against each other naked.
I went down on her again, spreading her legs wide apart and this time she didn’t resist any more But she couldn’t keep still. She kept thrashing under me. Hearing her sigh and groan, feeling her push up to my mouth, drove me wild. I was licking her, and kissing her pussy, and diving my tongue into her, drenched in her clean, salty, charcoal smell, and licking at the silky hair, and she was absolutely unchained.
“My God!” She screamed. The rain increased, covering her loud outburst. She clawed at me again, and told me to get on top of her. But I couldn’t stand not doing it to her, I had to do it just a little bit more, taste her, have her like that, get my tongue into her. I dismissed her begging to mount her, kissing her sweet pussy while she thrashed under my touch.
“Inside me, baby. Please, Please! INSIDE ME! Put your cock in me, baby” She begged.
I couldn’t stop sucking her now erect and hard clitoris, my tongue massaging inside her slit.
I turned around and got into the 69 position and I felt her mouth immediately take hold of my hard throbbing cock, drawing it inside her warm moist mouth. As she tasted my cock, she was all right with me suckling her and licking her. She locked on, sucking strong and passionately, as if she liked doing it. She sucked stronger and stronger, her hand encircled around the base of my copious full throbbing cock, her mouth really wet, warm and steady as my tongue plunged into her sex. My mouth was saturated with her, while her fingers were pinching my backside, stroking them and scratching them, It was a cacophony of sounds with each of us sucking and moaning louder and louder. My passion was building as my mouth spread her vagina open and my tongue bisecting the slit up to her clitoris. She breathed heavier and heavier, mounting higher and higher, delighting in my ardent actions. Muffled cries, squeals, whimpers and moans came from her as she sucked my tool, my cock planted firmly inside her mouth and this was sending uncontrollable shivers up my cock when she did that. I knew it was all over for me - I could feel it rising. Rising, rising more and more.
I moved back a little to let her know I was going to come, but she locked her arms even tighter around me and when I came in her mouth, I felt her delicious little cunt contracting, her hips thrust against me even harder, this little vagina mouth of hers shuddering under my mouth, her whole body burning up. My body contorted as I felt the semen rush towards her.
My cock disgorged a load into her sucking mouth, she must have swallowed it. My orgasm went on and on, and I could hear her moaning, giving the same cries against my cock. I came until I couldn’t stand it any longer emptying my pent up load into her. She never stopped sucking. Even sucking harder to get each drop of semen.
I think we slept maybe a half hour, I didn’t know how long it was, with the dim light of the barn and the rain falling a little slower and the water flowing off the roof and splashing on the ground.
When we finally started again it was tender I turned her over and pulled her into my arms, kissing her softly, tasting the semen on her lips. Then we were kissing each other all over. We kissed each other under the arms and on the nipples, and on the belly. On the inside of the thighs and in back of the knees.
It wasn’t long before I went deep into her, burying my copious cock all the way inside her. Stroking slow now, heavy breathing, she moaned pushing up to my burgeoning cock.
“Oh! Yeah! God! My God your cock is so fat, so good! Baby, that feels so damn good!” She groaned.
“Take it, baby!” I shoved it in and out of her accepting vagina, sweeping inside the walls of her tight vagina.
“Give me what you got, lover!” She moaned, “Faster - - faster - - harder - - more”
Murmuring, sighing, grunting, moaning keeping pace with my deep penetrations. The rain continued to break the sounds in the barn. Fucking and kissing, thighs slapping together, pussy sucking on my cock, digging deep inside her. Her vagina walls rubbing my cock tightly. On and on we delighted in the absolute pleasure of the moment.
Minutes, I lost all concept of time, I felt her as she broke loose, her head all the way back, her cries like they had never been before, surging, swelling uncontrollably to a momentous climax,
“Oh God! Oh God! Oh! GOD! Spread me, baby - spread me wide - harder - harder- harder, baby!”
Her heaving swelling vagina clamped my sensitive cock as she reached orgasm screaming,
“Ahhhhhhh - Ahhhhhh my God!” and, without hesitation, I ejaculated in her.
Her eyes were closed and she reached up to pull me down to her like she was scared, really scared and she just lay there under me, holding me, humping up to meet my thrusts. And she was petal soft now and sweet and her perfume and her juices mingled in this overpowering aroma that kept bringing the pleasure back in waves over me. We slept.
I awoke on top of her, my face buried in her hair, my lips on her throat, my soft cock buried in her sex. Her legs came up and wrapped me tightly between them as she felt me awaken.
“Oh, Baby!” She whispered in my ear, “That was wonderful!”
“Ummmmm!” I sighed
“You do me right.” She gasped. Her hands stroked my bare back, her fingers drawing a line down my back bone to the crack in my ass. Her fingers found the inside of my butt and tickled my anus, then went further down and massaged my scrotum. I kissed her and humped down once or twice feeling my cock come alive again.
It grew and hardened, she found my mouth with hers and her tongue went into mine, sucking on mine.
She backed her head away a little,
“You know what I like, Baby! It’s yours. Use it. Do me again! I need it bad! ”
“I’ll wear you out!” I smiled at her my mouth close to hers.
“Ah!” She gasped once as I thrust my penis as deep in her as possible, “Oh! Yeah!”
“Pussy’s good!” I whined, “Real Good!”
“Fuck me, Baby!” She begged.
“Yeah! OH YEAH!” Stroking more rapidly now, harder, harder, long steady thrusts, she breather out in cadence with my thrusts,
“OH! OH! OH! OH! AH! AH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! Give it to me, lover!”
Heard the wet penetrations of my cock sliding against the wet walls of her vagina as I stroked harder and harder, her knees raised up to her breasts now as she bared her pubic area for me to use as I saw fit, and I used it aggressively.
“OH! BABY You know what I like! DO IT! HARDER - HARDER!” She screamed.
“YES!” She bellowed.
“AHHHHHHHH!” I whelped as the come shot out of my cock deep inside her.
She wretched up to my throbbing cock and with one mighty gasp, split the sounds in the barn with a violent scream,
We passed out.
The cell phone rang sometime in the night - It was the tow truck driver, he was close to our location and was on his way. We kissed, pulled my cock out of her, dried off and wearily dressed and waited for him smiling and kissing occasionally. She looked so soft and relaxed, I couldn’t stand it. That wasn’t the last of those for sure.

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