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Working Girls Saison 2 Article

The Window Ch 2

The Window Chapter 2

By Jersey - Jan 18, 2009 - From lesbian-erotic- stories. Lesbian stories - Views - 18901 Ch.2
“Wake up Michelle, Christine and E are back, ” I whispered in her ear while I slowly ran my finger across her lips. She kissed my finger then slowly sat herself up on the bed. While I lit a cigarette up for the both of us, Michelle walked to the bathroom to get our clothes. Just as Michelle re-entered the bedroom the power turned back on. As we were quickly throwing our clothes back onto our now sticky but cooled down bodies, Michelle smiled at me and said, “I’m glad I was on that need to know basis.” “Me too”, I said and we both laughed and headed for the bathroom to wash up before we went downstairs to join the other two ladies.
“What are you two getting yourself into down there”, I screamed from the upstairs hallway. All I can hear is uncontrollable laughing and the words “stop it” every 2 seconds. I shook my head and thought, frisky ladies. I entered the bathroom and noticed Michelle was done using the sink. Michelle said she was hungry and was going to check out the food situation in the kitchen while I cleaned up and off she went.
As I was washing up I heard Michelle laughing hysterically and screaming for me to get downstairs. Hang on I shout, while drying my face. I run downstairs and find Michelle standing in the kitchen pointing for me to go around the corner. I slowly walk down the hallway and follow the path of shoes, jeans and shirts on the floor. Michelle had her hands around my waist and whispered in my ear don’t open the door just look through the window. I peered through the steamed up window realizing the other two ladies were butt ass naked in the sauna. I laughed and said to Michelle, I guess “E” isn’t so tired now as I explained to her that “E” was lying down on her back and Christine appeared to be riding her face. I’m going to cum, Christine shouted. I quietly and quickly turned around grabbed Michelle’s hand and ran down the hallway back to the kitchen before Christine erupted.
OK, obviously we were all hungry but in a different way I said. Michelle turned around and laughed while she rolled yet another blunt. I walked over to the fireplace that was located off of the kitchen in the living room. The house had a damp chill in the air and I’m thinking the sauna must be feeling real good right about now but that’s occupied. I took a few logs and placed them in the fireplace, lit the match and watched as the fire slowly took off. In the background I hear the door to the sauna open up and out walks all loud and proud Christine and “E”.
Michelle walks over to the couch next to the fireplace and lights up. Slowly to follow was Christine and “E”. “So I’m sure we’ve all worked up somewhat of an appetite, what’s for dinner” I asked the ladies. Beep, beep, beep my text went off. No phones this weekend Christine shouts. Yeah OK, I respond and took my phone. I flipped the cover and to my surprise there was a text from Desiree thanking us for pulling over and helping them. I replied back with a wink and said anytime. Beep, beep, beep. All three women looked at me and screamed, “Shut it off.” My response was but I have to pick her up in the morning to get her car, I promise after we get her car I will shut the phone off. The text read she was going to sleep and asked if I could pick her up at 5am to get Brian’s car because he wasn’t feeling well and wanted to sleep in. I replied, see you then.
I let out a big yawn and said I’m skipping dinner and going to bed. I’ll be up in 4 hours to pick Desiree up and take her to Brian’s car because Brian wasn’t feeling good. Her weekend must suck all three ladies said it the exact same time. I leaned over and hugged each one of them and said Goodnight. Up the stairs I went and into our room. The sweet smell of sex still lingered and brought flashbacks of what had transpired earlier. Finally I found and grabbed my pajamas and a pair of boxer shorts and went into the bathroom.
I started the shower then started to undress. Beep, beep, beep. I open the phone and there’s a text from Desiree once again thanking me only this time she added I owe you one with a wink and a smile. I responded no worries as I felt my clit throbbing with excitement and said, yeah you can owe me one and laughed aloud. In the shower I went and it was so refreshing. I stood facing the showerhead under the hot water for about 15 minutes. My hands were up against the wall as I leaned forward and watched the water rush down my hair like a waterfall. My muscles so relaxed as I felt myself fighting to stay awake. I quickly washed up got dressed and opened the bathroom door.
Ha, ha, ha wake up ladies. The 3 stooges were passed out on the couch all cuddled up together keeping warm. I tip toed down the hallway as they seriously did not move. I grabbed the camera tip toed back, powered up the camera, focused and click. With that came a beep and a bright flash, picture taken. That woke them up. What time is it? Michelle asked. 1:00am and I’m going to bed I said. They quickly followed with the last burst of energy they had and washed up and went into bed. Michelle lay on her side and I lied on my back as we both slowly fell peacefully asleep. The other two ladies well I guess we’ll find out in Chapter 3…

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