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Sweet Dreams - Part 1

Sweet Dreams - Part 1

By salarous - Feb 4, 2009 - From short-sex- stories. Short stories - Views - 34840 Every marriage goes through hard times and after 14 and a half years mine maybe com completely destroyed…he is with another woman and it kills me. We still see one another like lovers in the night, both frantic to have each other. Most women would run and not look back but when he left it’s like something in me that had been in a coma awakened and was starving for him…his hands, tongue, teeth, his cock the sleeping monster wants all of him anyway she can have him and as often. At night I can’t sleep because of the dreams I have and the need that awakens me leaving me weak with need that not even touching myself seems to help. The following story is one of those dreams I have had in the last three months:
I awakened slowly and stretched my eyes still closed wow these sheets feel great, and then I felt the coldness of the chain. What the fuck? I sat up as I realized two things at once a) these weren’t my sheets and b) the chain was attached to a collar round my neck and I couldn’t get it off because of the pad lock. How the hell did I get here, and right on the heels of that thought was an even more disturbing thought I was naked as the day I was born and there was no sign of my clothes being within reach…there is no light except for candlelight coming from the candles spread through the room, I see the sheets are of the darkest red possible. Where am I and who brought me here?
“Hmmm…I love your tits…glad to see you’re awake I thought I was going to pop when I saw you stretch.” I know that voice it’s my husband.
“What the hell is going on?” We had played games similar to this but never as scary as this, never had he looked the way he did right now he had no shirt or shoes on and his top button was undone on his pants. I could see a bulge in his jeans and knew he wasn’t lying he wanted me.
“You wouldn’t call me or even talk to me…you even returned my flowers, I was trying to say I am sorry. “ He walked to the side of the bed and looked down at me there was something different about him; in his eyes was a desperation and need. I was both thrilled and scared never had I gotten so hot so fast just from a look from him—never. He didn’t do anything just stare down at me with those pine green eyes, he didn’t move or swallow I couldn’t even tell if he was breathing.
“So you think its okay to kidnap me that is against the law you do know that right?” I pulled the sheet up to my breast and try to scoot off the bed—my feet made it to the floor but I couldn’t stand up. I was trapped I pulled on the chain nope, no slack, oookay now what? I refuse to acknowledge that even after everything that had passed these last few months the thought of being at his mercy had my pussy wet and quivering.
“I just want to talk to you.”
“I don’t want to talk to you—you want your freedom and I filed the papers last week…sides where does it say that conversations work the best when I am chained down and naked? Where is the key to this lock I want to go home?” The best way to fight him is to do it head on and hopefully he will tire of it and see things my way.
“I didn’t say we were going to talk with words I know you still want me and love me I can see it in your eyes and I am going to remind you of what we have together.” He leaned forward putting his hands on the edge of the bed so he could look me in the eyes. My mouth went dry and my heart started to pound what I saw there made my breast tighten and knees turn to putty.
“I don’t want to do this.”
“Yes you do I can see it in your eyes…I can see how much you want me through that sheet your nipples are hard and I haven’t even started to touch you yet.” His eyes lighted with desire at the thought of touching me.
“Do not do this, I refuse to want you.”
“I will tell you what if you still don’t want me after this I will leave and move on.” His tongue darted out of his mouth and he licked his lips—oddly enough he looked like he was really enjoying himself. Then he grabbed the sheet and tugged on it, I clinched it tighter bringing a smile to his face.
“You are going to make this more interesting aren’t you?” He put his knee on the bed and leaned forward his nose barely inches from mine.
“Give me the sheet I love to look at your body and before I fuck your brains out I am going to drink my fill of your body sweetheart.”
“No.” I meant for it to come out firm and strong, much to my horror it was a breathless whisper dripping with a need I thought I had gotten rid of…a need that I pushed so far away that I forgot what it felt like.
“I will have to take it then. “Without warning he grabbed my hair and pulled me back onto the bed and swung his leg across my lap effectively trapping me beneath him. When I tried to fight him he trapped my wrist in one hand and leaned his bare chest onto mine, it was sensational with just the satin sheet between our naked chests. He shifted so that he was more to the side then on me and blew across the sheet, my nipples leapt to attention and hardened with an ache that I hadn’t felt for years…it was like I was a teenager again.
“Hmmm…you say you don’t want me and yet your body says you do…do you like that hmmm…the feel of my breath through that sheet making you nipples hard?” his voice was a rough whisper. What the hell he left me for another woman and now he was tormenting me—why of course there was another voice in my head saying take it enjoy the moment then walk away.
“Please— “
“Don’t say a word…let me show you how sorry I am and make you understand that I strayed but my heart is yours and yours alone.” As he spoke he ran his free hand gently across my breast causing me to gasp and I would have arched but fought the urge I was not going to give him anything, I had given him my heart and three kids and this was what he had done to me no more I didn’t have any more to give, or did I? Was that needful moan from my lips, did I really make that noise as he grasp my breast in a none to gentle grip and brushed his thumb across the nipple.
“Don’t fight it I know you feel it too. What we have is magical and perfect.”
“You don’t want me not really what you are feeling is a physical reaction to another human body.” I managed not to gasp as he kneaded my breast. I ignored the fact that the words were barely a whisper, and my eyes had closed on their own. I wasn’t even going to pay attention to the pounding of my heart, or the need in my loins. I forgot how good he was when he touched me how quickly he could bring me climax with a mere touch in the right place…damn that felt so good.
“Funny how you think you know me and yet the last three months I found how much I didn’t know about myself either—for instance did you know that I think you are absolutely gorgeous in red and better out of it.” He whispered so close to my ear and I shivered, then I couldn’t stop the deep throat sigh as his tongue licked the outside of my ear, and then took the earlobe in his mouth. As soon as I felt him relax I knew I should have moved away but found that my limbs had lost their will to move away from him.
“Please…”I couldn’t remember what I wanted to say as his mouth slid down the side of my neck, scrapping with his teeth and coming to a stop on my collar bone. Then he ran his tongue up my throat to my lips and he drew away less than an inch.
“I can’t forget you and I know you can’t forget me. We are perfect for one another we suit each other.” He took my mouth in a firm and needing kiss; his tongue entered my mouth and couldn’t breathe. He took my bottom lip into his mouth and gave it a gentle nip—in fourteen years never had I told him that I liked it a little rough. The roughest he had done was pull my hair but this was different almost animalistic and yet underneath he was still there the man I loved and wanted in my life. The only man that could make me happy and com complete—when he made love to me I was in heaven but this was past that, almost in another galaxy.
“That is what I want. You can fight it but, actually I want you to fight it because it just makes me harder with need. “ He shifted and slid his face down to my breast he took my nipple in his mouth and I thought I was going to die as desire shot through my body from where his mouth touched my body through the satin sheet. This time I couldn’t resist the urge to arch and I did giving him easier access to my breast, he squeezed the other breast as he moaned on my nipple causing it to vibrate and I clutched my legs together.
“No more words. I just want you and your body.” He moved away from me and took the sheet with him before I could realize it and I was left com completely exposed for his eyes. The bulge in his pants was more pronounced, and the spark in his eyes was a fully fledged flame. I scampered back to the top of the bed and grabbed the pillow. He chuckled and began to stalk me…he slowly got on the bed and came toward me on his hands and knees I moved to the side and found myself cornered. What was I going to do? He grabbed my ankles and started to pull me to the edge of the bed pulling them apart so he lay between them but he didn’t he just held my ankles and stared down at my pussy.
I thought he was going to touch me but instead he pulled my legs over the edge of the bed and released the right one, I thought he was going to let the other one go but instead I felt cold metal right before I heard a click—he had handcuffed me to his bed. Too late I tried to pull away but he grabbed the other ankle. Then he stepped back a satisfied look on his face, and then he knelt between my legs, I tried to pull my knees together but couldn’t he slapped the inside of my thigh, I gasped and they fell apart. He ran his rough hands on the inside of my thighs up and down getting closer and closer to my pussy and the closer he got the more rough he rubbed my legs.
“You’re wet.” He whispered as he slid his finger down between my lips, barely touching my clit. His eyes looked up at me through my breast and I saw his eyes. He moved his mouth closer to my pussy and not matter how hard I tried I couldn’t stop his next move—not that I really wanted him to stop. The first time he touched his tongue to my body it wasn’t were I thought it would be, it was in the crease between my leg and my pussy and it felt so good. I couldn’t stop myself from moaning, he then licked the other crease to before he actually bit me on the mound and I actually shuddered as need knives through my body.
When he slide his first finger into my pussy I thought I was going to melt with the lava that shot through my veins were blood used to be. He pumped his finger in and out of my pussy and I could feel my need rising, then I was surprised when he slid another finger into my ass causing me to moan and arch my ass.
“I have missed this, your pussy is dripping mmmm…and you taste so damned good.” He said as he licked my clit. He continued to finger fuck my pussy and ass till I was gasping and screaming as I neared my climax and then when I thought I was going to come he stopped. I couldn’t breathe and forced my eyes to open, I then looked at him as he stood up and heard his pants unzip and the rustle of clothes as he took off his pants.
“I was going to take my time but I want to fuck you so bad…we will have to talk later right now I have an itch that you need to scratch. “ he pulled my ass to the edge of the bed until the collar was tightened. It didn’t stop me from breathing but it did remind me that I was his prisoner and he could do what he wanted with me and I couldn’t stop him. He then slides his white hot and rock hard cock into my wet pussy and I came right there. Then he held my hips and started to shove in and out of my pussy and I couldn’t do anything I fought the restraints, I so wanted to put my legs around him but found I couldn’t move my legs. The only thing I could move was my arms and hips but as soon as I went to touch him he grabbed my wrist and pinned them up above my head again. As he fucked my wet throbbing pussy he grabbed my titty and began to squeeze it roughly making me cum again and again. Then when I started to scream louder and louder, his eyes glazed over and the animal we all hold at bay came to the surface.
He grabbed the collar and pressed down on me keeping me com completely still as he fucked my pussy and made me scream his name over and over again, then when I thought he was going to cum he slid his dick out of my pussy and shoved it into my ass making me scream louder—not from the pain but from the sheer delight of having him in me then when I thought I was going to shatter from the strength of my climax he pulled his cock out and cum shot from his dick onto my stomach. We both shuddered and he collapsed onto me breathing hard.
“This is what we are, this is what we have and this is what we will do over and over again. You are mine and I am yours, “he said softly into my ear as our breathing slowed.
“Let me go. You said we could do this and then if I didn’t want you in my life you would go.” I said as he pushed himself up on his elbows and looked deep in my eyes. There was something there that made my heart flutter—determination.
“I lied I am not letting you go. I did once and almost lose you now I will keep you till you see that we belong together. You’re my wife and I am your husband and until you realize that this is just a part of who we are and how wonderful we can be together.” He got dressed and released my leg cuffs allowing me scoot back and sit up; he then turned from me and started toward the door.
“Let me go.”
“I told you when we married that I couldn’t —honestly I thought I could but I know now I can’t. I am not letting you go till you came to me.” With those words he left the room and left me alone to think about what would happen next time.

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