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Stoney Point Story

Mrs. Harrison

By Stoneypoint - Nov 27, 2007 - From spanking- stories. Spanking stories - Views - 20821 “Mrs. Harrison I need you in my office right now” Jack Kelpie told his assistant on the phone. Slamming the phone down, he was outraged and his tone was piercing.
Knowing she had made another mistake which was not necessarily indicative of her highly developed secretarial skills, she slowly stood up and walked down to his office. Seeing as he was still livid, she asked him what she could do.
“Close the god damn door Mrs. Harrison!”
She knew it wasn’t going to go well. Her always volatile boss once again was correcting his incompetent assistant for another mistake in a letter sent to a potential client. This time it was on an extremely vital contractual letter she typed. Having reread it before she sent it off to them she overlooked several crucial errors. This was to be a major contract he was working towards. With this letter he could close a deal with a company he had been working with for a few years, but a close friend at the prospective new client happened upon the letter. He got in touch with Jack and pointed out the errors left out in the letter that should have been included.
“Jesus Gloria why... why are you having all this trouble putting together a simple letter” he demanded to know. "It was my understanding you are the best in this company and I worked my but off to get you up here in this department."
"Being the top marketing man in this company I need the best assistant there is. I was told you were that person Gloria! I paid big money to get you up here... and god damnit all... you know that too! Don’t you... Don’t you Gloria” he demanded to know. “Wasn’t that understood coming in woman? Wasn’t it Gloria” shouting at her.
The other staff could hear them or Jack in this case reaming his assistant one new ass hole. She initially let on she felt bad and vowed to him she would do much better.
“No” he started to say as if speaking to a child. “You know what you need... I mean these mistakes are consistent! They or I have seen them before and I’ve overlooked them up until now but this time” waving a copy of the letter, “you have gone too god damn far! ”
Pausing to reflect on his next words Jack looked up from his desk. “You know what this is like? Do you Gloria” he continued to say angrily. “It is like dealing with a child in some ways!”
Bobbing his head a little and holding out his hands to get his point across he looked her in the eye and added “Even a good old spanking wouldn’t get a kid to respond the way I want but you know what? Do you know what woman” he asked picking up the paper again and shaking it. “At least a kid could put this together correctly; don’t you think so? Well I do. I think they probably could have!” As upset and outraged as Jack was he had became entirely way too irrational.
“Is that what you need Gloria” he asked irrationally. Demanding to know she knew he was not thinking straight. “Is it” he kept demanding. “Do you need a spanking Mrs. Harrison? Is that what's going to get you to do this shit right?”
He looked down and closed his eyes. Shaking his head he began to look up and said in a slightly quieter tone “Yeah I know you aren’t some little girl. I know how old you are Gloria, but in looking at this it does not look like you’re capable of getting it right...”
“Spank me sir if that’s what will make you happy” she said under her breath looking at the floor.
“Wha... what did you just tell me to do?”
She kept looking down and repeated herself quietly. “If you feel you must spank me sir... and that may help me do my job better then I believe a spanking would be in order sir.”
Briefly closing his eyes and shaking his head in disbelief Jack was astounded at what he thought he just heard out of her mouth. He could not believe his ears. His 61 year old assistant who appeared to be underqualified and seemingly overrated told him that she agreed she may need to be spanked.
She said it again quietly “If you spank me sir then I think it’s going to get the best work you’ve ever seen out of me sir.”
“What the... what are you talking about? I’m not going to give some grown woman a...” and he looked at her. “You are actually... I can’t believe this! You’re actually serious?”
Finally looking up and directly at him she nodded her head yes stepping towards his desk.
Gloria Harrison was a plain woman with some pretty features. She kept her hair short only because it was easy to maintain. She didn’t wear any fancy jewelry; just the normal low-cost stock from local department stores. Her makeup wasn’t anything too remarkable either. She never wore anything suggesting she felt she was a sexy woman. She liked her body but Gloria dressed as conservatively as they came. Everything and anything she wore came to her neckline and nothing lower. Her dresses were always long as were her skirts. She was as modest as modest could be.
In front of his desk she looked at him as she unhooked her long skirt. He freaked out. He was stunned as they both watched it hit the floor. He looked down at her waist and what he saw was what appeared to be an old fashioned girdle with garters connected to her long nylons like something directly out of the sixties. Her girdle was open on the bottom. Anyone who cared could feel inside her panties... if she chose to let them do that to her.
“Do you sex...” but was cut off in mid-sentence.
“No sir I don’t” she said timidly. “Most men aren’t interested in me in that respect. Most have taken advantage of the offer to spank me.”
Jack didn’t really know what to think and had no idea what questions to ask her. “Umm how do you do this ummm Gloria? Do you ummm bend over and brace the desk, bend over me or how do umm you go about this” as if he was planning on proceeding with her willingness to let him spank her.
“Sir that is up to you. I do as you wish sir. Just spank me any way you please” she told him, but much to his surprise she said in what sounded like a shy tone “That’s what really excites me sir.”
Jack could not believe he was going to do what she told him he could do to her. He felt the erotic consciousness the idea offered him. He sensed it as being an extremely domineering opportunity with the woman regardless if there was not anything between them that connected them to one another. She opened the gates of erotica and he was about to step inside them and possibly forever or as long as she worked as his assistant.
Regardless if he was a volatile man she was going to let him spank her as much as he felt the need to do so. Gloria Harrison knew exactly what she was letting this man do to her.
He was stunned not only by the turn of events that led to this opportunity but by the sheer idea he never ever pondered something like this in his lifetime. Jack now was highly aroused by what was going to occur.
Not hesitating for he thought it was all a practical joke possibly Jack told his assistant to lean against his desk as he pushed his chair back. With her long skirt on the floor she walked around to the other side of the desk where he stood looking at her up and down.
Suddenly Jack noticed how surprisingly toned the woman’s body was. Suddenly Jack was aware of how great a shape his assistant actually was in underneath all the conservative outfits she wore. It dawned on him suddenly that this woman showed no sign whatsoever of soft flabby weakening flesh due to the natural aging process.
“She’s a damn fine looking woman for 61” he told himself as she bent over his desk.
Leaning over it she stuck out her mature and noticeably round firmer ass.
“This is actually rather fun” he told her. “I’ve never done anything like this in my life.”
In a dull voice she said “Most men haven’t sir. It’s usually their first time around here.”
“No one ever says anything about these...” he began asking her.
“No sir” she replied cutting him off “because if this was discussed openly many women would get wind of it quickly. If that was to happen then many of them would get upset and report it.”
“That’s only going to lead to one thing sir; immediate termination” she told him looking ahead at his door.
Leaning over his desk with her girdle covered ass radiating up at him she went on to add “We won’t get caught and I personally will guarantee you that sir.”
Suddenly she felt the first of many firm whacks against her round aged ass.
“Ooooohh mmmm thank you” she told him appreciatively. “That was ohhh sooo nice. Do it again sir; will you please do that again?”
“Ahhhhh ooooooohh” he heard her mutter as he smacked her girdle over and over again.
Her body tightened up from the sting of his hand hitting her ass. “Ohhh sir that is ohhhh yess that is very, very good mmmm. You hit me soooo nice and firm” she would say between occasional feminine sounding grunts.
He quickly came to love slapping her ass firmly. It felt kinky and erotic to him. He felt domineering as he thought he might. Again she’d grunt or coo as he hit her with a little more force each time.
While he continued smacking her ass Gloria started feeling the painful but worthwhile affects. But in truth she had lied to her boss. In reality what he was doing had begun to turn her on. She wanted more and she didn’t want it to stop.
But like the others she knew he was pleasure seeking and doing her for the hell of it at that point. She knew it and Gloria loved it every way she could get it from him.
Jack Kelpie the 41 year old top marketing man and 14 year employee of the company was getting his fill of a 61 year old assistant. She was getting her fill of his spankings and they were into one another in their own ways; maybe more so with her then Jack but who knew for sure.
“Ohhhhhhhh god” he heard her say.
“Huh what was that” he asked. She told him it was nothing. “Oh yeah it was” he came back. “That was definitely something” he said. “It was the sound of a woman who is most definitely aroused. I know that sound Gloria and I know it well. Almost any guy is going to know it” he said to her.
She turned around and stood straight up and faced him. Wearing only her silk blouse and silk girdle she looked into his eyes. “Jack this is for you dear” and Gloria grabbed hold of his crotch and squeezed him pleasurably.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit” he cried out. “What the... what are you doing woman?”
“I am preparing to give you the greatest treat of the day, besides getting the contract which I’ll have for you before the days end sir” and then she reached down inside Jack’s trousers. He began feeling a hand slide across his limp extension.
“Now isn’t that a wonderful feeling Jack” she asked quietly but authoritatively. “Doesn’t every man love this feeling Jack? Yes Jack” she said tenderly “the feeling of a woman’s hand sliding down over a man’s penis” and she looked into his face and gave him a slight but brief grin.
Suddenly she said “Ohhhhhhh my god” and her eyes closed.
She squeezed him just a little bit. “Mmmmmmm this feels sooo delicious already; mmmmm ooooh doesn’t it Jack dear? I’m sure you agree with me don’t you” she asked in a low and seductive voice. “I sure loved feeling those spankings you gave me honey. I want you to call me in here more often too. I want you to use that forceful terse voice of yours too Jack. Can you do that? Force me to take off my dress or skirt. Make me remove my slacks. Force me to do it so you can spank this old ass of mine anytime you wish Jack dear” and she gazed into his eyes with a lustful passion. She looked at him as if on a mission at that point. “Can you do that for me Jack? Can you dear?”
Holding on to his cock which had stiffened meanwhile he looked upon her as if he was hypnotized by her. She went on to say “You know what I’m going to do in turn to you Jack” she told him winking at her younger boss.
“Ohhhhhh god Gloria” he called out wanting to know desperately what she was going to do for him. “Yes tell me ohhh god yes please tell me!” She put even more pressure on the stiffening cock.
He looked at her and thought “Maybe I should spank her some more while she’s so close to me like this?” Jack slapped her ass while her hand was inside his trousers feeling his aroused cock.
“Oooooohh Jack ohhh Jack you’re a sly devil. Yes you are Jack dear. Does this mean we’re going to someday be bed buddies too honey? Slap me again dear! Make this old woman feel sexy honey! Make this fine old mature lady feel...” and he hit her ass once again. “Oooooooooh Jack ooooohh Jack” she called out as she closed her eyes. “Do it again baby ohhhhh yes.”
“Slap me again and again Jack ohhh Jack slap me again alright” she pleaded. “Maybe you’d even like to slide your hand inside my girdle and feel my nice hard mature old ass? Would you like that Jackie poo? Would you care to do that? Mmmmmm go on Jackie poo, feel my sexy old mature ass. Get me all turned on and slide your hand down inside it. You should know that even my little old pussy still gets wet all over” and she closed her eyes enjoying the experience.
“I guess I should tell you that I still do actually get horny all over like all those young ones out there. I bet you didn’t even realize that did you Jackie poo. I’m sure you even wanna go down my front too don’t you Jackie. I know you want to see what I feel like down there don’t you dear? Go on Jackie” she said in a gratifying voice “feel my nice silky mature bush. You know you’re curious. You know you want to go down inside there don’t you sweetheart?”
She had him by his balls emotionally speaking. Everything had turned on him. The whole day was nothing but visions of her in different unimaginable erotic ways. He couldn’t grab hold of his senses whatsoever. He was lost in a sea of desire and erotic curiosity. He couldn’t believe he had been talked into feeling her firm mature ass, feeling her aged pussy hair and was letting an old woman stroke his cock making it harder and turning it into a raging wild beast.
“Ooooooh Jack ohhh Jack it's becoming sooo hard” she said looking down at his crotch. She looked up; she looked him straight in the face. She didn’t move a muscle. She didn’t take her eyes off him. She began to talk him into things he would never ever think of doing in a million years.
“Jack why don’t you come to my house tonight; I’m sure you’ll love it once you arrive. I’m going to let you spank me more and with some other items I have at the house too. You can get away from the family can’t you Jack?”
He didn’t say yes to her but he didn't say no. He was mesmerized by her and all he did was nod his head yes.
“Good ohhh good, good Jack” she said. I love a man with real balls and maybe if you’re good I’ll let you really show them to me tonight. I’m going to let you undress me little by little so you can feel some of my undergarments I really love to wear. They always make me feel special Jack. You’ll be able to feel my wonderful old mature ass in the flesh too. How's that grab you honey? Ohhh and I’m even going to let you feel all of my old silky mature hair down under.” She looked down the front of herself, smiled and looked back up.
“Ooooh I am already getting tingly and turned on about this evening. Oh yes yess I am mmmm god almighty” she cried out as her body seemed to quiver. “I’m going to email you my address and I’ll give you my cell number too dear.”
He stood frozen; he was absolutely dumbfounded his new assistant was as sexually tactical as she was. She had an unknown and amazing ability to make him believe he was going to do all this... and he was in fact going to do as she willed him to... and much more too.
She patted his chest telling him he did very well. She walked back around the front of the desk and put her skirt back on. Standing straight up her tits seemed to jettison forward. Five minutes later she came back and brought him the correct letter to send to the company. “See you at six sharp” she told him. “I’m leaving for the day. I will see you tonight at six” she said exiting his office.

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