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By Anon - Jun 26, 2006 - From swinger-stories. Swinger stories - Views - 45728 I met Jodi on one of the Preliminaries were short and we were soon in bed exploring each other’s erotic temperature, and we found that it was good for both of us. In exploring her fantasy life she told me her most intense fantasies she used when she was wielding her vibrator and searching for big orgasms, was a fantasy of being firmly handled by 5 or 6 men at one time, being fucked by each one, and having a couple of them expert in oral sex. She imagined holding erect cocks in each hand while another guy was fucking her, and she imagined sucking big hard cocks.
She would shiver when she told me she imagined big gobs of cum shooting out of the dicks she would be stroking, splashing on her nipples and other places on her body, and how most of the dicks she was sucking exploded in her mouth, and how when she imagined a big cock turning loose in her mouth that would tip her over into her strongest and longest lasting orgasm, when she was masturbating with a vibrator. I questioned her closely to tell me where and when she had done such things, and she told me that it was only one of her favourite dreams, that she had never been with more than one man at a time.
I told her about my group of swinging couples and the swinger parties we put together about once a month, and that several of the couples had an open agreement so that 7 of the men were permitted and encouraged to serve in the group bang gang, whenever a needy woman wanted a gang bang, and that I could arrange one for her, if she would like to take on a gang of nice clean experienced guys.
It was no surprise when her answer was an immediate “Yes, When can I do it?.” I called Ed, the host of our parties and some of our gang bangs, and he said “Let me see who’s available this coming week-end and I’ll call you” Jodi and I continued with our play session but I could see she wasn’t really into it anymore. She was on edge waiting and hoping that Ed would call right back. It was about a half hour and Ed did call. He said “I’ve got 6 guys who can join us on Saturday morning, but if your girl friend wants an evening, I‘ll need a lot more time.” I quickly passed the information along to Jodi, and she said “Saturday morning sounds good to me. Will you take me there? “ So, the Bang was scheduled.
Friday night before the big event I invited Jodi over for a little wine tasting, followed quickly by me undressing her and tasting her nipples and then her clit, and things sort of got out of hand, until about 11 O’clock, when it was about time to get some sleep. Jodi said “Paul, I can’t stay here tonight, I’m going home” Whoops, What did I do wrong? Seeing my look of dismay, she quickly added “If I stay here tonight, you know what will happen. I’ll be waking you up every couple of hours to get you to fuck me, or you will be waking me up with your fingers in my pussy, and neither one of us will be in good enough shape to go meet those other guys” “Well. OK I said, but see if you can be back here about 7 O’clock in the morning. And-- We will dress you just right to help start the party at Ed’s. You will need a short but full skirt and a blouse with fairly long tails so when you are not wearing a bra, you can hold your breasts in by tucking the blouse into your skirt.” I had a great time tonight, but you are right. We will both be rested and ready for a good time in the morning if you are not here in this bed tonight”
As soon as I saw her safely to her car, I rushed back in and called Ed. “Ed, I said” “Jodie left here a few minutes ago. She said she would be back in time for the bang at your place in the morning. But I wanted to let you know that I’m not absolutely certain she’s coming back” Ed replied “Don’t worry about it. If she is a No-Show in the morning, come on over anyway. I’ll have the situation covered”.
True to her promise, Jodi showed up at 6:30 in the morning, dressed in jeans and a sweater and Jacket. She said “I brought my old cheer leader pleated skirt and this blouse with criss-cross tails. As soon as I get out of these driving clothes and take a shower, I’ll put these on and see if you think they are all right” As soon as I heard her turn on the water in the shower, I put a big soft towel in the clothes dryer at high heat, and when she turned the shower off, I was there to wrap her in that big warm towel. I almost lost my head and took her to bed, but she said “Wait for your turn at Ed’s place. Let’s go”, so I watched her put on her panties, and the criss-cross blouse, and then step into her pleated short skirt. “Zip” up the side of the skirt and she stepped into very high heel gold colour shoes and she said “Let’s Go. You’re driving” Well!! “Wait a minute, Darling. We need to have a little plan to get the party started, if things get slow. If someone hasn’t made a move on you in that outfit within 5 minutes, I want you to walk across the room to where I’ll be sitting, climb on my lap, straddling my legs, and say ’Fuck me Paul, I can’t wait much longer’. Then I will say ‘I’d love to Babe, but your panties are in the way’, so you will jump off my lap, take off your panties and throw them on the floor and jump back on my lap. I think that may get something started.” Jodi smiled and said “Well, something like that”
When we arrived at Ed’s place there were 5 guys , plus Ed and me, and Ed made all the introductions. The chat was polite and semi-boring, including something about the weather, and the moderate traffic on the streets this morning, and like that, and Jodi realized she was going to have to make the first move, so as we had planned she walked across the room, and sat on my lap facing me with her legs outside of mine, and her pussy hard against the fly of my slacks and she said “Paul, do me now, put it in me”, so I gave my fixed response “I’d love to, Baby, but your panties are in the way, Please take them off.” OK she said, and as she backed off my lap, I unzipped the zipper on her skirt. When she stood up the skirt fell around her ankles, and she said “OH!”!!--so I urged her on saying “panties girl. Panties!!”.
She didn’t drop a beat, sliding her panties down to her skirt and stepping out of both of them, and jumping right back straddling my thighs, The criss-cross blouse billowed out, and her rosy breasts with nipples sticking out an inch or so, plopped into my chest. When she started her mount this time, I had one hand in my lap, and it found her pussy sopping wet and standing slightly open. So I said “Guys, this women is very wet down here. Come here and feel this” Three guys were already advancing to our position on the couch, and as they got close, Jodi took her arms from around my neck, transferring them to each guy and kissing him on the mouth as they got close enough. I could see other guys taking off their pants, and erect cocks began to spring up around the room.
Ed was quick to jump in and say “Why don’t we move into the bedroom now. It’s much more com comfortable in there” (I knew Ed was anxious to move the action out of the living room so he wouldn’t have gobs of jism hitting his overstuffed and leather furniture) I don’t know who was leading who, but Jodi and three guys left in a close huddle and disappeared through the bedroom door.
I looked around the living room, and saw that Ed was turning out the lights and locking the front door, Mike was kicking his shoes off and left post haste for the bedroom with nothing on but his socks. A guy I didn’t know was taking off his clothes and had a monster cock in full erection. He turned to Me and said, “Hi I’m Joe, I don’t think we’ve met, Doc. What are we supposed to do? Take turns?” “Joe”, I said ”Something like that, but when Jodi sees that cock, I don’t imagine you will be waiting long, Let’s join in” When we walked into the bedroom, the lighting was rosy from some party lights, but not dim or dark.
Jodi was lying on her back across the bed, and her legs were over Jim’s shoulders. He was kneeling on a big pillow on the floor and had his face buried in Jodi’s pussy, one hand was up in there somewhere also, and from the motion of that elbow, I imagine he had a couple fingers strumming Jodi’s G-spot while his tongue and lips were working on her clit. Jodi had some guy’s cock in her mouth and had two other erect cocks in her hands. I couldn’t see very well who those three guys were because another guy was on each side of her and they were stroking their own cocks while some hands were pinching nipples and lightly massaging Jodi’s breasts, and every once in awhile one of the guys would bend over and suck on one of her nipples for a few seconds.
Jim was being pretty quiet but every once in awhile slight slurping noises came from somewhere around there. I finally figured it out when I realized that there was a woman on the floor, giving Jim a blow job while he was eating Jodi’s pussy. I quickly realized who it was when I saw the woman had a thatch of flaming red hair over her pussy. So. I said “Hey Red, how come you are down there” She paused for just a second, took Jim’s cock out of her moth and said “Ed asked me to be here, just in case the new girl got cold feet and didn’t show.
Now that things are warming up. Looks like there is plenty of cock around. Jodi won’t miss it if I get some for myself.” So. I said. I’m glad to see you girl. When you are done with Jim here, why don’t you join me in the other bed? I’d really like to eat that sweet red pussy of yours” Jim paused just long enough to say, “ It won’t be long, I’m having a hard time keeping from cumming with her sucking my cock the way she’s doing” Just then Jodi let out a loud moan and what would have been a scream if her mouth wasn’t full, and about a cup of pussy juice gushed out onto Jims chin and neck, which threw him immediately into his orgasm. Red was squirming around on the floor trying to handle the gobs of white cum shooting from the end of Jims dick all over her neck and breasts. I handed her one of Ed’s big moist towels and said “See you on the other bed, Red” and I turned my attention to what was happening with Jodi.
She was still in the throes of her first big orgasm, and she too was having to deal with gobs of cum hitting her on her chin and neck from the guy she had been sucking. As she started coming down from that high she saw Joe standing by with his huge dick in his hand. EVERYTHING came to a halt as she gasped and leaned out to touch that monster cock, with one finger.
Then she said “Wait a minute guys. I’ve got to have that in me!! Can I sit on that, please?” The guys were all co-operative and helped Joe lie down on his back on the bed and we watched , fascinated as Jodi sat herself on Joe’s stomach, lifted herself and gingerly placed the tip of his cock in her pussy and in a series of up and down moves gradually took the whole thing into her cunt, accompanied by little whimpers and groans, and gasps, and then she started lifting herself off until she almost lost it and then sat back down on it in one smooth move, and when she did it again we could see his whole cock was shiny wet, and she kept doing it a little faster and a little faster, until both she and Joe were moaning pretty loud. For the moment we were all fascinated and Jodi didn't seem to remember that anyone else was in the room.
Her face was bright red from the blush following her first orgasm, and there was a look of intense concentration on her face. Her lower lip was slack and her mouth was slightly open, and every once in awhile her face would get slightly twisted and wrinkled as she groaned and muttered something unintelligible. When the pace of their fucking got really fast she started shouting "OH GOD" Joe shouted “God Baby, Don’t Stop” and she responded “I Can’t stop. I think I’m dying”, and with that she rose up until Joe was almost out of her and a cascade of pussy juice mixed with gobs and strands of white jism splashed down on Joe’s stomach and balls, in multiple splashes and squirts.
And Jody let that huge cock slide back inside her and she collapsed on Joe’s chest. Breathing fast and hard and murmuring ”Oh Jesus that’s so good” over and over. Joe was just humming—no words. I looked up from that dazzling spectacle in time to see two other guys lost in their own orgasms, shooting gobs of jism on Jodi’s back and butt.
Whew! I had my cock in my hand and was just about to approach the point of no return myself when I felt a tug on my elbow, and Red was there saying Come on Doc, you promised” so I turned and flopped on the other bed and Red was on my cock in a flash sitting on it and moving up and down just like she had been watching Jodi do a few seconds ago. She was hyper- excited from having watched Joe and Jodi and she barely got my cock inside her when she hit a monster orgasm herself, almost before we got started. All motion ceased for a few seconds and I propped a pillow under my head and said “Come on up here with that bright red pussy of yours. Let me eat you for a few minutes”.
She walked on her knees up my body until her pussy was right where I could reach it with my lips and tongue. Her clit was still flat from her orgasm but I asked her to put both hands down and lift her pussy lips upward and LO! There was the tip of her clit poking out of it’s hood. I carefully let my tongue wander up and back on both sides of that gleaming red bump, without actually touching it, and gradually her clit began to swell up again until half an inch was protruding out of the hood, Red was starting to move a little bit in rhythm with my tongue, and then she whispered “Now side to side, please”, so I wiggled the tip of my tongue back and forth over the shiny red clit itself , and she shuddered and leaned into it so my tongue pressure built up and Bang!, her clit disappeared. Knowing I had only about 2 seconds to make things perfect I grabbed both her butt cheeks and squeezed them hard as her orgasm started, and made my tongue as hard as possible and jammed it tight against where her clit had just disappeared. She seemed to go into a slight convulsion as her orgasm shook her, and she muttered ”You fucking bastard, you can’t do this to me; No, - no- OH- YES- Yes-Yes!” and collapsed on my chest.
As she came down gradually from that high , I noticed that Jodi was sitting up in the other bed watching us. I looked around the room and I saw that all the cocks were limp and hanging—not a hard on in sight. I stood up and said “Jodi. You’ve wiped us all out. Not a hard on in sight” and she said “That’s not true, Doc. Your dick is still up” Oh, I said, I’ve been so busy watching, I haven’t had time to get off myself” So she said It’s time for you to do me” I replied ”Honey, I can’t match that huge dong of Joe’s” and she said “I want you to do me. Paul. Please, like a dog taking a bitch. I love it when your big balls swing through and tap my clit. Come on, please”
She was right —that’s exactly what I wanted to do, so as I entered her from behind, she said “Come on guys, who will give me a dick to suck while Doc’s banging me?” No one volunteered, so Red piped up, Come on Joe, while she’s sucking that big dick of yours, I’ll be licking your balls. You’ve got to promise though, that if you get hard while we are messing with you, you’ve got to stop and see if I can get that huge dick in MY cunt. Come on let’s fuck and suck”. I didn’t pay much attention to what Jody and Red were getting accomplished as my dick was sliding in and out of a most delicious cunt and, and it was feeling so good, and just before I exploded and delivered my load deep in Jodi’s cunt, I was aware that she was cumming too as her cunt was rippling and squeezing on my cock, and I shot my load. OH GOD, We have got to do this again!

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