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Prevent Teen Sex by Educating Children Early On

Prevent Teen Sex by Educating Children Early On

It seem that the new rules around where teens can have sex has moved from the parents to the teenager. Is there any such thing as legitimate teen sex? Depends on who you ask? If it is the teenager, the answer would be something like: "If you are old enough to do it, it is legitimate." If it is the parent you ask, it really depends on the values of that particular parent. Many parents do not find out about their children and sex, until they come to them and tell them they might have an STD. Then, the only dating they will do will be with a stddatingservices Sexually Transmitted Disease Dating Website .
The time was, if any parent was asked if their teen could have a sleepover with a teen of the opposite sex, the answer would always be a resounding "NO." In fact, until very recently, it would be a rarity that this question would even come up. Today, the parents of teens have been worn down. Tired of always arguing with their child, some parents have surrendered to the majority rules..and that does not mean the majority of the parents.
Finding a partner of the opposite sex in your teen's bed would be a shock to most parents, gardenofarticles health/conditions/preventing-sexually-transmitted-diseasespreventing sexually transmitted diseases starts with you talking with your children early and often. Although teen sex is a reality, coming face to face with this reality under your own roof before you have had your morning coffee is not something most parents want to address. For this reason, it is best that house rules are discussed well in advance of any such scenario.
As your child reaches puberty, plan a family discussion that lines out what can and can not go on in your home. Some parents say that teen sex will take place anyway. They would rather know about it than have it going on without their knowledge in the back seat of a car. Other parents prefer not to condone activities they don't approve of in their home. As the parent, you have to make the rules..and stick to them. whitneysegura Whitney is a health educator and wellness expert.

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