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Taking The Greyhound Home

Taking the Greyhound Home

By Walt McBride inarut juno - Aug 2, 2008 11234 Last night my husband and I had sexual intercourse but it really wasn’t “Mind Blowing”, as I had hoped. He didn’t seem to be “Into” it last night. Damn, I was. Every time I am “Into” it, he isn’t lately.
My husband was shipping out again on an aircraft carrier as he was being deployed to the Gulf. God forsaken place, he had told me as he had been there earlier, we both hated it, and we hated to be parting again. I detested him being gone so much but that is what being a Navy Wife is all about I guess. I needed something more with our sex life for sure.
I kissed him good-bye at the gang plank and waved to him up on the flight deck as the huge ship pulled away from the dock. I saw it disappear down the estuary of the Norfolk Navy Base and go out of sight over the horizon. My heart sank, knowing that I would have to go back home without him again. I knew the dildo I had would be working overtime again.
I took a taxi into town bought my ticket at the Greyhound Bus depot and waited for the bus to take me back to Charlotte. Not much going on in the waiting room. Looked around, not much there that I could see. Boring.
“Ah!” I said to myself, “A bar” It was nestled over in the corner with a blinking On Tap sign.
“That’s what I want right now.” I breathed to myself and went into the entry into the dark and muggy interior with a few men and one lady sitting around drinking and talking. I ordered and started sipping my cool one for a few minutes, feeling my sex kind of oozing and twitching some, as I shifted myself to get com comfortable. Damn, was I horny.
Who appeared into my field of vision, but some generously proportioned Marine in full dress uniform standing at my little booth looking down at me. Now my pussy flinched a little.
“Wow!” I thought to myself.
“Hi! Pretty lady! Want some company?” He asked.
“Man, what a hunk” Thinking to myself.
“Why sure! Sit down.”
He did and I saw all his features and there were many, believe me. Wide shoulders, well-built and conditioned body, tapered to the waist. Big hands with elongated fingers.
“God, He looks good in that uniform.” I thought.
My little vagina took a lurch as he reached over and touched my hand and said,
“Hi! I’m Buddy.”
“I’m Cynthia. What you up to?”
“Oh, probably doing the same thing you are – Waiting for a damn bus.”
“Where are you going? ”
“Well, damn so am I.” Not letting his hand release mine in its gentle grasp and fixing my eyes on his for a fleeting second. He looked intently back at me. I took his hand in mine occasionally squeezing it gently sometime.
We shared a great conversation for over two and a half hours or so, having a few drinks and got to know each other really good. He was married going home to be with his lady on leave, I told him about my husband just now being deployed. He said he had just returned from deployment and was heading home for a month to “Get rid of a huge load”. We laughed, teased, and joked around for a long time. I had a great time and he said he did as well.
The bus was loading. “Damn”, I thought, “So soon? ”
We stood up and I shook his hand gently. “See you on the bus?”
“I hope so. Where are you sitting?”
“I guess we can sit wherever we want, can’t we?” I whispered to him as I boarded the bus in front of him.
He asked the bus driver as he got on, “Where do we sit?”
The driver said, “Anywhere you like, marine. Oh! And thanks for your service.” He shook Buddy’s hand.
He followed me to the rear of the bus; I found a twin seat together almost in the far end of the bus and slipped into the window seat. I felt Buddy pull right in behind me. Looked as though no one was sitting across the aisle from us.
“This is great, isn’t it?” I asked snuggling into my plush soft seat next to the window.
“Sure is!” He sighed as he unbuttoned his tunic and settled in for our, probably 15-hour or so ride to Charlotte
“Getting com comfortable?” I asked.
“I’ll try!” He looked over at me and smiled, “It’s going to be a long ride for sure, but I hate air travel after all that flying overseas. I’ve had enough of that for a long while.”
“Yeah, I hate airplanes too.” I felt his hand clasp mine and give me a gentle squeeze. I looked at him and smiled, not pulling away at all. I rather liked it. Our eyes met and we both smiled broadly knowing it was going to maybe be a very “pleasant” ride home. I really didn’t care at this stage that my vagina was getting a little moist and I hoped I may just be using it again soon. I wasn’t wrong about that. I was going to use it all the way the Charlotte and beyond.
On the highway, now, heading south into the fading light of evening. On into the night, him holding my hand and talking continuously about anything and everything About 8 PM Buddy reached for his carry on case stored above us in the storage rack, removed a small bottle of Vodka and two cups, and sat back down.
“Want some?” He asked opening the flask of vodka trying to hide it not knowing if it would be acceptable.
“Oh! Sure, love it.” I gasped reaching up to him then helping him get all the stuff together in our trays.
“That’s better” I thought to myself, “I really need a drink.”
We sipped our drinks for about an hour or so, getting closer and closer on the plush seats and removed the center armrest so we could get even closer. Occasionally he would make a risqué statement about how exceptional my breasts were or how extraordinarily firm my thighs were. I would just giggle and gently slap him, even though I really took pleasure in it. This was getting exciting for me for sure. I felt the need and urging in my vagina to get into Buddy’s pants. The inhibitions for some reason had been sedated in my little vagina by the vodka. I really smiled on the inside and it felt good.
“Why not?” I thought to myself, the drinks had sedated my brain as well, I guess. Buddy looked like he was more than willing, I knew that. And for sure, if he didn’t do something I would. He looked intently at me, stood up, got a blanket from the overhead bin, and sat back down. As we rolled along I began noticing that the individual lights over the passengers seats were going out one by one. I guess everyone was turning in for some sleep.
He covered my lower half and also draped it over his thighs. As he settled back into the cushions, I felt his long fingers seek under my loose skirt, up my inner thighs and come to rest on my mount very gently. I liked that a lot. We looked fixedly at each other as I just lay back slightly and scooting my thighs down off the bottom cushion somewhat to better sense his fingers inquiring in the bounds of my humid panties. I reached under myself, and pulled my skirt up past my thighs, as I smiled at him sheepishly. I gave him better access to me and he took advantage of it. I noticed a few more light go out.
“Ah! Yeah! That’s better.” I whispered toward him, his hands again coming to rest on my moist sex, my eyes tranquil under his pleasurable strokes and I did like it.
“You like?” He whispered?
“Oh! Yeah! Give you an hour to stop before I call the driver.” I giggled.
“OK!” He struggled for breath and manipulated his long tapered finger along the wet slit a few times very slowly, then found the hardening clitoris and spiraled his touch surrounding it, thrusting my thighs up to merge with his touch.
I sighed audibly, “Oh! Buddy!” As I felt his nimble fingers stroke my wet slit up and don then again and again.
I reached up and turned out our light over our seats. It was totally dark in the coach now, only a few lights remained on plus the occasional car going by our window as we passed them on the highway.
“Oh, you do like that don’t you?” He gasped.
“Oh! Yeah! A lot.” I sighed, my lips close to his now.
He lowered his lips to mine and I felt his mouth open, engulfing mine in a slow wet kiss, our tongues touching gently. As we kissed passionately, his fingers stroked the opening of my vagina a little more rapidly now then returning to my clitoris. Faster and faster his fingers massaged my vagina. I wiggled under his touch feeling my little pussy twitch rather intensely. He clasped two fingers around my hard clitoris and stroked it up and down gently. I squirmed under his strokes, twisting my thighs slowly, then humping up forcefully toward his tender fingers when every release of delight streamed through my thighs.
“Oh! I was going to get it. Wasn’t I? I was. I was. Oh! God!” I knew it. I was ready for it. It inflamed me. It was coming – I felt it rising in my thighs. I knew I was going to orgasm; I grasped his mouth to mine so he could take in my increasing breath. His was finger fucking me to orgasm. More – More – More. Rising to an apex, higher and higher until I shuddered a release of my first orgasm with this man, fingers stroking me hard and fast – faster – faster. It felt fantastic as my little belly quivered with this sexual ecstasy. Rumble of delight voided through my body, my thighs heaved up and down while our lips locked tightly together muffling my contented breathing.
“God! You’re really wet, baby!” He whispered in my ear, knowing he had done it for me with only his fingers. I guess I was secreting some left over semen for last night as well.
“Oh! Baby! ” I moaned next to him, “Oh! Yeah! God! That was fantastic!”
My body quivered a little then settled back in the seat again, his finger still massaging me gently but firmly, rubbing my clitoris in the sticky ooze. He didn’t stop, stroking and touching, kissing me firmly. I reach over, unzipped his pants and found my hand on a very large throbbing penis covered with his pants. He unbuckled his pants and unsnapped his waistband giving me freedom to explore. In the darkness of the coach we couldn’t be seen by the other passengers, I could hardly see what we were doing. He repositioned his penis so I could grasp it firmly and touch it at will.
“My God!” I told myself, “This is too much! He’s too big! This is going to hurt!”
I kissed him again,
“Oh man!” I sighed feeling the slimy, gooey discharge expel from the tip of his massive crown. I could not clasp the circumference of his shaft with my fingers.
“Shit!” I thought to myself. “Ohh! Damn. I can’t possibly do this. It’s going to hurt for sure.” I envisioned him ripping me open and bleeding.
He sighed as I slowly raised and lowered my hand along its length, making him grow even harder his cock throbbing uncontrollably now. I stroked the head and ran my finger over it, coating the sticky liquid over the crown. He writhed to my touch. His hips rotated feeling my gentle touch on his bulky shaft as he pulled my body to him and kissed me again.
“What was I going to do?” I thought. My body ached to have this tool inside, but I worried about the pain
“No! Oh Baby!” I sighed, “I can’t. I can’t do this.”
“Why not? You act like you want it!”
“I do want it, but you’re too big. NO! It’ll hurt.”
He rolled a little on top of me under the blanket so no one would see us,
“Try! Baby, Try!” he pulled his trouser off on the floor, my hand still grasping his massive arched tool.
He rolled me back in the seat; I felt his hands reach up under my skirt and remove my flimsy panties and pulled them over my willing legs, down over my feet. He returned to face me after he released my panties to the floor of the bus. I felt his tool poised over my sex still throbbing maybe even harder now.
“Oh! NO! I can’t!” I gasped.
“Try!” He cried, “I need it, baby!”
“Oh! Buddy! Oh! Oh! God! Buddy. No! No! NO! I can’t!”
“You want it don’t you.”
“I don’t know, Buddy. I really don’t know!” I sighed.
“It’s been a long time, baby!” He whispered in my ear.
“Oh! Buddy! Please! Please don’t!” My words said ‘No’ but my body said ‘Yes’. My hands firmly grasping the manhood firmly, trying to say “No” but the words didn’t come out. He sensed that, I know he sensed that as he now clutched his cock and continued his advance. I released his cock and raised my arms over my head as he kissed me again. Submission.
The cock head separated my pussy orifice a little. I sensed the massive head enter gently. I was so wet it didn’t seem so large after all. I felt it stretch my vaginas aperture and the flanged head shuddered beyond my sphincter muscle as I jerked a little. This was it! In it slid, deeper and deeper infringing in my sex tunnel opening me wider and firmly wedging inside.
“There, Baby!’ There it is! It’s in Baby!”
“God! This – This – this is—Ohhhh!l!” I shrieked quietly.
I lifted my butt up to accept it deeper. I reached down to our united sex and felt it partially inside, slipping delicately against my clitoris, slipping ever so slightly in and out. Then he pressed powerfully toward me, lodging another inch or two inside. I circled my legs around his buttocks and drew him ever so securely to me on each stroke. Wet sounds coming from our united parts. So wet, I could feel the juices flowing out of me to the seat, I didn’t care.
“GOD!” I whispered in his ear, ” Oh! Yes! OH! Buddy! Yes! Now Yes! That’s it, baby!”
He stroked more. In and out, in and out stroking pleasure all the way through my pussy, gliding on my love juices. Slipping along the interior, ever deeper and deeper. I became aware of the width and breath of his tool as it occupied new territory my husband could never explore before and probably never could with his equipment. My vagina surrounded his firm penis like a glove.
“Told you! Told you, baby! Feel it? Feel it in you sweet thing.” He wheezed in my ear.
“God! That’s wonderful! You fill me so good!” I breathed. My vagina was filled to the brim, not hurting, just the opposite. Feeling better than I had ever felt in my sex parts.
As the bus hurdled and swayed under us, Buddy’s tool explored and expanded inside me. Every heave of the coach sent delights of passion through me. He held me close in the seat cushions, encouraging motion inside me ever so slightly, letting the action of the bus do most of the work. We bounced as the bus rolled over dividers in the roadbed, up and down, side to side, his tool massaging my vagina totally with each twitch. Rolling on and on into the night, locked in our sexual embrace. His cock kneading the walls of my yearning vagina, I felt its mass lodged securely surrounded by my tight vagina.
In a little while I sensed Buddy was building; he breathed harder and harder. I sensed that his ejaculation was getting closer and closer. My vagina responded by clasping around his tool and convulsed around it tightly. Building – Building, my hips replied passionately as I felt his substantial cargo ejaculate with a mighty gush inside my trembling receptacle as I again let go another orgasmic release and my juices voided around his bulky cock. We came together.
Pent up ejaculate stored over his long deployment inundated me to overflowing. Our mixed love fluids ejected around his tool and made a squirting sound and my pussy farted softly as the stream strained to escape from my depths and around his embedded tool.
My pussy farted again. Then again he shot more of his warm semen into me. Hearing it escaping threw me into another heaving orgasm and I sighed out loud as it released my orgasm again. My little belly convulsed under him, my vagina clasped his cock tight and released repeatedly as I expelled my orgasm. I was having repetitive orgasms – never had them before, but I sure was under Buddy’s direction. It felt wonderful.
The bus rolled on into the night locked together. It was hours before we parted our sex parts and laid back to sleep.
Turns you on? Send me a note via e-mail my address is inarut juno inarut juno

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