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The Pillory

The Pillory

By The Captain - Jul 28, 2008 - From spanking- stories. Spanking stories - Views - 39921 Over the course of our 5 year marriage, my wife and I have enjoyed many spanking sessions. It became clear, very early on in our play time, that I enjoyed being on the receiving end more than she. Although, an over the knee spanking with my hand was always well received and proved enjoyable and erotic for both of us. Any kind of ass contact play between our naked bodies always had a profound influence on our sexual excitement and desires.
After a short time into our marriage, it became abundantly clear that I was a true bottom and my wife, a top with remarkable expertise and conviction. We had built up a very fine collection of toys. There were numerous wooden and leather paddles of different sizes and weights, Short and long crops, belts and straps of varying lengths and widths and the always dreaded rattan cane. All fitting very neatly in a black carrying case along with leather wrist and ankle cuffs com complete with all the snaps and chain to properly fasten and secure one’s victim. There was one other well-used toy, the beloved hairbrush, but it was always kept in my wife’s purse for quick access at any time or place. So many times I have felt my ass turned into a molten mass of burning flesh by any combination of these useful items. The restraints increasingly being used as my penchant for pain grew in severity. Our usual playpen was our large four poster brass bed, where I would be secured, spread eagled, with my ass elevated by pillows or with my wrists secured to the top of one of the posts in a standing position. The intimate arousal from a session of bare ass torture would set both our sexual juices flowing and boiling, culminating in fantastic orgasmic sex, every time.One evening as we were browsing about the web, we came upon an art sketch, set back in medieval times of a naked slave or a prisoner secured in a pillory and being punished with a severe caning upon his very bare and exposed ass. We both looked at each other and with like minds, saw the usefulness of this apparatus for our own enjoyment. Without hesitation we began pondering how we could construct this and where. Visualizing myself naked and secured by this method, excited me and from the look in my wife’s eyes, her also. I headed to the bedroom with a measuring tape and then to the workshop to put my architectural skills to work. I formulated a simple plan and with having the following day off, I was sure I could finish constructing a very usable pillory.It actually was quite easy, once I got started. I found a 1X12” pine plank and cut it to the width of the posts on our bed. I then measured my neck and wrists and cut holes in the plank and beveled and sanded them and glued soft felt around each opening so as to give a nice cushion for the neck and wrists. Then after cutting the plank in half, placing a hinge on one end and a lockable hasp on the other, the main part was done. I then cut 2 4X4 pine posts and put a thick felt backing on them, then fastened 2 padded clamps, top and bottom on each post, so as to secure them to the brass posts on the bed. All that was left was to drill holes in the post evenly spaced so as the 2” plank could be attached at what ever height is desired with expansion wing bolts. My anticipation and excitement were hard to contain. I would pick up the last remaining hardware in the morning and everything would be in place, ready and waiting for what I was sure would be a very enjoyable evening of fun.The clock chimed 8:00 PM as I unveiled our new creation for my wife to see. She was more than satisfied and I could see the anticipation and excitement in her eyes. I quickly explained the adjusting techniques and her first words were “let’s give it a try.” Mine were “I’m ready.” In minutes the toy bag was on the bed and open. We quickly stood naked before each other. A sight I never tire of. I embraced her beautiful body, kissed her lips as thoughts raced through my mind of what was to come. She caressed my bare ass and said “it is time.”She lifted the split board and I placed my neck and wrists in the padded slots. The board was lowered and locked. I was secure, bent slightly so as push my ass out just a little. It felt great. From the bag came 2 lengths of chain and the ankle cuffs. She placed the cuffs on first, then attached the chain to each cuff and ran the chains around each post, pulling my legs apart, then securing the chains. I stood slightly bent and spread eagled. My ass as the target was perfectly set. I felt her soft touch caress my scrotum and then my half erect cock and at the same time was on her knees, kissing and nibbling my soft ass. I could have enjoyed this for a long time but it stopped quickly and from the bag, out came the cane. Several times, it slashed the air, making a whistling sound. The sound made me tense a little for I knew it would find it’s mark very shortly. Normally, there would be a warm up with a less severe instrument but long ago I had learned to just give myself to what ever was given, endure it and enjoy the afterglow of what I knew would follow. The first strike hit like a sharp knife cutting across my ass, the second struck the soft tender flesh just above the legs, the third, all within seconds struck somewhere in between. I could not breathe for a few seconds as I was hit with a searing pain, resembling that of a hot knife loaded with voltage that seemed to engulf my ass to the bone and back to the surface with lightning speed. I twisted and clenched my ass but could not escape its wrath. Just as I was regaining my breath, another 3 fell, all in a different spot. I could feel the welts rising as the heat scale went over the top. My ass jerked forward and back, side to side but the fire bolts kept surging from deep inside. Amongst the surging fire, I just vaguely saw the heavy wooden paddle being removed from the bag. No sooner had I about composed myself when a loud whack struck with enough force to rock me to and fro. The fires were now re-ignited as the numbing blow was followed by yet another and another until the count reached 6. The spasms shot through out my ass, carrying fire and electrifying shocks of likes I had not felt before. My ass felt like a mass of molten flesh hanging on me. As I began to compose and control the pain, I saw the 1” thick leather strop lifted from the bag. It hit over and over with perfect accuracy, covering every square inch of my tortured ass with an angry stinging and searing effect. I thought it would never stop as I writhed about, but to no avail, I could only rattle the chains holding my legs apart and clench my swinging ass as the strop never failed at findings its mark. When the onslaught finally stopped, my knees were weakening and I was almost hanging from my neck and wrists. Soothing caresses now followed, yet despite the burning inferno that was engulfing my ass, it felt heavenly. Her hands darted through between my legs and grabbed my balls and cock and then went back to my ravaged ass. Back and forth, I could feel the heat on my cock being transferred from my ass. I started to become aroused as all my senses were now at a heightened state. Unknown to me, it was far from over.Just as I was gaining my composure, she came up to the pillory and released the left expansion bolt, removed it and lowered the pillory down about 2 feet and replaced the bolt and tightened it. Then the right side. Now I was bent at a 90 degree angle. My burning throbbing ass projected straight out behind me. The skin being pulled tight was creating an even more burning and cutting sensation. It was if I would split open. She caressed my ass some more and then went to the bag and brought out a 6 inch wide leather paddle and laid it on the bed before me. Then came a large bottle of vaseline, a tube of the same with a plastic applicator and a butt plug. Then something I had never seen before except in sex catalogues. It was a dildo shaped as a cock about the size of mine when it is erect but it was not like a regular dildo, it had a large ring at the base and on the underside was a 2 inch protrusion with something above it that looked like a clit stimulator. I was somewhat baffled until I saw the harness with a reinforced hole in the front of it. It was a strap on that would stimulate Her as She, I assume would be fucking my virgin ass. I shuddered a little at what thoughts I was thinking. My ass hole is a virgin. That could never fit in me. The only thing to penetrate my ass was my wife’s finger on occasion when she would play with my ass. Before I was able to analyze the situation anymore, she grabbed the tube of vaseline, as well as the butt plug and was behind me spreading my aching, burning ass and inserting the applicator in deep and squeezing the vaseline tube and slowly drawing it in and out until the whole tube was in me. Then the butt plug was gently inserted in me. She then returned to the bed and took the lid off the vaseline jar and buried the dildo in it, leaving it there, right in front of my eyes and picked up the leather paddle. Before I could realize what was happening, she placed her finger from above on the butt plug and proceeded to wail away on my throbbing tortured ass. I could feel the vaseline in side my ass swishing about and the plug was wiggling about in side me as I clenched my ass at every whack of the leather paddle on the tight skin of my burning ass. Releasing her finger from the butt plug, she then began to land blows with great force upon the molten mass of flesh that used to be my perfectly shaped ass. After about 10 or 15 wicked whacks with the paddle, the plug popped out and she stopped. I could feel the lubricant slowly oozing to the opening. In a flash the harness and dildo were out of my site and despite the torrid pain in my ass, I could hear her putting it on and adjusting it. Next I heard her say with much pleasure in her voice, “I want to feel your burning hot ass on my loins as I fuck you.” As I felt this large mass slowly entering my virgin ass. Even with all the lubricant, I felt a shot of pain as it stretched its way through the tight opening and then it glided ever so slowly up to the hilt and I could feel my wife’s loins pressing tightly into the scorched flesh of my ass. She withdrew the dildo part way and thrust it back in and again and again as she Slapped my ass now with her loins, stirring the fire, fanning the flames. A strange and enjoyable feeling. My cock was coming erect, sensations boiling over inside and out, her breathing was quickening, she reached around with both hands and grabbed my now hard cock and started pumping it in rhythm with her own thrusting until I felt her explode in spasmodic gyrations. As the spasms hit her, she grabbed full force on my cock and started pumping it madly, within seconds, my own volcano erupted. Our moans of ecstasy, drowning each other out. We went motionless, slumped together as one. She withdrew slowly from me and as she runs her fingers over my scalded flesh, she bends down and kissed every inch of it. After releasing me, we collapsed in each others arms on our soft bed, kissing and stroking each other until we fell fast asleep.Awakening in the morning, we both gazed up at the pillory and my wife said with a smile. “It’s a keeper.”

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