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The Top 3 Mistakes Men Make in Bed By Megan Zoile

Ok guys, we are going to talk about the top 3 mistakes men make in bed, and howmitting any of these Dudley do-wrong maneuvers will leave your lover wildly wondering what got her to go to bed with you in the FIRST place..:-) And this even applies to the girl you've been dating for a year or two, large part, is pretty UNIVERSALLY agreed upon, by women everywhere. (so this isn't one of those...some women yes, some women NO sorts of topics!) Remember guys, for women sex is equally as hot, passionate and down right sexy as it is for you, but we have a slight streak of sensitivity that you MUST honor if you want to make us melt AFTER the glow has worn off. Read on keep the fire burning well after the flames have started to shrink!
Are You Reaching for the Remote Right Away?
I don't care what she tells you, reaching for the remote IMMEDIATELY after sex is a huge turn off. Why? It's quite simple. The intimacy that we feel after passionate lovemaking is often equally as powerful as that we experience while in the moment. Disregarding thisponent of OUR pleasure is not only insensitive, it also devalues the experience across the board for both of us, even if YOU don't realize it..:-)
Was it AS good for you as it was with Steve?
Ok guys - NOTHING is quite as big of a turn off as when you ASK us topare your skills in the sack with boyfriends of days gone by. And do NOT ask us topare the size of your anatomy either...and expect a reasonably honest answer. There is nothing quite as cheesy as having to bask in the afterglow of a phenomenally erotic and passionate exercise in intimacy and then having to rate it against other experiences elsewhere! Trust me when I tell you - even if the sex was mind-blowing, having to reassure you it was better than every man before you is not only disingenuous, it also is a sex drive killer for next time.
Back in Black and Out of the Sack
Hey - we're tired too...but don't turn your back and fall to sleep just YET! A few minutes of good quality intimate closeness just seals the deal for us and reinforces the power of passionate, wild and wanton lovemaking that watching you snooze just quite can't accomplish..:-) Even a few minutes of shared, but CONSCIOUS silence is a huge turn on - just don't make us POKE you to make sure you're awake!
Click Here--> For even MORE justformenmagazine 2008/04/18/what-shes-really-thinking-5-things-she-may-not-tell-you-but-secretly-wants-you- to-knowgreat tips....JUST for men, that you won't find ANYWHERE else online!
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Megan_Zoile Megan_Zoile

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